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  1. That was one hell of a pucker factor landing!
  2. That is a picture of "something" that can not fly.
  3. Ok, here is the deal.... It was 100+ (or close enough to spark the poll) today in Hollister, probably higher in Lodi & Davis. What do you women think about having sex when it's HOT!!!!! The first vote I got (which leaves me singing a Pink song... "...It's you & your HAND tonight...."), was HELL no... too hot & sticky Blue's......
  4. Ohhhhhhh, and Grolsch to boot!
  5. No Shit???? Frosty without someone strapped to him???? Who photo shopped him in that jump????
  6. FlyboySMB


    Go Sharks! Watch them hold the Ducks to 0 (Zero) shots in the third last night (shots 43 to 13 in the end)!
  7. This is what I have on my jump suits..... Made from this picture .....
  8. Holly Shit! What kind of drugs are you passing out Sebastian???? You are neither funny nor fun, hell I may have to make a rare appearance to see what all the commotion is about!
  9. You are also assuming they were in freefall, could have been under canopy. (in my best crotchety old cowboy voice...) Reminds me of a 4th of July some years back, when a friend of mine (Chance is his name.... funny, eh) was floatin down to the DZ at Hollister and one of them private planes came a flyin by. The pilot landed at Hollister & went to the DZO (it was Greg at the time) & told him... I think I may have hit one of your skyjumpers in the air. Well Greg just laughed & sent him on his way. Chance landed with his heart rate at about 300 BPM, screamin, I just got hit by a plane! Sure-nuf, he had a good two frames of video of his right end cell, er was it his left... can't member, getting clipped by that private plane. His end cell was a bit damaged, but not enuf to chop it. Earlier in that same day, Chance did a demo near the airport & executed a rather poor hook turn. Only thing that kept any bones from breakin was they just plowed the field he "landed" in. Needless to say, Chance called it a day after the "mid-air" & turned the green light on. yep, those were the days.....
  10. Not sure, my wife bought her own ring!
  11. My Calc/Diff Eqs Prof always asked the same question from all the engineering students....."what are some examples of how this math is used in the real world" She was so curious she went back to school & got an engineering degree with some of her own students!