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  1. Would go well with my gear
  2. Too bad, because the FreeZR is a very nice helmet (specially for guys with a big melon like me), definitely recommended. Even in winter it doesn't fog up, comfortable fit, even large enough to fit my glasses inside. After that initial email hickup (see above), customer service was excellent: I lost one of the side covers and it was replaced and any questions I had were quickly answered.
  3. Cloggy

    Would you????

    That's a lot of damage Normiss... Wonder if anyone ever found a note like this: "A lot of people saw me backing into you car, so I'm just pretending to leave a note with my address"
  4. Wish you luck with those And Nijmegen is not in Belgie...
  5. Ah I see: can we conclude from this suggestive evidence that there is an inverse relationship between the amount of cutting and the chance of catching AIDS? 100% off, 0% AIDS! Must admit I didn't read the article
  6. So what about this one for the Dutch Police? Spyker Promotial one time only... But must say that the old open top Porsche's 911 were somewhat more impressive than the present Volvo's... Except for the helmets.
  7. I had to ask someone, so this is 2nd hand info... She didn't know JHymn, but uses This can apparently convert directly from MP4 to MP3. If that doesn't work you could use or These last two can't convert directly, so what you do is burn your songs from iTunes to CD. Then grab the audio from that .cda file. And now I'm off to the DZ, see if I there is some holes in the clouds
  8. That Vigil flag flags troll... But anyway, maybe somebody got creative and used an electric detonator? Probably easier and cheaper to come by in Russia. That would cut the cord ok... for what you need a hole anyway? Why not testfire the thing and see what happens. Just make sure you post the video here for our enjoyment.
  9. Best software for resizing/resampling digital files is apparently S-spline or Genuine fractals. Better results than Photoshop.
  10. And the verse from the original english version that was replaced by the german version of the preceding verse. (Well if that didn't confuse the hell out of ya) Man, ist das lange her...
  11. Edited: RiggerLee already said the important things. Missed that. Quite a few people have been killed breaking the lines. Some just from spiraling, flying in turbulence, acro etc. But it should be fun, and bring a reserve
  12. Thinking of it: it could actually be a good thing to get listed on Oops, I mean I mean, no legit business would (or should) work with them anyway. So in a twisted way this could protect you from doing business with scammers. But I suppose the scammers will take your money anyway, regardless of your listing
  13. A Google search confirmed that. How many ass hairs must they have smoked to think that nobody is going to go look for a domain name that isn't even registered? Google will only search for what you tell it to .There is a, which is still a completely BOGUS SCAM SITE Apparently a shady Panama registered company, making money by assisting other scammers. Article from the SF chronicle
  14. Looking at my Neptune, it seems I have about the same rate of descent in half brakes or rear risers. I suppose this should make the rear risers the better glide (more forward speed). I'm wondering what the real benefit of knowing the actual glide angle would be?
  15. I also have a Sabre2 170. I found that the factory settings for the brakes were a bit on the short side when brand new. I added about 6" in at the time. About 200 jumps later I noticed the canopy starting to buck again and it was getting difficult to keep it in front risers, so I put another 5" in: I had to replace the lower part of the brake line to do that. It's definitely worth adjusting the brake lines, it flies so much easier in front risers.
  16. Just an idea: how about a self-adjusting range? Don't know if that would be feasible on the palm or work in practice, but it could give you both a wide range and good sensitivity combined. Like a small range that centers itself again on the average glide ratio. Mixed with beeps that indicate the average glide ratio to give a reference to the audio feedback. Or several distinct overlapping windows (like 0-6, 4-10, 8-16). With the audio feedback mixed with e.g. 1, 2 or 3 background beeps every few seconds, so you know in which range you are. (It's fun playing with the Palm: tried years ago to convert my IIIc into a variometer for paragliding. Never got that to work...).
  17. I'm using Burton superpipe gloves for a few years now. They are not too bulky, have windstopper/goretex liner and a good grip (tacky palm). If it's really cold I use some Craft glove liners as well. They were fairly expensive, but justified that to myself by using them for skiing as well I thought they were somewhat overpriced for the quality (Made in China) but they're holding up well. I don't think they would be good at -50C though. I used them at -30C at altitude and that was just ok: some cold vingertips but not hurting. Just had a look at the Burton website and this year's version seems a bit more bulky than the ones I have. Make sure they would be ok for skydiving!
  18. And yet another design: Paratec even sells riser barbs in a kit:
  19. Thrillseeker! Showing off that big black expensive DSLR at such a spot...
  20. This How stuff works should fit the profile then
  21. Yep, if you want to try this, you've got to get the revision right. I had this with a harddrive that died, fortunately using the wrong board revision didn't do any further damage. First I used the board of a spare drive, but that didn't work, different board revision. Then managed to hunt down a 2nd hand drive with the right revision and I managed to pull all my data from the broken drive. (saved me quite some time restoring backups and redoing video editing...) I built the board back to the 2nd hand drive and that one is still running today. Plus I got the broken one replaced under warranty