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  1. I believe it was Scotty Carbone that organized a big one out of a C130 at WFFC. Funny as hell on the nightly highlights in the beer tent!
  2. Coach Chris has left the earth. He never met a microphone that he did not like. Coach was the official spokesman for the Texas Anvils. RIP.
  3. What an obit it was! I agree 1000%
  4. He was beyond an American Hero! Early in my skydiving path, I started collecting his autographed items. He was incarcerated in the Hanoi Hilton also. He was a FNG vs a FOG. That's fucking new guy vs fucking old guy! Bigger hero and bigger than life! Books on the Col. The Long Lonely Leap! Come up and Get me!
  5. Greetings Scotty! Are you really gone? Or another one of your tricks?
  6. Looking back at my 1,000 jump in 2007.....was a 16 way. 4 of my buds have made their last track into the sunset. Tell your friends that you love them and wish them well!!
  7. Adios Henry! Was great to jump with you at SDH. You and Debbie were on my 1,000th. With great memories, Mad Max
  8. Woof Woof and Woof! 12 years!
  9. Hey John! You hungry for a rack of baby backs? Come on by and will discuss politics and religion as we did so many times. RIP my friend.
  10. Greetings to all of y'all fast falling rascals. Although I am no longer skydiving (last jump 4 years ago this month) I do l do know a bit about speed skydiving. That said, others know more. Hit 200 mph then you go for 250 mph and faster and faster. 275 mph is hauling ass then you start thinking about the 300 mph. Just a note here, you best be jumping really good/maintained gear....a preemie deployment and you's that simple. Once I hit 300 mph...then it's a new world. Won a Fastest Man Contest at the Old Skydive Houston at 320 mph. The I had to go 343 mph I had a sharp pain in my sinuses....and blood bubbles started coming out of my nose. That sure as shit was not good.....did a few more fast dives and gave it up! So to go really fast.......heads down, roll your shoulders in, point your toes and flatten your arms against your body. Just tickle the tube with your fingers and stay stable.....if you get's over for speed. Hope this helps. Adios, Mad Max See you at DeadManBoogie 11! Don't go away mad....just go away!
  11. Bob was a character. Met him at WFFC in the late 90's. Geared up to make a jump with him at SDH. Lighting and storms rolled in and shut that down. We talked about Ripcord and what was in that old van of his......a rolling museum indeed! Blue Ones! Don't go away mad....just go away!