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  1. I've noticed alot of hot stuff getting passed around the dz. I personally HATE spicy food. I have much more of a sweet tooth.
  2. I have the same stuff going on with my mamba, but i'm just used to it. I saw a product called "cat crap" in the case at the dz last time i was there but haven't tried it.
  3. When you first pick it up slip a finger in the nose of each cell and kind of pull the nose of each cell to get the front of all the cells together and then grip them all together and give them a good shake back and forth a couple of times. I've found this pretty much centers everything out and groups all the lines together. Then go ahead and put the nose between your legs and flaking should be pretty easy form there. Kinda hard to describe without just showing.
  4. Red toggle handles. At least I haven't ever seen them on anything but a reserve.
  5. 1. 125 2. 1 3. Line twist I couldn't get out of. I'm not proud of having one already, but am glad to have gotten my "first" out of the way. It was most likely my own damn fault, probably my body position at depoloyment. Overall everything worked out ok. I found everything right away, and even though I was a bit shaken it was kinda exciting. Something I'd rather not repeat anytime soon. As my instructor stated one time "emjoy your malfunction!"
  6. I second 604's suggestion. I live here in WI and tried my motorcycle gloves at first, and they sucked. Last year I tried a pair of my foam (neoprene) hunting gloves and i've stuck with them since. When you think about it you are only out in the element for 5-10 minutes or so. The most important task for winter jumping is covering every bit of skin to protect from the wind chill. You aren't really in the air long enough to worry about having alot of insulation. I'm the only guy walking around the DZ with camo or blaze orange gloves. lol
  7. I'm over in central southern wi. (Janesville) and have heard rumors of either CSC or SC signing up groups to load up an otter full of people and fly south for boogies or just group fun. I'm not sure if it's true or not. I don't have the time to take off of work or I would have looked further into it.
  8. I got two rides in my stable. 2004 kawasaki zx-10r 2007 Harley night rod special I'm really hoping to get a KTM rc-8 next year as well. I'd rather get an aprillia rsv-4 but thats a bit out of my price range.
  9. I'm the type of person that if someones advertising annoys me I am certain to NOT by their products. When are they going to figure this out? Pissing people off and annoying them hardly does good things to sell your products.
  10. I jump in the winter in WI. The most important part is keeping the wind off of ANY skin. Full neck and face coverage, good gloves (I prefer the foam neoprene type), etc. You are in the wind for a short enough period of time that you really don't need alot of insulation, just wind protection.
  11. I gotta support atmosphair. I jump there regularly so I'm a bit biased. lol. Bo and Alex run an awesome drop zone that is very family oriented, super safe, very laid back, and very fun.
  12. the packing made simple DVD has a parachute overview and description of parts on it. I was actually surprised USPA doesn't have a more elaborate description on their site.
  13. what a dumb ass...kinda forgot his goggles too.
  14. more than once I've been on jumprun and looked down and saw a plane below that would be on a collision course with a jumper. Both times I was lucky enough to notice before anyone got out and we went around for another run. Not every pilot uses their radios effectively.
  15. Either instructor can pull the main as most student rigs have the pilot flap pullable from both sides. Once your main is pulled, by you or an instructor if you fail to, you are on your own. There would be no way for an instructor to stick with you through opening sequence, nor would it be even close to safe for them to try to. Most instructors aren't going to pull until their normal altitude (below the 4500-5000 an aff student pulls at) They then will land and assist the student via radio with approach and landing. If you have a mal you are going to really pretty much be on your own to sort through it.
  16. yay and the plane had an off airport landing due to complete engine failure in 1976. Interesting color choices. Can't say the sticker would turn me off to the place. They may have a very good reason for it...or it could just be a tongue in cheek type deal. As long as they don't have that attitude towards safety and stuff it wouldn't turn me away.
  17. "push with the bush" Best done with slavic accent....
  18. For the longest time I had never even realized there was another way...I was taught to stand up landings from the beginning by my instructors and personally didn't NOT stand up a landing til I came screaming in on a no wind day at about jump 60. Recently I was at another DZ and they were teaching students to come in on their butts, well I have seen exactly that result in a broken back in a student last year...
  19. so what do we call the paratrooper's t-11 canopies? they're square in shape.
  20. I don't veiw it much different than anything else. When I was young and took hunters safety the instructor often would talk about how in hunting there is no such thing as a true "accident". How every accident is someones fault in some way. If someone gets shot it's someones fault. Either you were carrying a firearm with the safety off, weren't sure of your target AND what is beyond/around it, if you have a misfire it's from a poorly mantained firearm or poor design. So technically yes every malfunction is ultimately a human error whether it's one in manufacture of equipment or poor maintenance, etc.
  21. I got a bonehead mamba and wear gatorz and my oaks under it all the time with no issues at all and I really like it. (I'm a bit of a carbon fiber whore though.) lol. I also use a neo xs audible/logger that seems to be so far so good.
  22. One suggestion that helped me in the beginning was to always pay attention to your leg position....and I'm not talking about just on the jump. I'm talking about throughout your day. Many of us just use our legs without ever realizing where they are, what they are doing, what position they are in. Throughout your day start doing "leg checks" just heighten your awareness of what position your legs are in at that moment. This will help you gain a new awareness of your legs, and being aware of and using your legs during the jump is very important. Don't stop at your legs. If you have a twist in your pelvis/waist this will also induce a spin because you will actually have one leg lower than the other. This will ease as you become more used to falling through the sky and start to loosen up. I was very rigid and tense when I started out but once you are able to relax a bit it becomes easier.
  23. This doesn't make sense The poster is referring to an AAD....Bill never had one in his rig. If you look back through the incidents forum this incidedent was discussed. I jumped with Bill since I started a few years ago and he even video'd my first tandem. I'm very sorry for your loss. He was great guy. I can't believe that crappy insurance company is giving you guys the run around. Care to name the insurance co? I'd file an appeal immedietely with them and talk to an attorney. I would doubt they will back down but I agree with you. He passed from a medical condition not from the jump itself. As for the argument that the jump caused a heightened heart rate that could have triggered a heart attack...thats bullcrap. One could argue that situation could arise from anything that would raise the heart rate; from working out to getting scared by your buddy, and they would have to cover a death in those situations.
  24. wow i'm glad you pointed that out. At safety day this year many people were discussing if there was a requirement for you to keep the seal on once you got your rig back from the rigger and the general consensus was no and it was fine to jump without the seal in place if you felt it was a danger or were uncomfortable with it being there. The only requirement was that the rigger must seal it, what you do with it after is up to you.