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  1. That my is an old Strato cloud,1.5 oz fabric...the rings as slider stops,the line attach point s( type 4 coreless nylon,covered by a piece of 1.5 inch type 3),the windows on the bottom surface AND the dual bridle attachments ,not to mention the zig zag stitching using FF red thread,.ITS ALL PARAFLITE!. I KNOW CUZ I WORKED THERE. The serial number was stamped on one of the ribs,since these ribs are all black,you will find the serial number on one of the reinforcing tapes on the may no longer be visible because the ink PFI used at the time was NOT permanent
  2. try outdoor wilderness fabrics at:
  3. Pete Warner passed in April of this year.I dont have details yet.Pete started jumping in the 70's at Ripcord ParaCenter in NJ. He later worked at Parachute Equipment Corp and most recently Skydive Cross Keys.
  4. i seem to recall that many moons ago ,National changed the diaper on the Phantom reserve.anyone know what the change was? pictures? yes i know the phantoms are over 20 years old and should be grounded.. blah blah blah......
  5. for those of you who have made hackey sack pilotchute do you get that dimpled look at the seams?
  6. someone is posting a Navigator and a Sigma370 on l.a craigslist.advertised as parasails! price $100 .something tells me these are stolen
  7. AlMacDonald should just ground it.its too old to be fucking with and definitely not worth the money to fix it.not to mention that sewing new ones on will weaken that type 3 lower lateral band further cuz now it will haveat minimum twice as many needle holes in it at those points. .. and dpreguy...were u around back in the 60 s.? it was either lopo,or hipo(aka cheapo).and one could never confuse p.c. taffetta with either one so thats how the terminalogy was.and i would take an "L" link over a rapid link anyday(overkill i know)
  8. i would not bother to replace them.their only purpise is to "create small eddies of airflow" that suppossedly help spread the skirt and speed up inflation.they do contribute to abnormal deployments .strong lopo's are essentially the same canopy but w/o those quick opening bands or "taschengurts" as they are called.if the canopy has a diaper then they are pretty much worthless
  9. i have seen and heard.of.both nb6 and nb8. but not nb7
  10. hard to believe its been 23 years since you left us.working with you at ParaFlite was always a hoot....