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  1. Looks to me like the cameraman pulled low. You can see jumpers in his group under canopy long before he pulls. Probablly could have been avoided if he pulled with the rest of the group, imop
  2. dezilu

    Safire 2

    I just love this canopy. No matter how I pack it, soft consistant openings. It seems to glide forever. The flare is strong and almost never ending. I have yet to find any faults with this canopy. Saber 2 doesn't even compare to the Safire 2 in my opinion. And I've flown them both. You can't go wrong with this canopy
  3. Found out today about Ray. I just got to know Ray this year. Real nice guy. He flew camera on our 4 way scrambles. All the best to his family. Blue skys Thomas Desmond
  4. dezilu


    I've put 200 jumps on my saber 190 and have had only 1 hard opening. And that jump was packed by a packer at the dropzone. So guess what? I now am the only one that packs this chute. I've always packed the chute just like the manual for the saber suggests. I split roll the nose and lightly stuff it. I quarter the slider and pull the front half out in front of the nose. And lastly make sure the lines are nice and neat stowed evenly, and tight. Its been an excellent first canopy. I would recommend one to any newby or intermediate skydiver
  5. I've had the Neptune for a couple seasons now. I have to replace the battery every four months. I constantly get ridiculous information like 200 mph just out the door. Sometimes the screen will black out for no reason even with a fresh battery. For the money, I should have purchased something else.