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    When should you try rear riser landings??

    Had my first mal on a toggle knotted around my riser... would have been really helpful to have had the training to land my canopy on rear risers... since I’d never never landed on rears, I took a reserve ride. When your canopy isnt steerable because you can’t use your toggles... cut away, just because you could theoretically do something doesn’t mean you should attempt it for the first time under duress or at all for that matter. There’s probably a reason they don’t teach landing on rear risers in the CPC for a reason... Fly it like you stole it
  2. bloody_trauma

    help appraising my rig

    any takers? i forgot to mention collapsible slider and PD slinks with boots... Fly it like you stole it
  3. bloody_trauma

    help appraising my rig

    how much should i ask for my rig? Javelin Odyssey with all black with Gold piping and logo's, Diamond back material on the Panels Gold soft cutaway handle, black and gold hackey, Collapsible black PC Mini rings and risers with FatMax Front dive loops, Fully articulated harness, all stainless hardware, with Hard Housing Mesh backpad and leg straps with spacer foam Harness type J3K, I don't have the measurements but i am average build, about 5'6" and it fits like a glove DOM: All bought new and assembled DEC 2007 Approximately 200 jumps on entire system Main: 170 sq ft Sabre 2, colors are; TGR,TGR,WHT,WHT,TGR,TGR,TGR,TGR,TGR. always packed indoors... Still Slick! Reserve: PDR 160, No rides! not sure what the color is... I think its blue... repacked 22JUN2010 AAD: Cypres 1 DOM: 06/02, Last Maintenance and battery change 28JUN2006 RSL... and Skyhook Fly it like you stole it
  4. bloody_trauma

    10th annual Black and Gold Interservice Competition

    who's going? Fly it like you stole it
  5. bloody_trauma

    7 cell canopies

    I like writting in italics Fly it like you stole it
  6. bloody_trauma

    Waiver / Underage

    Fake it till ya make it words to live by Fly it like you stole it
  7. bloody_trauma

    Waiver / Underage

    oh just go do what we always did when we wanted to do something that was out of our age range... take the money you have to go skydiving with and buy or make a fake ID seriously whats the rush... graduate high school first then worry about skydiving. Fly it like you stole it
  8. bloody_trauma

    Horizontal on opening?

    i used to spin when i went to pull, then one of my instructors gave me a really good tip... look at your altimeter when you go to pull, altitude awareness and stability! just be conscious of your legs with a little bit of pressure on em... like justin said... well put by the way! Fly it like you stole it
  9. well if your going to be in germany at all you can try wallerfangen duren, talk to sebastian hes a great instructor Fly it like you stole it
  10. bloody_trauma

    FSV Saar

    I made my first jump at SD duren, looking back at it now, its one of the best DZ's ive ever been to, they really take the time to instruct you in a logical fashion, English speaking too! so there was little language barrier, would recommend to anyone!!!
  11. bloody_trauma


    now aside from when you have to pay a packer for time constraints what do you do? but i was just curious... around what jump number you started packing (and jumping) your own rig, if at all. Fly it like you stole it
  12. bloody_trauma

    2008 Black & Gold Meet

    well... they are coach jumps... wahts it say? whats that mean? if you are AFF: 10-13 or SL/IAD: 16-17 (categories F-H) then you can be supervised by a coach or higher rating would that satisfy the above requirement? sounds like it to me Fly it like you stole it
  13. bloody_trauma

    Resizing Mirage Harness

    doesnt this belong in gear and rigging? Fly it like you stole it
  14. bloody_trauma

    Gear Stolen - Video of Thief

    and where does that door go to? Fly it like you stole it
  15. bloody_trauma

    Gear Stolen - Video of Thief

    and just another thought, is he pressing the button to the top floor or using a key? Fly it like you stole it
  16. bloody_trauma

    Gear Stolen - Video of Thief

    so were your windows broken? it was left unlocked by the valet? maybe the guy works for the valet company? go post up detailed info in the stolen gear forum Fly it like you stole it
  17. bloody_trauma

    2008 Black & Gold Meet

    ehh I'll see you fuckers there next year... i graduate WLC the day before, and live in louisiana. as tempting ats it is to pick up and haul ass over there to jump as fast as i can pack, i think i'll just make plans for next year. oh well have fun all! Fly it like you stole it
  18. bloody_trauma

    2008 Black & Gold Meet

    anyone have any information about how to go about getting to go to the meet. do you go TDY? how do you do that? The dates this year are from the saturday the 8th to tuesday the 11th of november... and you can't be in a leave status... i'm confused, but i really wanna go! matthewcline? skymonkey? Lou?! Anyone? HELP! Fly it like you stole it
  19. bloody_trauma

    sunglasses for big noses ;P

    Sorz? Fly it like you stole it
  20. bloody_trauma

    Hypothetical.... Your under canopy....

    How can your canopy be controllable if you cant turn right... I'm not gonna what if you to death... but seriously... obstacle/parachutist avoidance? am i right? i think the correct term would be square stable and steerable... good for you for chopping it... your still here arent you? Fly it like you stole it
  21. bloody_trauma

    parasport aeronaut sport

    does anyone around here own one of these, im looking at getting one, really just a question of the hand or the wrist mount, pros cons... theres no review on in the gear section aeronaut sport Fly it like you stole it
  22. bloody_trauma

    Got Wings?

    Fly it like you stole it
  23. man that would have been an outrage if you had burned in under that reserve pack... i dont think the skydiving community would let him keep his head... he'd be in the bonfire that night... Fly it like you stole it
  24. bloody_trauma

    AFF in the U S of A

    how does the UAE... one of the richest nations in the world.. not support skydiving? Fly it like you stole it
  25. bloody_trauma

    Current jump prices

    LOLZ Fly it like you stole it