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  1. I got a g3 with a spectre 170 in it (7 cell). It fits great not too loose not too tight. I may be wrong but I think the main difference between g3 and g4 is mostly harness tweaks and little add ons. for the most part I believe the container itself is the same. It's my first rig so i guess I don't have much besides uncomfy student gear to compare to but I love the fit and finish of it.
  2. just got Jeb Corlis's movie "journey to the center" around christmas and Love it. It's an awesome flick that is as much about the jumping as discovering another culture. The scenery is nothing short if beautifully amazing.
  3. as far as the handle locating diffuculty, was the student taugh to "reach for the handle" or to put his spread out hand on the bottom of the container and swipe his hand accross the bottom of the container to locate his pc handle? This is something simple but a common mistake I hear about often thats easy for a student to practice. I would think that reinforcing that this technique be done at gear checks especially the final check just prior to jump run would be helpful to reinforce that "muscle memory". This is just a simple suggestion from another "newbie"
  4. My ex fiance and I were three years apart. Now my gf just turned 21 and i just turned 28. The only thing I was fearful of was her father lol, but we get along great. I go dirt riding and hunting with him all the time. Her parents actually think it's better for their daughter to be with a guy that has just settled in his carreer and is out of the whole party fresh to the bar scene thing. I was with a 20 year old girl when i was 16 for awhile but I quickly learned that bitch was loopy. lol. Age really isn't a big deal. It only really seems wierd when you are talking about younger people. There are exceptions though, like Hugh Hefner, yeah people can say the guy is a pimp, but I think there is something inherently wrong with an 80 year old guy that feels he has to surround himself with 19 year old bimbos so make himself feel better. I mean what can he even relate to with them? What life experiences, or commonalities can they discuss?
  5. omg I'd kill anyone that brought wd-40 near my rig. As stated already wd-40 will attract and hold on to dirt, dust, and crud and trun into one gummy ass mess. I work in a food plant so I "borrow" a can of food grade silicone ocassionally.
  6. The article claims it's a pa-36 "brave" which is a single seater....Looking at that plane it looks like it'd be pretty easy to get out of. Just a glass canopy around the pilot.
  7. This is a fraud claim, not a bit different than if you gave your landlord a bad check or something similar. In both cases the cops would tell you "sorry it's not our problem, it's a civil matter to be decided by the CIVIL courts...."
  8. Speaking of 182's. How much of a concern are small cracks throughout the aircraft skin? I have seen on multiple 182's, cracks on the covers that cover where the wings connect to the strut, also have seen alot of cracks on the elevators and such, usually with holes drilled in them to stop the crack from progressing. This always kinda raises the hair on my neck, but there are people who have graduated from aviation programs and such around the DZ and they never seem concerned. These are typically 182's with a 206 engine in them or something much much more powerful than a typical 182 engine. So does th extra engine also warrant concern over extra weight and flying stresses upon the airframe?
  9. I get HUGE headaches when I jump without a full face. My theory is that the huge vein I have running through my foreheasd that sticks out when i get pissed, is allowing the blood going to my head to cool too much and give me a terrible "ice cream" type headache. Sometimes the headaches were very bad and made concentrating on piloting my canopy a little difficult. I talked to my instructor when I was a student and once I proved I could see my handles fine and hear the radio fine I was allowed to jump with a full face helmet and haven't gotten a bad headache from jumping since.
  10. I was out saturday afternoon and had a great time too. (I'm the guy from Wisconsin that people so enjoyed hearing say "wisconsin". lol) Anyways i didn't get alot of time there after the winds picked up but thanks for a great time and thanks to everyone for being real helpful, welcoming, and being real friendly.
  11. you call that cold? pffft u wanna see cold come on up here to Wisconsin and jump with us this winter.
  12. My first canopy is a spectre 170. I'm the same weight as you. I love it so far. Nice soft openings, and my landings have all been nice soft standups except a couple that were my own damn fault.
  13. I have a neoxs and haven't had any issues with it at all. I like it alot. Of course it is my first audible so I guess I have any other experiences to really compare it to.
  14. I don't have a pic of my new vert suit (yet!!) but can def agree with what you say. It's a great suit and vlady was very nice to deal with.
  15. Ok so am i the only one that does it this way?....I fold the cacooned canopy pretty much in half, and stuff the fold I just made into the bag being sure the corners of the fold are pushed into the bottom corners of the bag, then I fold in the tail on top of that into the bag, then I make an s fold with whats left and fold it into the crease of the first fold. Thats how I was taught and I have never had weird openings and it's easier than folding the whole canopy and stuffing it into the bag FOR ME.
  16. wow I can't friggin believe he didn't end up with a line twist from that stylish "spinning deployment". The most amazing part is everyone crowded around the tv watching the video and cheering him on like that was a good thing....
  17. Maybe turn it into a speech about how we arne't all just adrenaline crazed nutsos. Explain the effects of adrenaline and how it impairs your judgement and makes moves fidgety and explosive and how it actually would be a hinderance to stable flight and clear thought process. I did something similar on motorcycle racing. Everyone thought I was an adrenaline junkie because i raced and rode sportbikes til i showed just how unstable and screwed up adrenaline makes you and how SMOOTH and stable you have to be with inputs on bikes running at high speeds through twisty tracks. Then further showed how much of a hinderance adrenaline could be and that it is actually the thing you DON'T want a whole lot of.
  18. are you grabbing the nose of your cells and giving them a good shake back and forth? this does wonders for settling things in. turn your canopy slightly sideways and lay all your cells over your thigh, grab them and shake them back and forth while holding the canopy out and up with your other hand by the lines. this helps align things pretty well for me. then put one lineset over each shoulder to widen out the canopy. Start up front, the lines should mostly all be in their groups from the shaking of the nose. It's kinda hard to explain and easier to show, but do spend some time with a packer. Most won't mind helping you out, especially with a little liquid compensation.
  19. Everyone is quick to blame the student which is somewhat well placed, but I myself wonder how much real good dirt diving and training the student had. But not knowing the student, the instructors, or the full story I guess it would be best to withold judgement....
  20. For me personally being a newbie.. getting lazy with your landing pattern after you come off student status. After I got my A I started shortening up my pattern and just kinda started getting a bit lazy I guess with my landings and it took a couple of times of me coming in hard a couple of times (the first non standup landing for me wasn't until jump 40) before I checked myself. I guess just don't get complacent and divert from your student prejump and jump routines the minute you get your A.
  21. My mistake I accidentally hit this button labeled "5" which low and behold is located directly right next to the button labeled "6". I'll try not to let it happen again.... Sorry i didn't know I was gonna get shaken down on my typing skill for using this site to seek other like minded people's advice on something I take serious issue with. Thanks to everyone who has stuck to topic and given relavant and insightful advice I really do appreciate it.
  22. I have a dilema. I went to a major drop zone over the summer for a boogie. My reserve expired on the day I was there to jump. I argued that it expired at midnight that day but they insisted I get a re-pack. So I took it over to the riggers loft and paid for a rush re-pack. two and half hours later I finally get my rig back. fast forward to the present. That repack expired so I took my rig in to my home drop zone and my usual rigger. i picked up my rig today and he asks me about the last repack and who did it, where ect. He then stated that the guy at the boogie did not repack my reserve. That he does certain things in a certain way and he could outright tell that the guy at the boogie had simply threw his seal on the reserve pin and pencil whipped it. I am still fairly new to the sport so i am not sure what "different things" my rigger does but I am sure that he can tell his pack jobs from anothers and he has my utmost trust. I am inclined to call down to the rigger loft at the boogie and demand my money back or I will call the FAA. I am also inclined just to call the FAA and complain no matter what. Anyone ever have an experience like this and what did you do? What would any of you do in this situation? i can't help but feel scammed and it is especially disappointing to be scammed by people in what i consider a small community of people. I guess if the rigger from the boogie was that big of a hack to do something like that I guess I should be glad he didn't repack it and I was jumping on MY riggers pack job
  23. In the upper right hand corner of your screen there is a search area. This topic has been discussed quite a bit and there is even a thread with the TSA guidelines to print and take with you.
  24. I'll be switching to DZ's here in another month. From what I hear East troy sky kinghts are open all year. They even an individual that jumps naked once a month no matter what the weather. lol
  25. I did my aff at a DZ with two 182's and spent ALOT of time sitting around waiting for tandems to get finished or get in between classes etc. To me it always seemed like tandems took priority no matter what. There were many times I was extremely frustrated and felt like quiting but had already paid in full for the full course. Unfortunately it gave me a bad enough view on the sport that I would have quit if i hadn't prepaid. People can say "but tandems bring in more $$" but I dunno, I have brought out alot of people to do tandems with me that I wouldn't have brought if I had quit jumping. So if I woulda quit because of being snubbed thats alot of money they cut themselves out of too.