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  1. TheCaptain

    the links in the chain. First link in the chain not leaving into the relative wind. An instructor needs to be able to fly the exit without counting on the drogue to fix it for him IMHO Kirk He's dead Jim
  2. TheCaptain

    Handycam with GoPro 5/6 pic and vid

    Well if you have a dual Gopro 5 or 6, I would love to see pictures of it.
  3. TheCaptain

    Handycam with GoPro 5/6 pic and vid

    As far as I know no one makes glove for a dual gopro 5 or 6 . The new Gopro platform has a single hatch on the bottom of the camera for access to the battery and memory card. Oh and on the 6 the stopprd offering the video plau stills option for capture mod. No camera in the new Gopro lineup will work for a dual setup. You can either get a gopro 4 or a gopro sessions camera on eBay and get and a glove for it
  4. TheCaptain

    Communication with NZ Aero

    try She has always responded quickly to any e-mail I sent her. She was great to deal with on phone too
  5. TheCaptain

    Communication with NZ Aero

    I have contacted them twice by phone and 3 times by e-mail in the past month. All times they responded quickly and were extremely helpful. I do keep in mind the time difference and call them when they are actually open.
  6. TheCaptain

    GoPro Model/s for Vid/Still Handcam???

    One option would be going with 2 Gopro sessions. One thing to keep in mind depending on the conditions meaning high overcast the in plane footage can be a little dark where the Hero 4 has a better low light capability to help with that. I feel that 1080 at 60FPS gives options for decent slow motion and quality, however some editing software struggle with the 60fps setting. My personal preference is the pivot glove with 2 Hero 4 silvers, 12MP pictures set for 1 per second and 1080 60FPS video. I also think putting the video camera on top as it is set back a little farther and the pictures bottom. In picture mode it takes larger image than video so even set forward a little the pictures are still wider than the video. One thing to keep in mind if you are switching from Sony camcorder is the Gopro doesn't have any image stabilization and you will see it
  7. TheCaptain

    Future Tandem Pilot Question

    He needs to get a class 3 fight physical but that has nothing to do with the rods in his leg. As long as he can perform the job of a tandem instructor as far as physically get in and out of the plane and perform the skydive he should be just fine
  8. TheCaptain

    Possibly over-engineered G3 camera cutaway...

    I like your idea of cutting away the snag point. I think your kind of cutaway system is probably one of the best for full faced helmets. One problem with the G3 helmet is they fit fairly tight especially under the chin and I personally doubt the effectiveness of any cut away system to get rid of the entire standard full faced helmet.
  9. TheCaptain

    Pivot Pad handcam glove

    Currently I have only about a dozen jumps on my Pivot glove dual gopro set up. I am amazed at the engineering of the glove and very impressed with the total cost. I love the way you can easily adjust the angle on the glove. It feels extremely comfortable and light. Depending on the version of Gopro you may need to drill a hole for the second mic location. From the 3 to the 3 plus to the 4 the second mic location changed with each revision. Just a little on my background I have over 1000 handycam jumps using Waycool glove and later a Simon Wade glove.
  10. TheCaptain

    Misbehaving Passengers?

    If the passenger did it intentionally than he really does not care about your opinion and if it was unintentional than what is really gained by making them feel bad about their performance in free fall. Most students never come back so I see no point in adding anything negative after the jump , personally
  11. TheCaptain

    Jump4Heros : Eiger WS Formation

    Nice video. If I am seeing it right at 14:13 one of them is on the ground right as his canopy is fully inflated
  12. TheCaptain

    gopro 2 sales I just ordered one from e-bay at the above item
  13. TheCaptain

    Aircraft Emergencies and students

    I believe it is better to exit having control of the fabric. Early on in my wingsuit career I had the choice of exiting the aircraft at 3500 agl or ride the plane down. I exited zipped in tracked off and pulled no problem. A friend just a while later was presented with the same choice he left unzipped. Once off the plane he began to pull but one of his arm wings inflated and his pilot chute bridle wraped around his arm. He pulled his reserve and luckly it cleared the horseshoe mal. I explain this to any beginning wingsuiter
  14. TheCaptain

    Wingsuit jump at night

    air is thicker when it is cold so yes
  15. TheCaptain

    Side-spin video

    In a side spin he last thing you want to do is go into a hard arch. This will put your body farther away from the student creating more blades on a propeller. Once the rotations speed up it will put the student farther away from you so you end up with the student torso, your torso, your legs and the students legs being 4 blads of a propeller. You should watch the side spin instructors video, in a side spin you need to grab hold of the student with your arms and legs, this eleminates more propeller blades Eventually the spin will disapat and you can right the position and throw the drogue. I would say what the instructor did wrong was to keep is arms out and an arch in his upper body, he should have grab his student with his arms.