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  1. Had my first mal on a toggle knotted around my riser... would have been really helpful to have had the training to land my canopy on rear risers... since I’d never never landed on rears, I took a reserve ride. When your canopy isnt steerable because you can’t use your toggles... cut away, just because you could theoretically do something doesn’t mean you should attempt it for the first time under duress or at all for that matter. There’s probably a reason they don’t teach landing on rear risers in the CPC for a reason... Fly it like you stole it
  2. any takers? i forgot to mention collapsible slider and PD slinks with boots... Fly it like you stole it
  3. how much should i ask for my rig? Javelin Odyssey with all black with Gold piping and logo's, Diamond back material on the Panels Gold soft cutaway handle, black and gold hackey, Collapsible black PC Mini rings and risers with FatMax Front dive loops, Fully articulated harness, all stainless hardware, with Hard Housing Mesh backpad and leg straps with spacer foam Harness type J3K, I don't have the measurements but i am average build, about 5'6" and it fits like a glove DOM: All bought new and assembled DEC 2007 Approximately 200 jumps on entire system Main: 170 sq ft Sabre 2, colors are; TGR,TGR,WHT,WHT,TGR,TGR,TGR,TGR,TGR. always packed indoors... Still Slick! Reserve: PDR 160, No rides! not sure what the color is... I think its blue... repacked 22JUN2010 AAD: Cypres 1 DOM: 06/02, Last Maintenance and battery change 28JUN2006 RSL... and Skyhook Fly it like you stole it
  4. It is an official army function... My unit is sending me TDY... Talk to your CO and fill out your DTS Besides that you have to be in a duty status... So TDY or PTDY is acceptable... Not pass or leave Fly it like you stole it
  5. I like writting in italics Fly it like you stole it
  6. simple fix... pee in the sink... or in the shower... walt? Fly it like you stole it
  7. we all know what NSFW means... I think its time we embrace a new term... i was searching urban dictionary today and came across this... NSFL Not Safe For Life. Goes a step beyond NSFW, because it doesn't matter where you view the material; you will be scarred. ie, Why did I click on a picture of billy vance in an orgy with 12 octagenarians?? That shit is sooo NSFL!!! HaH! Fly it like you stole it
  8. i see the gene pool of the skydiving community dwindling greatly Fly it like you stole it
  9. Speakers Corner in... 5... 4... 3... 2... 1... Fly it like you stole it
  10. so i get this message from a user named "lilianbaby" [email protected] My name is Lilian i saw your contact and admire it i think we can make it together, therefore i would like you to contact me back throug my email address thus:( [email protected]) i will tell you more about myself and i will also send you my photo as soon as you contact me back. Hopping to hear from you soonest, UNDERSTAND THAT LOVE IS ONE, Lilian WITH LOVE AND TRUST Love & Kiss. and i just have to say... WHAT? Fly it like you stole it
  11. coffee... and lots of it! Fly it like you stole it
  12. here i sit all broken hearted... ahhh screw it... another night of duty, 8AM cant come soon enough!!! soo bored!!! Fly it like you stole it
  13. lol, what if thats how its supposed to look? what if those without curtains are freaks of nature? Fly it like you stole it