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  1. The best gopro is made by DJI its called the Osmos action 3 as any actual Gopro camera isn't reliable and will fail often.
  2. I bought this one They replace the standard lens cover and attach just like the standard lens cover, however they are a little thicker and that is the problem. When using stabilization the edge of it shows up on the video kind of similar to vignetting. I found them completely unusable
  3. Samir86, I sent Juan a link to this page to let him know you want to reach him so I would expect him to reach out to you this week
  4. The guy who made the one I have his name on Facebook is Juan RS he is in Colorado. He sells the mount for around $45. I I believe it would work an 8 on top and a 7,6,OR 5 bottom.
  5. I lucked out on my bag lock around 2010, the main stop passed me with the right riser still attached. When it came to a stop that was enough to release the main from the d bag. It started to pull on the riser that crossed my body choking me. Finally cleared it and it dropped away. At that time the Manuel didn't state anything about clearing the risers before pulling the reserve. In the end the issue isn't the with the skyhook it is with the collapsing the drogue as the first stage of deployments and not enough drag to deal with the RSL or risers
  6. That is interesting, I remember it stating release the RSL but I guess not now. Just ensure full release of the main risers.ep tandem.pdf
  7. It has nothing to do with the skyhook at all, the problem is the first stage of deployment is to collapse the drogue. The collapsed drogue theoretically has enough drag to extract the main parachute, it however is not enough drag to remove the risers once they are cut away from the three ring nor the Velcro sandwich that holds the RSL in place so by the book in a bag lock the first step is to release the RSL, then cutaway, then clear the riser , then pull the reserve.
  8. Image stabilization is done by internal software that corps the image, The DJI Osmo crops the image more than the Gopro 7, also the DJI Osmo does not have the superview option. Most of what I am talking about only matters to TI's wanting to use them for handycam
  9. Doug to more accurately describe how tight the lower camera fit in initially (and again this was one of the very first mounts made and I would assume Juan has addressed this) I could push it in but I personally felt if I did I would have trouble getting it back out so that is why I took and made the opening a little bit less tight.
  10. I believe I got one of the the very first ones Juan made. The lower camera was very tight I took a dremel and loosened it up a bit it is still a snug fit and snaps in place. I suggested the additional bungee and explained that I loosened the lower one up. Juan added the bungee I would assume he would have loosened up the lower one. Juan has been great to work with and I love the design.
  11. My second Gopro hero 7 will be here today(their trade up thing took about a week and a half ) so I will have mine on line this coming weekend. I took it up with just one in shooting video on a couple of tandems this past weekend and it works great. Camera locations are almost identical to the pivot dual stack housing for the Gopro3-4.
  12. here is where to get the glove portion
  13. The mount works with the pivot glove which can be purchased just the glove portion at chutingstar. I love this mount, it is clean, simple to use.
  14. The Lodi Grandma was when UPT added the Y mod to their harness. I my opinion the Y mod is a response to complacent/ idiotic tandem instructor. The harness is perfectly fine without the mod as long as the tandem instructor does their job properly. Kirk He's dead Jim
  15. Maybe because dishonestly doesent come off as natural to everyone? T From my perspective it is called being a professional. I will not let any video out that does not hit my quality standards period, I would rather refund the money than put out a product I wasn't proud of. I personally wonder if he just gave it to the student and went on about his day, rather than bring it to the attention of the DZO and then the S&TA or DZO take appropriate action on retraining the instructor Kirk He's dead Jim