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  1. chuteshack

    new pilotchutes


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    we have been making pilotchutes for over40 years. bridle lengths (std 7ft pc to pin, wingsuit 9 ft or 10 ft) .all colors zero p. limited colors f111.all diameters.handle choices , black hackey, orange pvc,pud. hundreds in use worldwide.let us make 1 for you.$80 each includes shipping in U.S.A. contact us at :


    - US

  2. chuteshack

    black pilochute mesh?

    anyone know where i can get just a couple yards of black marquessette pilotchute mesh?thanks in advance
  3. chuteshack

    a question about old cutaway systems

    early production versions of the R3 had a little wooden "toggle".they would break or split ,so Rodriques started producing R3 s with polycarbonate "toggles"
  4. at Ripcord ParaCenter(in NJ) we used a 24 ' twill in a 28 ft container . BUT it was packed normally,justnot as carefully as an airworthy reserve. And it was a full canopy,not one that was all cut up.
  5. im db cooper-----no, I'm db cooper- WILL THE REAL DB COOPER PLEASE STAND UP?
  6. chuteshack

    Second Chantz

    Try emailing John Dunham at.
  7. chuteshack

    t 10 rounds

    Try ebay seller scotchlead,he sells lots of t10s.Bob Mathews in Dunellon Fla(national parachute test center)
  8. chuteshack


    Thanks Jerry
  9. chuteshack


    My old fart brain can't remember,is the coarser weave cordura 500 denier, or 1000 denier?