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  1. everymansaved

    Broken PC-120, Help!

    Well, I have an update. I managed to free the tape door and I got it functioning properly again, but the camera doesn't "ding" and the tape doesn't eject once the door is fully open. It would seem to me that the sensor that tells the camera the door is open in malfunctioning. Does anyone know where this sensor is?
  2. everymansaved

    Switching to larger slider grommets?

    What number is imprinted on the grommet? As far as I know, most canopy mfg's use 8's as standard for either stainless or brass. I've never compared the two side by side, but I have to imagine an 8 is an 8 in stainless or brass. The other thing you might want to think about is that I've read stainless can contribute to faster openings due to their increased weight.
  3. everymansaved

    what type of pilotchute handle do you have?

    You forgot pull-out, the only "real choice"
  4. everymansaved

    New Distance World Record

    Congrats to Mr. Broken. Do you have info on canopy, wingloading, winds, weights, etc...?
  5. everymansaved

    hc 5 settings

    I'm not familiar with the HC-5, but I imagine the focusing part works just like on any other camera. With a single element lens like the cookie, you need to put the camera into auto focus, and let it adjust until what's in frame is in focus. You can also go to manual focus and adjust it manually to this point. Once it's focused, make it stay at that focus by taking it off of auto. I'm not sure if the HC-5 has a focusing ring or not, but if it does, tape it down to make sure it stays there. Hope that helps. PS: They probably do a better job of explaining it here: http://www.royallens.com/instructions.php It's the Royal Lens website, but the two lenses use the same optics.
  6. everymansaved

    line sets

    It somewhat depends on what type of lines you have. Your profile says you jump a pilot, which would more than likely have Spectra lines. The biggest problem with Spectra is that over time, the heat generated by friction shrinks the lines, eventually getting to the point where the canopy doesn't fly nearly the same as it did when it was new. It can lead to wonky openings, and signifigantly decreased performance. The only way to check for line shrinkage is to measure the line trim. I'm not as familiar with Aerodyne, but I believe PD has a good article on how to measure line trim on their website, and you can probably get line trim specs from Aerodyne. You can also just have your rigger do this. As far as a visual inspection, check for fraying, excessive dirt, broken stitches, etc... If you have aramid lines such as HMA or vectran, which don't have shrinking problems like Spectra does, wear is the main thing to check for. If the lines show just about any amount of "fuzzing," it's probably time for new lines. As for jump numbers, it seems everyone has their own opinion, but I think about 500-600 jumps on Spectra lines, or 400-500 jumps on Aramid lines is about average. Hope this answers your question.
  7. everymansaved

    Aerodyne Solo used as a student workhorse?

    I know of three DZ's in Canada that use them. Pacific Skydivers, Alberta Skydivers and Niagara Skydivers have used them for two seasons now I believe. As far as I know they're happy with them, and the DZ in Alberta puts an outrageous number of IAD students under them. I'm sure riggerrob will post to this before too long, he works at the Pitt DZ, he might have something to add. You can go to their website as well: www.pacificskydivers.com.
  8. everymansaved

    video problem

    From what you're describing, it sounds like ditry heads, have you tried a head cleaning tape?
  9. everymansaved

    Bored...some pics of my cameye 2 installed

    Looks nice. Too bad your plug couldn't be contained inside the box though...
  10. everymansaved

    Goggles on tandem passengers....

    I have just barely started doing tandem vids, only having about 15 under my belt, with only 2-3 TM's but I completely agree. I can say that on 15-20% of the ones that I've seen, they're holding the goggles. It's something that's totally easy to overlook, especially if it's really busy at the DZ. As long as they have a pair, everybody's happy. I've found that they worst offenders are the Kroop over the glasses style. They have to be torqued completely tight so that the giant sails that are the lenses don't flip off.
  11. everymansaved

    Pug double tandem

    We just did that at our dropzone with a Jack Russell named Mindy. I think it was her 8th jump. Earlier this summer I believe she was the first pooch to ever do a downplane!
  12. everymansaved

    Neptune freefall speed readings

    I don't know how much you weigh, etc... but I would say 225 in a stand from 13400 is more than possible. I got to a max of 184 on my back. If you were in a stand the entire dive, I'd believe it.
  13. everymansaved


    This is an excellent canopy! It opens beautifully, is an absolute blast to fly, and forget what you hear about it not having any flare. I heard these rumors as well, and I can tell you for fact, they are not true. I usually come in double front risers, so I carry a bit of speed, but a nice smooth flare will give you a beautiful landing, with just a hint of run out at the end. It is forgiving of body position on opening, as well as packing technique.
  14. everymansaved

    Mindwarps and still cameras

    Go here: http://www.boneheadcomposites.com/cammount.htm and go about 3/4 of the way down. There's a little metal tripod looking thing called a "Universal Topper," that's designed to do exactly what you're looking for. Sean LR
  15. everymansaved

    Which infamous BASE jumper is this?

    I don't know BASE jumpers, but my guess would be someone Canadian, 'cause that's Kokanee.