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  1. carbonezone

    Frank Bender

    Ok skydiver friends.....I need a picture (or color/type) of rig that Frank Bender jumps. I'm making him something for Christmas and it's been a long time since I jumped with him. Info needed ASAP and is greatly appreciated! Thank you! Tami C.
  2. Yes, spent some time in AZ as well but Im sure YOU are well aware of that ! As they said in the movies "how do you like me now mother fucker"! Geez I kinda miss this place
  3. Young lady....just because someone was your instructor does not make him a "God"! Grow up, we have all had instructors. Cary and crew were and are slimy fucking dogs (everyone of them, I don't discriminate)! I've seen first hand the way they practice. I worked there. I've honestly never witnessed anything as ruthless as their tactics. DISGUSTING! Funny thing is, I was still there when Hans left to start up the Farm (all in the name of "he didn't want any part of the deception"). Now all the sudden when he needs something Cary and slim dog crew is ok? Well then...that just makes me a bit sad. I like Hans too but like I said this makes me a bit sick inside. Let me also tell you this, I don't jump anymore either due to health issues but that doesn't make me less of a person than YOU! Tami C.
  4. carbonezone

    Loose chest strap/Cypres fire.

  5. His kid shouldn't be supporting skyride.....sorry but no slack to the slackers that support skyride....sorry again nothing personal. Tami C.
  6. carbonezone

    Skydive St.Petersburg = Skyride

    They are in Plant City now just down the road from me. Not sure if this is where Skydive St. Pete / Adrenaline 365 aka Skyride is sending tandems to.
  7. carbonezone

    Skydive St.Petersburg = Skyride

    Ok...did a bit more searching and I found the listing for the dropzone in plant city. It's called Jump Florida Skydive Center oddly enough a dropzone in Lake Wales uses the same name? I have attached some screen shots below. Me thinks there are quite a FEW people rolling around in the hay . Could this really be Cary Q's. Not so sure now. Tami C.
  8. carbonezone

    As if it wasn't enough!

    Come on you guys.....This new website IS Skyride/Cary Q. The pictures are from ASC. The tandem master is Stewart C. He is no longer with them the pic is years old. I can't believe you didn't catch this. Cary is still doing the same thing on the Internet just using different names. He (Cary) has also started up little tandem dropzones using his little degenerate puppets pulling there little strings making them feel like big boys running a little dropzone they can call there own. He uses these so called dropzones to cover his ass with the Internet sites. He is booking customers to his OWN business. GET IT NOW. They will be popping up on corner near you soon if there is the market for it. Tami
  9. carbonezone

    Skydive St.Petersburg = Skyride

    So last night at work some friends ask me about a new dropzone down the road from Zhills and I say not that I know of, and they say yes there is because they have seen the signs. Ok, let's check it out. Well sure enough it appears that Cary Q. has moved one of his degenerates into our neighborhood. They must have set up tandem dropzone here in the tampa area (near Plant City) like they did in Tennessee and New York The pictures posted in the gallery are at ASC in Georgia. Jump dude and Jan you might want to flag them on the website. Looks like they also have several skydive Tampabay websites Tami
  10. Wow....just wow! I feel very lucky to be alive. I started skydiving at Skydive Toledo as well and thought of them as my skydiving family all the way up this terrible tragic day. Today I lost a big part of my past....big giant capitals NOT REALLY! Love you Mickey and Skydive Toledo. Super Jim, Fat Boy, Dumbass, or whatever you call yourself Get Over It...we all are laughing at you . If it is the meds thingy I agree with Mickey Tami C.
  11. carbonezone

    Skydive Atlanta Halloween Party October 27-28

    Glad to see this boogie back up and running. It still this day is my fav Have a great time!! Tami
  12. carbonezone

    Skydive Galveston

    Sorry Stephen but I beg (or not) to differ!! Get YOUR facts straight...unless things have changed [/laugh] Tami If you're not still in bed with them (and I hope you're not), maybe you can talk to the ANTI-SKY SLUM GODS'S to fix it. I hope you're not...I honestly think you are a smarter man than that ((speaking from the heart))!!
  13. carbonezone

    Skydive Galveston

    Really...I will check it out now! Last I knew they did. CHECKING. If I am wrong, I sincerely apologize!!