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  1. moonglo

    RIP Hutch (Houston 2/21)

    Just got word that he tracked off at 4am this morning. Blue skies Hutch, Woof!
  2. We'll be honeymooning in Cancun that week, but I might stop by on Sunday.
  3. moonglo

    thinking about selling my new V2

    Are you 6' tall? If so I think you should sell it!
  4. moonglo

    Cleaning a wingsuit (Phoenix-Fly Phantom)

    I used to wash my wingsuits in the machine on hand wash/super delicate, but now that I have a suit with mylar ribs I'm afraid it will take too much of a beating (even tho Robi told me it would be ok in the machine with normal detergent) and use Voodew's method with Woolite in the bathtub. If your suit is light colored you'll want to periodically dump the water out of the booties as it dries, or the black will run up the legs a bit and stain
  5. moonglo

    Voodoo and V1 ??

    Voodew likes to fly up other bird's tailwings but no issues, and he has a V-2 now! Seriously, I wouldn't expect any modern gear to be a problem with a wingsuit. (someone please let me know if I'm wrong about this)
  6. moonglo

    I'm listening now... (1st WS reserve ride)

    Thanks for not dying fucker! I have to admit I tell you these things for mostly selfish reasons- I want to keep flying with you!
  7. Edited cuz things change
  8. moonglo

    Bird Flu

    Y'all must have some bad germs in FL, I'm still getting over being sick after Flock-n-Dock 2, and I haven't gotten to fly my new Vampire since then Hope you're feeling better Medusa! Stay home, don't spread the bird flu -Jenn
  9. moonglo

    Prodigy Thoughts

    I own both Prodigy and GTi and have found the same-I can fly further at a slower decent rate in the Prodigy. But on long flights I find the GTi to be much easier on the shoulders! (and it probably helps that my Prodigies are almost new, while my GTi has 150+jumps, lost most of it's lining, and has a few patches)