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  1. Some asshole hacked t's jsc email address and was demanding $100 to not disclose stuff on his computer, so I had to come here to send the douchbad the thread. Now I am crying all over again, I cannot believe it is 11 years on already. The great are never forgotten.
  2. WOW!! Nice going guys! Well done "Machine" you rock. Wicked Aussies, you kicking ass!
  3. Beverly


    I had the best fortune this past week of being given the opportunity to fly a Katana canopy. Coming from South Africa and being somewhat sheltered, I have not had the opportunity to see them in action on my home turf. Being a girl and somewhat of a ninny when it comes to canopies, I have not been very adventurous when it comes to flying and really working them. I don’t know too much about canopies, other than I like canopies that don’t clash with my hair and eyes, but this is my experience: I was given a demo to try for a few jumps on a recent trip to De Land. I did not really know what to expect out of the canopy. It was bigger than the current canopies I have been playing with, so I was not too concerned on my capabilities under the canopy. I did dedicated canopy flights to be able to play and experience the canopy to it’s fullest and get the most out of the experience. First off the opening. WOW! It was the softest opening I have experienced in a while. Even more so than the Pilot that I jump for wing suiting. Now everyone knows that the Pilot is renown for it’s long and smooth snivels, and this out did that. There was an initial hesitation from my side as thoughts of “this is taking too long” flashed in my head, but as I looked up and watched this beautiful canopy slowly unfold, I knew they were unfounded. Once the canopy was fully open, I collapsed the slider and un stowed the brakes. There was not a huge amount of slack, as I normally get with the canopies I fly, and I started to play with the canopy. The turns were responsive but recovered quickly. Something that would help in situations that require fast evasive action. Front riser pressure was awesome, something I have struggled with in the past being a 120 pound girl. I found that the turns both on risers and toggles were as effective as each other and the back risers evened the canopy out even faster than just waiting for the canopies own recovery. Now being the conservative canopy pilot I am, and having played with a few canopies in the past year, some of which have been Pilots, Hurricanes, Stiletto’s, Icarus FX and the Vision, I can safely say that this would be the most forgiving canopy of them all. The canopy has stunning flying characteristics, giving you all the “whoop!” you can ask for under canopy and in the sky, followed by a consistent, recovery arc and soft, tippy toe landing. Definitely making it a graceful landing and making sure you look good. There is enough flare left at the end of a reasonable swoop to give some lift at the end and safely plant you on the ground, without the hard shin and ankle splintering thud that normally accompanies most girl’s landings. Since I have taken a further interest in canopies and landings, I have been watching my fellow team mates and skydivers land in all wind conditions. This canopy can defiantly be used by anyone doing lots of work jumps, team jumps and camera. The consistently smooth openings (Even after horrific rushed pack jobs) is ideal for the skydivers doing many jumps in a day/weekend/week. The responsiveness of the canopy in flight and the smooth and soft landings definitely make for a canopy that will allow for many comfortable and safe skydives for years to come.
  4. Beverly

    African Free Fall Convention.

    Hey, I think there is disappointment all around with regards to the aircraft, but there was a lot of good and positive that happened. Since this is my year of positive things I will contribute the following: I got to see all my fantastic skydiving friends again from all over the country. I got to jump with some fantastic skydivers and build weird 3D Hybrids with people I normally don't have the chance to jump with. I got to skydive with Steve from the UK, who was a great addition to our hybrids. I got to jump with some of my Freefly friends on (Wait for it!!!) Some big way flat fly formations!! I got to do some awesome wingsuit jumps and learnt not to loop on the exit of the Dac or the Kingair on exit (Thanks John), and got to the formation to beable to fly with my friends on a 14 way wingsuit flock! I managed to crack the nod onto Dave Morris' big ways and do some big girls stuff as well! Had some good landings on my canopy and a really cool redemption landing that looked as fantastic as it felt. All round, I had a cool time and learnt a whole lot about people, friends, chilling, anger management, patience and underpacking! (Yes, I did not have enough warm stuff for a place that is normally hot, but that was rainy and cold on most days) Oh and I got a little bit of a tan on my lilly white body! All in all, when the weather was playing game and the 3 planes that were there were all flying, I had a cool time with my friends: Old and new. Looking forward to seeing everyone again! Here is to a rocking 2006! Wicked skydives and safe landings.......
  5. I have only the one by Bruno which is awesome. I would hate to choose, rather have both!
  6. Beverly

    Dropzone Morals

    Hi, Glad you are back in the sport. It is not a disrespect thing to continue jumping once there has been an accident. It is not a moral thing at all. You can normally stop if there are safety issues (Wind, medivac etc) People do this sport because it is their passion, their life and there are accidents that happen. I would love my family to say one day that I died doing what I loved. And I would expect my friends to be back in the sky in my memory. No use moping around. Go do what you love! (Oh, and they better be singing in the plane on the way to altitude!)
  7. Beverly

    Women's Class

    You have some valid points and you are right, we have some awesome women flyers. About 15% of most countries skydivers are female. It is not a lot. Some don't want to compete, so the pool is then smaller. My vote for the women's class is to get more people to compete in this male dominated sport. It was my opportunity to compete at a world level and I am grateful for it. There is only one team from each country that gets to go to the world meet, so a female class allows for more people to be exposed to this, which is awesome. With regards to the points and aims of the teams, they all are aiming for what the open teams are getting - I promise you. But most of them don't get the funding and sponsorships that the open teams get. (Ok our country get's nothing), but for e.g, Norway pays for one team and one team only. If they can get together and compete and do well, great. If they strive to get the 23 average, awesome. They do what they can. I am keen to see a female category in Canopy Piloting, as weight and wingloading plays a role on the female form. (And no, I don't want to eat more burgers to have a more competitive wing loading) On the female camera thing, it is getting more girls to compete on this level by forcing them to have female camera which is good. I definately support that.
  8. Hi, It is a lovely gesture. If she is not really keen, I would not force her. Maybe she has flying fears that are putting her off. Maybe a ride in a plane is a better gift first. Maybe she is not a sporty type and will not really enjoy it, or is apprehensive of the unknown. The worst, is if you force her and she get's hurt, you are going to feel really bad. I sort of pushed my mom into jumping for a reality tv show and she was nervous for weeks and said she would never do it again, but she was awesome and waved at the camera and gave the thumbs up all the way down. She was 62. So maybe show her some tandem video's and see if you can get her to agree. It is up to her to sign the indemnity form! Know when to back off!
  9. Beverly

    do you give free coaching jumps to low timers?

    We don't get paid for coach jumps. Our slot is paid, that is it!
  10. I do kickboxing twice a week for approx 2.5 hours Gym 3 times a week, Swimming, cycling, weights and stretching. Try get to pilates. Damn, does lots of sex get you to loose weight? Summer is coming, I need a sixpack stomach!
  11. Beverly

    Boosting a student's confidence

    A lot of girls and guys get really nervous! Being a girl I can sometimes do the soft spoken words of encouragement. The best is telling them to breathe. Ok, normally "Ok you can start breathing now!" While I am checking the 3 ring system, normally gets a smile on their face. I also tell them the story i was told of the small breaths we take when we get nervous, coupled with the thinner air climbing to 3500-11k (We are 5k ASL) and telling them they are starving their brains. A quick breathing session - In through nose, out through mouth - normally sorts it out. Also a non-sexual squeeze of their upper arm prior to exit helps. Human contact is proven to assist with nerves. If it is really bad, DRASTIC MEASURES - I carry lip balm in my jumpsuit pocket. Dry mouth is terrible!! And possibly offer a sip of water. Hope it helps.
  12. Beverly

    PC in tow / Hacky Mal...

    Why the drama of not cutting the main away? Is there any reason you should not follow usual reserve drills? I am loathe to hang onto a main chute between my legs.
  13. Beverly

    Icon Sport

    I received my new I4 Icon Harness and got it rigged up to jump this weekend. The harness is extremly comfortable and the padding in the legstraps are a pleasure. The packing is neat and the harness is easy to close. It looks great too.
  14. Beverly

    Johannesburg Skydiving Club

    Skydiving clubs and the community have a reputation fo being closed and hard nuts to crack. JSC is a club with a friendly atmosphere no matter who you are, what your experience level or where you come from. Come experience our world!