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  1. Who's coming?? Any out of towners?? If you need a place to crash of course there are the bunk houses but I'll offer up my basement as well or couch space whichever you'd rather take. I live with a couple jumpers so we'll be headed out there every day the boogie is going on. Good way to stay in an air conditioned environment and save us some gas money as well AND have a DD at the end of the night. Hope to see everyone there. PS: Are videographer jump slots covered for the scramble?? PPS: Big Pretty and The Red Rockets is currently working on a whole new set list of songs so you'll be first to hear it at the DZ. We LOVE playing there!! SO damn cool.
  2. jkwon

    CSS anyone 2??

    Let's not kill bandwidth. Everyone join my user group or apply to join whoever wants to chat it up elsewhere. http://www.msnusers.com/JoeKwonsMisc-Pictures/general.msnw?action=get_message&mview=1&ID_Message=2
  3. I've been getting back into jumping a lot and want to start working on my canopy skills...As always I do everything up top before I even think about doing them down low. My next feat I want to master is controlling my canopy using just my risers front/rear. I just want to have the assurance that if by some chance I have no use of my toggles I can make it to the ground in the same one piece package I left the ground in. I know there is no definitive answer to the question but there are some guidelines out there that people follow i'm sure...thats what I'm looking for. So when is it safe to start working out riser landings??? --joe HISPA #69 The Best Band in the WORLD!!! The new full length album "See What You Can Find"