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  1. Scoop

    Factory Diver Helmet

    Skydiving helmets are rubbish for impact protection. This is their normal "YOU CANT SUE ME NOW" clause. A bit of fibreglass and foam is better than nothing however plus you can mount gadgets like audibles/cameras and not bash your head in the door or on a wobbly landing where you tumble. Plus with a full face you might save yourself getting a shoe in the mouth/nose.
  2. Scoop

    dudeist skydivers association

    I'm in. Ordained. I shall take this responsibility very seriously and lead by example *sips beer by the pool* Updated list attached
  3. I jumped 2-3 days after having a cirumcision and got an infection in my cock... it was a scary time... I recommend you sit it out for a couple of weeks so as to not aggravate things
  4. Scoop

    Got an Icon? Post pics...

    Nice rig. Got some higher res ones of mine now (cheers Andy)...
  5. Scoop

    Got an Icon? Post pics...

    It's all good dude. I still reckon you getting the first fondle of my rig is like getting a go on my missus though.
  6. Scoop

    Got an Icon? Post pics...

    Yeah, it was a brilliant service! I wouldn't have a rig now else that's for sure. Cheers Gary. Ill try and get some high quality pics up soon
  7. Scoop

    Got an Icon? Post pics...

    Lol. I will! Need an aad and I'm good to go
  8. Scoop

    Got an Icon? Post pics...

    Well, my friend took collection of my sexy new rig today. I6. I can't wait to get my hands on it. Sorry for picture quality
  9. My first jump was my own pack job as we got weathered off and had to do something instead of just sitting around! The next day I jumped my own packjob! As if gear fear on your first jump isn't bad enough! It was checked off loads of times along the way though.
  10. Again it has tried to format it as a blank disc. I think its lost forever Maybe the disc/data is corrupt and thats why its not being recognised on anything.
  11. Thanks. Just downloading trial version of Sony Vegas Platinum now. Hopefully it will allow that function in trial. The disc is a Sony 8cm DVD+RW
  12. The menu I described auto loads when I put the disc in and you can't get out of it. I would RTFM but there isnt one
  13. Thanks. When I try that it says "Formatting Starts" and "use disc select guide" or "do not use disc select guide". Then no matter what I pick it asks me to then select aspect ratio and click "ok" to format. Will this wipe the disc? Is it simply a seclection of what future ratio it will record in? Don't want to lose it by selecting this option.
  14. Hi people, Thought I'd call on you for some help... My friend borrowed a Sony Handycam (The DVD type) to film his sons first birthday. He gave me the small DVD out of the device to do some quick editing and make some copies onto normal sized DVDs. I have put the disc into my computer only to get the Vista prompt "What do you want to do with this blank disc". The disc shouldnt be blank. We reviewed footage the day it was filmed, so we were able to access the data then. The disc is blue which I assume is like when data is burnt and you get the different rings of colour on the disc. On attempting to place the disc back into the Handycam it prompts to format the disc in either 16:9 or 4:3 again apparantly treating it like blank disc. I wondered if the camera had a harddrive of sorts where the data may be stored but accessing the index shows nothing there. Looking online it appears they dont have a hard drive. As my friend was unfamiliar with the camera I don't believe he finalised the disc. Is there any way of recovering this footage does anyone know? Am I making a silly mistake? I was reluctant to go ahead and format on inserting the disc in case there is data on there and I would lose it. Any suggestions? Thanks, Sam
  15. Scoop

    UK Parachuting

    UK Parachuting rocks. I travel half way across the country to jump there (on the rare occasion I'm jumping these days) even though I got a DZ within spitting distance of my house. The place has a good vibe and club feel.