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  1. Really? I set my Altimaster II at the beginning of the day and rarely need to touch it again. Aside from atmospheric pressure changes, [....] Bob Love my Neptune, even takes care of that.
  2. This is from the Alti-2 website: I use the backplate, just to be sure I won't crack the Neptune when bending my hand. And I thought that the screws + washers could maybe wear through the handstrap after a while. But if I ever loose it, I hope it helps that is neon-green .
  3. Could be right: Icarus offers Cobalt as a non-standard colour (longer delivery). I just got my Sabre2 in: TNG SIL BLK TNG TNG TNG BLK SIL TNG (With black outer ribs and stabs). I dread the day I have a crap landing: anyone within 5 kilometers will know it's me.. Was told it's not a really good idea to use neon-colours on the centre cell, the constant handling when packing makes the colour fade faster. Recently I saw a paraglider that looked really cool: red upper and lower surface with black ribs, very nice to see when turning through the sun.
  4. Not true... I have a very nice sky-blue Techno... Well, that's what they told me, that they only come in white... Now I'm becoming curious, haven't seen it before it was packed. But not too curious... And as far as color being an issue: maybe I should have added a behind that. Color could be an issue if you want something highly visible in case you have to be hypothethically rescued from a hypothethical swamp or so... Or like Ron says: if you want some contrast from your white (or skyblue) main.
  5. This is what I was told when looking for reserve: PD packs bigger than others in same size (too big for my rig), Smart or Techno would be good choices. Techno (and I guess Smart too) only comes in white, if that would be an issue to you. I got the Techno, haven't tried it yet
  6. Ach so, wirklich? From Vigil's website. And I'm a lazy git too, so no link.
  7. I can't answer your question about the harness, but maybe I can add something about your original problem? I had quite some problems exiting stably from a C206 and doing my DRP's (Don't we like that forward exit.. ). Well, finally I managed two good ones, so I could do my first free fall. That was a 10" delay, observed by an instructor. Of course, I went unstable, but I had lot's of time to go to delta, become stable again and pull. My previous club changed to doing 10" delay for first free fall because experience showed that 3" delay was causing a lot of problems like your's. The combined stress of first free fall and concentrating all these new experiences in 3" appears to be too much for a lot of people. So you start of with a 10" delay in delta position, and later work back to 3" and C&P, when you're more aware of your body position. My new club changed their program to the same. Not because of me , but because it makes sense. I always felt lucky I had the opportunity to learn free fall this way, because I feel I would have been stuck in 3" for EVER otherwise, considering the problems I was having with DRPs... I didn't have too many problems afterwards anymore and progressed nicely (some people might have a different opinion about that ) I'd suggest you convince your instructors to try a 10" delay. I mean, you demonstrated many times you can pull after 3", so why wouldn't you pull after 10"?? And keeping you stuck on 3" (or was it even back to S/L and DRP?) isn't really working wonders, is it? I wouldn't be too happy about being stuck on 3" delays... I'd get so focused and stressed up about these 3" and pulling, that my body position would be the last thing on my mind, and the exit from the C206 isn't helping much either. I can't see how practising in the harness is going to help you much... What will help is (like others said) practising on a creeper (preferably with a mirror) and somebody giving you feedback about your position. You can also practise at home to train the 'muscle memory', I just use a thin workout mat. The only other real alternative seems to do at least one AFF-jump. Good luck!!
  8. Haven't flown the pilot either, but I heard different things about the glide ratio. Somebody who jumped both (Pilot 170 and Sabre2 170, wingload around 1.3): "Both good canopies, but the Pilot has better glide ratio and better forward speed". All in all he liked the Pilot so much better, he changed his mind about what to buy. Back to the original question: is the Pilot a beginners/novice canopy? Supposedly its an intermediate. I think it's in the same league as the Sabre2: would you consider that a beginners canopy??
  9. Just guessing here... Maybe Lund Tekniske refers to Lund Tekniske Hogskola (Lund Technical University) in Sweden. Could be some sort of study project of them. On the other hand, they don't have an aerospace department, as far as I know.. And if this were true, why would they bother going through the FAA? But if PD names their canopies after planes, they should know! And look here for a Sabre in Sabre F-86 colours.
  10. You mean something like
  11. (This must be the zillionth Sabre hard opening posting...) Presently I jump a Sabre 190 at wingload 1.1 . It should be OK for a beginner (I am beginner too). I can have fun with it in the air and nice tip-toe landings too, but I feel it's just a bit too tame for me, so the next one is going to be a 170. I experienced the hard openings, still 'enjoying' one I had more than a month ago. I don't like that this seems unpredictable: I just packed (tail rolled, slider quartered), fell and opened as usual. Normally I have nice openings except for this slammer. Comments from others: Sabres just do that sometimes... I must admit I'm getting a bit scared to pull: my poor back. So, all in all, maybe you'd be better off finding a 2nd hand Sabre2? My Sabre2 is on it's way: hurry up PD!! Push the pedal to the metal on that sewing machine.
  12. What's the hurry anyway? Try demoing a few different canopies before you buy. Or try to demo at least the canopy you're going to buy... Also good to try: Pilot and Electra. And I agree with Arlo's advice. Not from my own expertise, but from all the advice I got for downsizing. I'm also 200lbs and most people I talked too considered 150 a bit too small for me.
  13. If you're still not convinced: listen to me : get your booties now! Even if you don't plan on going hardcore RW, why make things hard for yourself (and your RW-buddies)? And I know it makes a huge difference, I finally added booties to my suit after a long time. I had to give so much input before, now it seems almost like a subconscious thing to make a turn.
  14. I take back my words... They had a problem with their Internet Provider not forwarding the email. I just received a mail with many apologies and Paratec sends me a brochure. Bart (And I was exaggerating, I sent only 2 emails )
  15. Customer service?? I mailed Paratec Germany 3 times during the past month: no reply... All I wanted to know is where I can buy this thing. I called 5 Paratec dealers, but none of them sells the FreeZR. What does Paratec expect: that I drag myself to their office and beg for a FreeZR on their doorstep?? Bart
  16. Bombs or beer... The latter is much preferred! And there's more!! The dumb skydiver conversion. Soon at a DZ near you