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  1. anyone else want to play? there's still about a week to get your registration mailed in!!!
  2. Who wants to jump into NASA the weekend of Oct 29-31, 2010 at Ballunar Liftoff Festival?? The cost is $125 for registration, admission to the festival, dinner Friday, and 5 jumps (and huge Sat night pool party) and the casa has been confirmed! You must have at least a C license and meet all other USPA requirements for an open field demo to participate. Everyone who participated last year should already have their invite! If you didn't get one or would like to jump at NASA for the [BEER] time please send me your email address, and include your jump info if I don't know you personally (# jumps, # wingsuit jumps, biggest flock, time in sport, main canopy, license, ratings, etc.). Please let me know if you have any questions!
  3. I will be driving from Texas to upstate NY the weekend of July 4 and back the following weekend, and I am hoping to stop somewhere along the way for a few jumps... any ideas? preferably turbine or tailgate, even better if there's wingsuiters to play with!
  4. Blue Skies Ron. Thanks for all the jumps!
  5. I met Pete at an early Flock N Dock event, he was cooking breakfast next to our campsite. We swapped stories that year, and admired his camp setup. We liked it so much we cooked him breakfast the next time we saw him at FND on our new setup. I always looked forward to seeing him at wingsuit events... Blue Skies Pete!
  6. Who told you that you'd have to pay twice? All you need for a night jump is darkness, a Cessna, a pilot and someone to jump with. You work at a dz with your husband and you can't manage to get a two way night jump done? You aren't trying real hard. USPA told me I would have to pay the application fee for the restricted D, then pay the application fee for my D later. That part makes sense, I guess - they need to cover the administrative costs for each bit of paperwork. My husband refuses to do another night jump after a bad experience many years ago. We cannot do night jumps at my home dz currently due to people sabotaging the runway lights. I cannot afford to go to the other dz in town and pay cash for a daytime and night jump right now.
  7. I discovered this several years ago when I tried to get my 12 hour, and have since passed 1000 jumps and 24 hours. I don't have my D because I haven't been able to make my 2nd night jump over the last several years - everytime I try I'm injured or have gear issues, or weather, or aircraft issues, or I can't participate due to work/school preventing me from making a daylight jump before hand, or everyone else night jumping has to do solos, etc. my local S&TA contacted USPA on my behalf years ago and I was told to get my restricted D then upgrade when I make my night jump. As an unemployed student, I can't afford to pay for my license twice (my husband and I work at the dz to pay for jumps) , and I too would like to know why USPA will only formally recognize your accomplishments if you hold a D!
  8. Way back when I started flying my S.U.I.T. with a Vector2 that was not freefly friendly I had a long-lasting flatspin with no premi, just all the flaps and velcro open. I kept that rig's closing loop nice and tight and had all new velcro on the handles and a brand new boc installed when I started jumping that rig just in case... of course flatspins are much faster these days with the bigger badder airlocked suits so YMMV My flatspin related premi was caused by using the leg pouch on my Vampire and getting bumped by a wingsuit newbie on exit; video showed the airflow inflating the leg pouch just as I recovered belly to earth
  9. The Anvil Brothers got their start at my home dz, Skydive Houston, but AFAIK the "big boy" AFF rig (modified Racer Tandem) was sold to a fun jumper a few years ago... but you can always try calling to see what their new weight limit is: 1-800-JUMPOUT.
  10. my friend is getting married that weekend This keeps happening - first our wedding (FND3), then my b-day (FND5), now again... Couldn't you guys set the dates so they don't coincide with stuff I've already planned? Call me before you pick the dates for next year! Hope everyone has a flocking good time, hopefully I'll see y'all in the sky over somewhere else next year!
  11. in freefall the pics do look pretty white, but see attached picture of me under canopy... this V-1 only has about 200 jumps on it. I'd recommend adding a darker color to the high wear spots - the butt (sitting on the plane), the chest/shoulders (under your rig) and the collar (neck sweat). For worries about seeing grips, try black gloves! (edited to upload pic )
  12. thanks for posting those Matt! I really like the shots with the sunset and with the bay...
  13. Thanks to everyone for a very fun and safe event! Hope to see y'all next year!!
  14. Looks like the final count will be 13 plus video... Jenn Matt (video) FlyinBob Purple Mike Scott Bland Susan Potter Michal Gray Mike Adrian Jason Steve H Dennis Cate