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  1. Just found this info, not sure how old or accurate it is but thought id share. Was just on the verge of buying a 3 but as im not really jumping at the mo , probably :-) ) With a rumored release date of March 2015, here are some details that gadget geeks and sports camera enthusiasts need to know before purchasing the GoPro Hero 4 camera. Appearance-wise, the Hero 4 will be released as a compact, lightweight but rugged action camera weighning less than 100 grams. It also comes with a special attachment fitting on anything in motion, including bikes, ski poles, cars, surfboards, kite boards, long boards, BMXs, or even helmets used in moving sports. It can be mounted on to any type of pole with a diameter ranging between 10 and 23 centimeters. If the GoPro Hero 3 was installed with an A7, the Hero 4 allegedly has an A9 chip installed in it. This simply means that the new version of the action camera will have the ability to record 4K videos at an astounding rate of 30 frames per second. There is currently no other type of camcorder available in the market that can do this. Also, the A9 has the capacity of recording footages of 1080p at the fast rate of 120 frames per second as well as footages of 720p at the rate of 240 frames per second. This type of recording is said to end with an amazingly smooth slow motion recording because of the high frame rates. These specs just showed that the new Hero 4 is the ideal portable camera available for capturing under water recordings as well as other extreme sports and other similar situations. In addition, the Hero 4 will be released with a 13-megapixel photosensor as well as a new set of lenses for shooting in low-light conditions. It also includes multi-exposure capability as well as HDR WDR tone mapping, electronic image stabilization capabilities, and an improved MCTF. It features dual sensor interfaces 12-lane SLVDS/HiSPiTM/subLVDS and a 4-lane, user-friendly remote viewfinder playback. YeHaaaaaaaaaaa
  2. Ok so your gona take some stills of a night jump (base ). exit point about 200ft up landing in a softly lit area. Using a 5d or a 450d Any tips or tricks? YeHaaaaaaaaaaa
  3. ' Krip 'Is that an offer and would a PD sabre 2 become obsolete!! Ye i think ill get it repacked every now and then that makes sense, I also heard that i should pull the reserve and leave it un packed to release the pressure on the spring and pull my pilot chute out of the spandex pouch.. Any comments on this anyone ? YeHaaaaaaaaaaa
  4. So this is probably easily answered . I have not jumped in 15 month + and my rig has sat packed in all this time, i looks like i may not jump this year either . Obviously my reserve is out and i know i need a new AAD battery. Do i just leave it sat there or is there anything i should do or be doing to maintain my rig in its dormant time. YeHaaaaaaaaaaa
  5. stratostar Im wanting to do airplane interiors for fun and then also use the technique to do caravan interiors for a retail purpose, i have seen company's can do this for you but i was hoping the equipment was cheap enofe to do it myself. I have a full frame and a cropped frame dslr that Im sure would come into it ... just can't find anything on youtube etc to get a demo so i can teach myself only thing i have found is something for an iphone but it don't look to clever.. YeHaaaaaaaaaaa
  6. I've seen this stuff around but can anyone point me in the right direction how to teach myself to be able to do this for say the inside of aircraft ?? ive looked on youtube but can find anything appropriate. here is a link to the thing i want to be able to do.. YeHaaaaaaaaaaa
  7. HI thanks for that , i had a look, ye that's nice but its the red/blue glasses to view .. I was looking for some footage in side by side 3d to see through samsung active glasses.. I watched a load of 3d movies over Christmas on a samsung 3d TV and it was very good so would love to see some skydiving or base in the same format ... YeHaaaaaaaaaaa
  8. Is there any 3D SBS video files out there obviously of skydiving / base that would be good on a samsung 3D tv with active glasses :-) I'm guessing the redbull 3d movie isn't gonna happen !! YeHaaaaaaaaaaa
  9. Its that simple , where can i get a copy of the manual to this wingsuit? ive looked on the net and on the birdman site but not found anything YeHaaaaaaaaaaa
  10. OK so what are the latest skydiving video's / DVDs that are out there ...PAL compatible editions please.... Even Base videos/DVDs YeHaaaaaaaaaaa
  11. Just have to post my appreciation to the best company i have ever come across in any industry . LARSEN & BRUSGAARD. Customer service is 100% and maybe a bit more ..... THANK you .. YeHaaaaaaaaaaa
  12. Checkin in i'll take dude #40 blueskyz and soft fluffy clouds YeHaaaaaaaaaaa
  13. Try here YeHaaaaaaaaaaa
  14. I just shot my first footage on a cx105e with a diamond lens.. I had it in full HD .. WOW how lovely is that , the colour the clarity is sweet .. So will a HD lens really give me that much more ?? YeHaaaaaaaaaaa
  15. Ok so there are a shed load of these being used, so lets see what ya set up is . post photo's of your GoPro set up here..... YeHaaaaaaaaaaa