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  1. carbonezone

    Skydive Galveston

    Don’t's a skyride dropzone and you will be supporting a very bad organization and they will most likely over pay. DONT DO IT! Look on their website, there are no directions, no facility info, if they book through them they will have no idea where they are sending them. Most photos on that website were taken in Cedartown Georgia.
  2. carbonezone

    2012 Muff Brothers Reunion Booge!/events/254104057978513/
  3. carbonezone

    Pink Mafia Sisterhood Reunion!

    Sorry Katie…I mean no disrespect to you and I thank you for the invite, And I DO SUPPORT THE PINK MAFIA 100%...but this “typical” request from Lance?ASC , is why it wasn’t even considered. I DO NOT LIE !! The best to you Katie and your Family and I really mean that, Tami Edited to add: I really dont want to rude but this is SO typical these brainwashed fools. I will go to sleep now with GOOD thoughts "no more southern comfort for me"!
  4. carbonezone


    Call the dropzone and ask for Pip or Judy, they have trailer for rent (they might be all rented but check anyway). GREAT New Years party "Pirate Theme". Tami
  5. or you can just call them 1-800-877-7191 (US Only) Tami
  6. carbonezone

    Perris Valley POPs stay for JFTC

    Hi Mar....I will be there!!!! I have a weekend to play after some denitist work in San Perris here I come! See you then
  7. carbonezone

    What to do for a bruised tailbone?

    All I can say is TIME......It truely sucks but that is the only you can do is just "sit around (ouch) and wait" Tami
  8. carbonezone

    trying to buy a shoulder brace for jumping

    I used the rigger modified ottobach and it worked great for me as I posted previosly
  9. carbonezone

    Oldest active DZ in the Northwest USA

    That would have to be my HOME dropzone "where it all started for me" TOLEDO WASHINGTON....woo-hoo! I may be on the road now but Skydive Toledo will always be home to me! I am a TOLEDOITE forever I love and miss you guys! Tami
  10. carbonezone

    jumping after shoulder dislocation

    It is very likely that it might go out again and you should maybe use some additional support "just my 02" I and several others who have the same problem use a shoulder brace that was modified by our rigger. He sewed in webbing to creating a cross brace for additional support (front) that would not allow the shoulder to dislocate (attached to the red portion on the binding tape and to the under side of the bicep). Go here to see more and of course consult a doctor. NOTE: If you choose to have the mods made make sure you have full range of motion for ALL your handles and toggles Go here to check out the brace. Tami