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  1. Some asshole hacked t's jsc email address and was demanding $100 to not disclose stuff on his computer, so I had to come here to send the douchbad the thread. Now I am crying all over again, I cannot believe it is 11 years on already. The great are never forgotten.
  2. NONE! Every skydive i do needs improvement. I think true friendship is under-rated Twitter: @Dreamskygirlsa
  3. Hey Mark, You need to be at the DZ to learn to pack. There is no real course as such so no fee. You need to practice under supervision and then be awarded your packing licence. You can also get regular clients on the DZ who you can pack for. R30 per pack. Buzz me if you need more info and I can put you in touch with some people there to help you set up. later Bev I think true friendship is under-rated Twitter: @Dreamskygirlsa
  4. thanks. That stuff makes me queezy. I nearly gagged and passed out when I saw him standing on the ground with oen arm hanging longer than the other... I think true friendship is under-rated Twitter: @Dreamskygirlsa
  5. My AFF student dislocated his shoulder on exit doing L1. The wind was quite strong and it came out on exit. He has a history of a weak shoulder and had a operation on it. I need to know if anyone has experienced this on exit or while skydiving and what the ramifications were? Did you/they stop skydiving, have an operation, strap it? Has anyone carried on skydiving after an injury like this? I think true friendship is under-rated Twitter: @Dreamskygirlsa
  6. I have advised people to stop. It is never a nice thing to do if they have been trying for a while, but if they have done a few jumps, it is quite easy to let them know that Skydiving is not for everyone. I think true friendship is under-rated Twitter: @Dreamskygirlsa
  7. HI, There are weight restrictions put in place due to the break point that the reserve canopies are tested at. Globally, 100kg is the maximum a student / tandem passenger may be to not breach the regulations. If you can find a person that has a larger harness, reserve and main canopy that you can use / jump, or if you are prepared to buy equipment that will withstand your weight according to the regulations, you may be able to find someone that will assist to get you to start skydiving. Hope that helps. I think true friendship is under-rated Twitter: @Dreamskygirlsa
  8. Hey T, Will be there. Have some things I want to do over the weekend too, will chat on mail.. Lots of love Bev I think true friendship is under-rated Twitter: @Dreamskygirlsa
  9. WOW!! Congrats two Pablo. Great to see you doing so well. Hope to see you in SA for the World Cup. Bruno, you can come spend time with all the Porro's you love so much!! Much love Bev I think true friendship is under-rated Twitter: @Dreamskygirlsa
  10. WONDERBOOM ARE SAD ………..TONTO IS THE LEGEND THAT TAUGHT MARTIN TO SKYDIVE ….HARD TO ACCEPT …. OUR PRAYERS AND THOUGHTS ARE WITH ALL WHO ARE CLOSE HIM - IF YOU HAD MET TONTO, EVEN ONCE, YOU WERE CLOSE TO HIM …… SOME PEOPLE ARE THAT SPECIAL. (Wonderboom – Cito, Martin, Danny & Wade) Dear Tonto.... keep shining wherever you are. Much love and thoughts to your loved ones and friends.... may they find enough strength to get through the tough times, Love Lucien (Lucien Windrich - eVoid) HE WAS MY HERO…… (Martin Schofield - Wonderboom) I think true friendship is under-rated Twitter: @Dreamskygirlsa
  11. whew, breathe There is a gaping hole where you used to be t. It is not answering my questions and it is not smiling back at me. I don't think there is another person in the world that knows more secrets about me than you. We have shared so much, you have tought me so much. I don't know where to go to even try fill that gap. I loved your smile, your hugs hello, your messages of encouragement with everything, skydiving, relationships, love and life. I loved the way you loved. Loved T, Cal and Shanna, skydiving, shooting, climbing, wingsuiting, flying your canopy. The telapathy we developed in the sky, knowing what to look for and cover with eachother with students and knowing eachother under canopy. I never felt anything but absolute trust and safety with you there on the other side grinning. Thank you for being there when I needed you, bringing me food when I could not stand, standing by me when all I wanted to do was run away. You have taken with you a piece of my heart and my soul. I will miss you forever my friend. Love and light Bev I think true friendship is under-rated Twitter: @Dreamskygirlsa
  12. Nice one Sheri! No More D Pending! I think true friendship is under-rated Twitter: @Dreamskygirlsa
  13. Ummm, don't you have to sign a medical form when you sign up to jump? I know we require all students to do this. People can control this with medication, and it is probably irresponsible of her not to take them. Maybe just get her to get an AAD. I think true friendship is under-rated Twitter: @Dreamskygirlsa
  14. There are more tandems every year and membership goes down. Is this a bad thing? Not really. Skydiving gets exposure and the people that really want to do this death defying sport and stick with it will stay. It should not be available to everyone, it is an extreme sport and you can die. Tandems give people who are not physically fit/capable of doing it themselves a chance to experience what we rave about with the safety and comfort of an experienced dude. The guys that are enthralled by that will stay and carry on. Those are the people you want hanging around you. I think true friendship is under-rated Twitter: @Dreamskygirlsa
  15. No dude, there are lots of people that are not agreeing with you and not everyone thinks that everything you says is logical. Lots of people are saying maybe you need to listen more than you speak. We have 2 different landing patterns at our club and there are pro's and con's on both. This is not just to seperate Swoopers, but it seperates Pro rated jumpers and non-pro rated jumpers. It changes depending on the wind direction. It is quite complex for new jumpers, but a basic explanation while the load is at boarding point helps lots to ensure everyone knows how to approach and land safely. We normally have people that land in the same strip that swoop and some that just land straight in approach and some older skydivers that toggle spank a 180. I do lots of jumps with the same people on the load and we get to know eachother quite well. The best is to know when to go for the bigh turn or when to land in an alternative landing area, which I do often. We have swoop gates up every weekend we jump and if there is traffic I will still go land in the student area. Many of the training swoopers are landing at the pond, which is a it away from the main landing area. But the majority of people are landing together on a piece of lawn. In fact we have some swoopers that land in the student area as they have not got a pro rating... The idea is to be aware of the people around you all the time and see where you can fit in. My next comment is on the boogie issue. I was on a few big loads over the holidays. One senior guy slid in on his ass to avoid Dave Morris on landing after doing a 270 turn. My comment was "why are you still doing big turns when there are so many canopies in the sky" He agreed and then started smaller chips in to land. But on one of the bigger C130 loads, we had a guy spiraling down into the bevy of canopies and taking me out. He has around 500 jumps and said that he thought I had flown into him. Unfortunately for him it was all on camera... Luckily I grabbed brakes and flared whie I was being spat out on a collapsed canopy and it re-inflated. There is too much emphasis placed on swoopers vs non swoopers, as all canopies can cause accidents. Even low jump number guys can cause major accidents under canopy. Keep your eyes open, have a plan B and abort and land elsewhere if need be. Quite simple really. Oh, and leave your ego at home! I think true friendship is under-rated Twitter: @Dreamskygirlsa