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  1. Fred passed away last weekend (for real this time, not like the time the Daily Interlake reported that he'd gone in in the grocery store parking lot!) RIP Fred, thanks for all the awesome memories...
  2. Such sad news, another tragic loss for our community. My deepest sympathies to the family and the Skydive Lake Wanaka team. Blue skies Dave.
  3. This is a 1st-class DZ, whether you're a "funny" or there to do your first tandem. The staff were friendly and fun to hang out with; the plane, packing area and landing area were perfect; the lounge was comfy with computers and a plasma screen TV; & the views were spectacular. My only complaint is that there was no one to play with during the week, but I guess not everyone can be a full-time year-round drop zone bum like me!