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  1. I guess nobody got my reference to the OP's username The infamous Hendrick vander Decken was the captain of the Flying Dutchman, a ghost ship that is as unreal as this thread. Maybe it's best to let it disappear into the fog, never to be seen again
  2. A small text change so you have a more realistic view on your future "when I drop my toggle I'm going to eat dirt and break my leg neck." (Aye Captain.... going to jump this phantom ship and be doomed to roam the skies until judgment day?? )
  3. Andrew, many thanks for the info, very helpful! This will be a nice little winter project, I'll keep you guys posted how it goes. Thanks to Peter for putting the Gary Lewis handbook on Parachutemanuals. What I have must be a Competition PC, with the big hole at the back. Let's see what Gary Lewis wrote about that: "... tendency to land hard", "less stable than Mark I and harder to control", "negative malfunction reputation". OK.... We'll see
  4. Only if it has a Cypres pocket (you said modern chest reserve ) I learn new (or old) tricks every day. Not going to try that one though...
  5. Lol. No, the Mini System isn't falling apart and it looks jumpable to me. But for me it's just easier to put the PC in a rig I already have. With the MIRPS, I guess I'll end up with at least a broken nose should I deploy the reserve . The V-rings on the mini system are much higher on the MLW when compared to the D-rings on a military rig, and it has no belly strap. The MIRPS would be covering the Capewells and sit right under my chin. The Kohnke reserve container is attached at the 4 corners: two B-12 snaps on top to the V-rings and two straps on the bottom that clip to the bottom corners of the Mini System to keep it down.
  6. Now now, gentlemen. No fighting . I see I have a desirable artefact of historical significance here .
  7. I thought about that, but I don't have a suitable reserve, only MIRPS that doesn't fit. Besides that, I can't think of any rigger here that would recertify the Mini System.
  8. Thanks for the picture Peter, that gives me a good starting point.
  9. Yes, I found a few threads, but no dimension or pictures. I guess I'll have to size it to my container anyway. Thanks for the help guys, I'll go with the d-bag and grommet.
  10. A tandem rig would work, but I don't want to add yet another rig to the collection... I quoted the wrong name for the rig, it's a NAA Centaurus. At least 25 years old; I use it to jump a 282 Parafoil. A while ago I made a few jumps with a PC Mark I and a POD-like bag with this rig, it more or less fitted with the closing loop at max. It looked a bit messy with the stows sticking out, but it worked At the time I didn't take a close look at the bag and I can't get hold of the guy I borrowed that PC from, hence my question here. But a bag with extra line stows on top makes sense, I can see that work.
  11. Question for you oldtimers I just got an old Paracommander with NAA Mini System and Kohnke chest reserve. The rig and reserve are far too old to jump (and I'm too chicken to try ), but I'd like to put the Paracommander in my Centaur rig to make the occasional old school jump. Currently the PC has a long sleeve, unfortunately this makes it too bulky to fit in that rig. Would anybody know where I can find a suitable bag or POD or would anybody have construction drawings with dimensions so I can sew up my own? I'm also wondering what type of PC this could be. The stamp just says Paracommander (not Mark I or II), the year of manufacturing is 1974. Thanks, Bart
  12. Looks like there will be a slightly cheaper version that doesn't do 4k From the pictures it looks like it will have BOSS too.
  13. You could take a long exposure with the lens cap on and also with no lens with just the body cap on. At least that should tell you if it's an external source or something in the lens or in the camera.
  14. Hi Sky-Pimp, Info on good old Dropzone Nice pano outside jump plane There are many, many different options to make interactive panoramas, lots of tutorials on the net. From the one-shot mirror f1-freak mentioned, to stitching seperate images with free or paid stitching software. From freehand shooting with a phone, to special pano heads, to robotic heads, to very expensive specialised cameras. Just a random link giving an overview of software and hardware: I had some acceptable results shooting freehand landscapes. But if you want to stitch quality panoramas from small spaces like a caravan or plane and do this often, I'd invest in a wide angle lens and a pano-head for tripod. These heads shift the nodal point (optical center) of the lens so everything rotates around this point, removing parallax. This makes the shooting much faster and consistent and stitching afterwards much faster as the individual images will line up correctly. E.g. Shooting 360deg video is a completely different thing and needs a special camera (can't find the relevant thread on Dropzone). Hope this helps. Some examples what can be done with stitching software: somebody photographed about every streetcorner of my hometown: If you like a challenge : try to top this 320 Gigapixel image of Londen:
  15. Nonsense. I've done it numerous times. You can psycho pack a canopy without the extension but the problems you run into are: 1. If you use a kill-line PC it can be a struggle getting it to stay cocked. 2. You risk possible damage to the top-skin of the canopy. OK, I take back the impossible. But I do have this huge mental block on psycho packing without the extension because of the risk of damaging the top skin of my canopy, and because of making a bloody mess of my packjob. You really have to pull the bridle attachment point and the attached top skin out to where they do not belong. Hi Johan, I'll show you next time ;-). I've done psychopack more than 200 jumps on my Sabre2 without extension. No damage so far and I think it still looks pretty neat if you pull the the bridle attachment out carefully. The kill line has a tendency to retract slightly, I just pull the PC again when the bag is in the container. However, it seems my openings are slightlyless consistent when psychopacking (even more off heading than propacking ) so when I've time and am in the mood I'm propacking.
  16. Just received an email that they are working on a new website, which is why the old one was stopped. Anyway, I still find it strange that the domain name wasn't retained for those few $/year. I'd think it still represents some value.
  17. check their website click on Parachutes de France ... Some time ago I saw the domain status was up for deletion, I thought about registering it to myself but holidays got in the way
  18. Anyone know PdeF's current status? I noticed they let their internet domain name expire and I heard some people complain about ridiculous delivery times. Also, I was told by my rigger to hold on to my release pillow and reserve handle at all times , due to delivery problems... Bart
  19. I'm sure you'll have a great time here! Bring your rig and drop by at PCMN at Hilversum. Much closer than Texel
  20. That was fun, had a bit more luck than my previous try. Not sure though if I'll join again, too early in the morning for me... Now I have to catch up sleep at work
  21. Have a look at . Lots of reviews and NAS performance charts.
  22. Yep, Aug 20 it was. Looks like my new camera...
  23. I made a pile of money and traveled everywhere, stuffing radioactive sources down holes... Good fun for a few years. The oil industry, that's where the money is But decided it wasn't my destiny...
  24. Hitman Pro worked for me when I had some really nasty spyware. I ran into the problem that none of the well known removal tools would detect this spyware. Hitman Pro just downloads and combines several anti-spyware programs to increase the chance of detection.
  25. Just my opinion. Just heard it's going to cost 3 to 4 billion Euro...