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  1. It matters what discipline you are using it for. Belly or freeflying? I have a vertical suit that I like but it doesn't fit well due to buying an off the shelf suit. Liquid sky is another favorite that i'll likely be buying as my next suit. I also have a Tony suit for belly work that I love.
  2. Yes the US as been financing war in Africa for a long time. All the women that just have to have that big ol glitzy diamond sure do love supporting child labor and war. Despite the world media ahowing the conditions that blood diamonds come from there is still a large demand for something that is nothing more than an imperfect compressed and heated piece of coal.
  3. Are the straps dirty? I have seen where a tandem harness got so much crud in the webbing that they slip through. Simply washing them took care of the issue.
  4. Even if he leaves the heat on at a low setting (I would) he should still shut off the main water supply to the apt if possible. At least shut the valves off at the toilets, water heater, laundry, etc. Those little flexible hoses at the toilets and washing machines are famous for failing at very bad times. To have one of the flex hoses to a toilet to fail and run for any length of time unchecked would be disasterous. Also to prevent freezing of the waste pipes buy some RV antifreeze (nontoxic) and pour in each drain. (don't forget washing machine, etc.) I've seen the damage from a washing machine hose failing while a couple was away for the weekend and it wasn't pretty. I've gotten so I replace them every year or so and shut them off when I go on vaca.
  5. What I find interesting is that you haven't ever hunted. That is just unusual for an interest in something like hunting to get sparked by kid if his dad or mom don't pass it down. Hunting is a pretty big thing here in Wisconsin just beacause it can be a big family affair. How did your boy get interested?
  6. kawisixer01

    R1 on ice

    lol wow small world. If you look at the ice stunting vids that pop up on the right side, or search ice stunting you will find a bunch of stuff from the guys I have always rode with. If you look real hard you'll find vids of my buddy Ryan S that stunt rides and is missing a leg. Ryan was actually the first I believe to start stunting on the ice, and pioneered a great way to make a stunt oriented tire. Typically it's actully one tire inside of another one. We get bored here in Wisoconsin, what can I say. Make the best with what your given. lol
  7. I got an e-mail from Liquid sky offering 15% off base price today only. Might be done now though?
  8. CIA most likely. Possibly with the co-operation of Siemans themselves or some people very well versed in the industrial automation sector. It's kinda neat but kinda scary. I work in industrial automation and feel that for far too long security was never really taken seriously in this niche market of networking. In my company we take securing our operations networks very seriously, but alot of companies do not. Although this seems to be limited to Siemans controllers, Allen Bradley has similar vulnerabilities. In the US Allen Bradley is more typically used than Siemans but they both can be taken advantage of. This is kind of neat for me because more poeple ask me questions about industrial control than ever used to. I don't think that the general public has any idea how networked and how complicated industrial control has become. All of our new machinery talks to eachother through some kind of network protocol, and everything can be viewed and modified by corporate over the net. I'm sure that in this instance they had a similar set up running with V-lans and such, so someone with the proper knowledge was able to easily infiltrate. I'm honestly surprised that the "great and almighty" Iran even acknowledged that there was ever an issue. They seem to be in complete denial about everything else.
  9. As a long time fan to the UK (original) version I found the US bland if not almost painfull at times to watch. There was a severe lack of comedy and no real world reviewing of the vehicles. The UK boys can mix just the right amount of comedy with real world review to pull it off. The UK bosy seem like they know cars and what people want out of them and review them accordingly. Hopefully the hosts of the US verison will develop more of a flow with eachother, these guys almost seem like they really needed to take a road trip together for a few months or something, because right now they act like they hardly know eachother. The intro of the "stig" was lame-o. Jeremy always has some funny lead in to the intro, and the stig always does something comical or is listening to something funnyi in the UK version. No doubt whoever they have playing the stig in the US can drive like hell thoug! Honestly I think these guys really need to grow quickly or there will not be a second season.
  10. I was on a ski lift a few years ago with a fire jumper that was a ski patroller all winter. Not sure what ski patrol makes but i remember thinking "man now thats a life of adventure!". I would think finding a winter seasonal job would be the right answer for you, just not sure skydiving instructor would be the best one?
  11. I still laugh at how this summer after my last trip with my rig (one of four) I semi horrifically/amusingly realized that i had traveled every time with my nice big ol hook knife on my rig. This is after going through the swab test and visual inspection every time. I never even thought about it until one day at the DZ we were talking about traveling with rigs and some of the rediculous things that they allow/take away from travelers. But we are supposed to take TSA seriously and trust them to do a thorough job. lol
  12. kawisixer01

    Droid X

    On my moto Driod there is a system tutorial under "settings/about phone". from the home screen push the icon at the bottom center that brings up all of your installed apps. Scroll down and you should see the "settings" icon. In there you should see an "about phone" and in there a "system tutorial." You can find the guide online too.
  13. I've rode with these guys a few times on "missions". I wish I had more time to go out on missions with them. A great group of peeps.
  14. I'm just kinda confused how the guys that played a phenominal game and have turned their season around in a great way aren't getting really any press....and the spoiled glamorous babies down in Dallas are getting it all? Messed up priorities I tell ya.....
  15. Because it's part of "3 checks of 3 things". 3 handles (in order of use), 3 rings, and 3 straps. It is the process we teach students from day one and I have never really seen a reason to stop using it. I still check my gear before I put it on, walking out to the plane, and on jump run. Even if I just gt done packing my rig 10 minutes ago and am just walking back up to it to put it on to go jump, I still treat it as a rig that I just pulled off the shelf or out of my bag from the week off. Mostly on my jump run check I'm glancing at it to make sure the cut-away cabe didn't unseat and now I have an unfastened three ring or something similar.
  16. A recent nominee in my neck of the woods. Too bad the dumb ass took out his 18 yo daughter and pets too though. http://www.gazettextra.com/news/2010/nov/06/carbon-monoxide-suspected-darien-deaths/
  17. yup, usually a bad gas cap or plugged/blocked vent line that is causing a pressure in the gas tank that isn't within accepted range.
  18. The worst I've gotten in about ten times of traveling with mine is a swab tests. Most of the time if you tell them that if they pull the wrong thing they are gonna have 170 square feet of nylon pop out, they step back. Funny enough (or scary?) I realized the other day that I had traveled ten times with my rig......with a big 'ol hook knife in the leg strap not realizing it and totally forgotten about without a word ever being said. lol. That last time I was scared cause the x-ray chick was hollaring about the guy in front of me with the tooth paste in his bag. lol. I got through with a swab test.
  19. Yea I've kinda been amused lately how people try to blame the uaw for the downfall of GM and chrysler yet fail to acknowledge that ford is doing just fine. What they also fail to realize is that all three automakers have the EXACT SAME agreement with the UAW. Why can ford make do with that contract just fine but GM and Chrysler scapegoat the union and fail to acknowledge their own failure at a management level?
  20. If you pay full label price for chips you are nuts. Wally world usually has the cheapest prices. I work for frito and see the input costs every week. Our biggest cost is typically energy. It requires gobbs of heat to make chips, alot of electricty as well. Frito has done a great job of finding ways to recycle the heat and other energy that used to be wasted to preheat inputs, heat facilities and such. As mentioned above frito has been putting millions and millions of dollars into it's facilities in the last five years updating them. You would be floored if you knew what food processing equipment costs. This year alone I have been involved in numberous multi million dollar projects in my plant to make things more efficient and ensure better product quality. We use the best raw materials that can be gotten and I will bet my money on our product over pretty much any one elses any day of the week. You don't want to see the poor quality raw materials that go into competitors low cost product. Additionally our products are the healthiest in their catagory. We have spent alot of time and money figuring out the best and most healthiest oils and other ingredients. We are the only brand that has eliminted acrylamide from our product. (a cancer causing agent according to California). Frito has an insane amount of quality control standards to assure that our products are always the best. Our prices are higher than most competition and they are that way because we believe that they are the best product out there period. We don't make product for any other labels, and we have never used "contract manufacturers" to make our product for us. Alot of companies use contract manufacturers to make their product. The company is a very good company to work for. I love it there. Someone mentioned health care costs...we don't have a great health plan. It's pretty much an 80/20. I've had better, but am thankful to have what I do, rather than nothing. I am in a highly skilled technical position, and am compensated slightly above average for my role, but Frito demands and gets alot of the most highly qualified people. All in all our products aren't as unhealthy as they traditionally have a rep for. They taste more salty than most foods because the salt is applied to the outside of the product rather than cooked in, so the salt is the first thing that hits your taste buds. Chips actually have less salt in them than most crackers and such. Part of the big investments I mentioned earlier is also going towards developing healthier foods. Most of our lines offer baked products, and we have implemented formula changes to increase fiber content and such. We make alot of healthier products. We also have killed alot of healthy products, consumers speak, and consumers say they want healthy BUT spend their money on traditional products. If things don't sell (healthy stuff) we can't continue to make them. This is a niche that has grown over the years though.
  21. another Rugar 10-22 vote here. Or you could get him the remington ar-15 based .22.
  22. I love pandora. The one thing that has bummed me though is that sometimes the music selection can seem to get way off from the original search. Also when I first got my droid phone I was using it all the time in my truck, then about a month or so ago the sound quality DROPPED big time on my phone. Now the sound quality almost hurts to listen to, it sounds like very low bit rate. Very tinny and compressed sounding. Not such a big fan anymore.
  23. The funny part is I have two buddies that do tower work, one for sure I know has been up towers like in the vid, and they still think I'm crazier than them for jumping. I've been going to go up a tower or two with the one buddy but for some reason our schedules never line up or there is something in the way. Looks fun though. If I was on that tower I think i'd almost want a base rig. You ride and elavator for the biggest part of the journey.
  24. Simple conversions are easy, but big numbers or math I use microsoft windows calculator. If you put it into "programmer" or "scientific" mode you can convert back and forth from binary, to hex, to oct, to dec.