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  1. Huck - a - bee! Huck - a - bee! Ohne Liebe sind wir nichts
  2. Ugh. As with any conversation about Wikipedia, there's mostly miscomprehension, and typically a few who actually get it. A Wikipedia article is not a source. It contains content pulled from a collection of other sources. It doesn't allow original research or ideas. Everything written must be cited and verifiable. The quality of an article depends mostly on the quality of the sources used to create it. Ohne Liebe sind wir nichts
  3. Well, I caught a glimpse of the FOX News call-in poll about an hour after the debate that had McCain "winning" at 85% to 12%. So uh, heheh, there ya go... Ohne Liebe sind wir nichts
  4. For my adult life I've been a Republican. I believe Obama "won" the debate if that's really the most appropriate word. He looked at the camera a lot, had facts, points, and remained calm and confident. He zeroed in on real concerns that most Americans care about right now. He came across and knowledgeable and presidential. McCain looked crotchety, condescending, and emotional. Obama spoke to the issues, and McCain seemed to be following a playbook. Obama's brand of socialism will change this country forever, and not for the better. But for tonight, he outplayed his opponent handily. McCain better get his act together. Ohne Liebe sind wir nichts
  5. Say, Tennessee. US popular vote or not, there's just something not all that right with a candidate who can't win his own state. Would've made Florida moot. Ohne Liebe sind wir nichts
  6. red wire or blue? I keep forgetting... Ohne Liebe sind wir nichts
  7. Look at me, landing on top of the tallest mountain in Holland!! Ohne Liebe sind wir nichts
  8. When I clicked on that link, my browser's popup blocker made a 'pop' sound and it scared the shit out of me for a second. Ohne Liebe sind wir nichts
  9. I agree Cosby was pandering, that is, to that audience for that time, place, and reason. Doesn't mean the message itself "is just manufactured", if by that you mean untrue. Ohne Liebe sind wir nichts
  10. As recently as the 1960s, you could find oil by simply walking around the Ozarks shootin' for some food. Ohne Liebe sind wir nichts
  11. There is one and only one reason why Gov Palin was selected to be VP nominee. And it's the same reason why every single other VP running-mate in recent memory has been selected. Because..she..fit..the..profile..of..the..moment. There are many variables, and she simply fit it the best to make the best ticket for winning. To watch MY PARTY (gop) scurry and stammer through ridiculous rationalizations defending and explaining the decision using every contrived reason other than the above is just silly at best. Ohne Liebe sind wir nichts
  12. Click-o-matic Cheers! Ohne Liebe sind wir nichts
  13. >Did the Constitution promise a geopolitical entity like D.C. representation? I'm not even sure that D.C. existed when the Constitution was ratified. No, but as for this discussion that's moot. Are the citizens of DC fully represented now? No. Are they fully taxed now? Yes. >I am not crazy about the idea of D.C. expressing a sarcastic protest using an official license plate. Sarcastic? Hardly. It's simply a point of fact. We shouldn't fear or denigrate the truth. It's the general issue plate, but one can opt out. (edited: oops, left off the part about the plate) Ohne Liebe sind wir nichts
  14. It's been good for their wallets. The RR changed then stole my party away from me. The GOP used to stand for the freedom of the individual, self-reliance, the value and dignity of hard work, a smaller less interfering gov't, fiscal discipline, protection of the environment, rejection of the nanny state, power pushed away from feds and toward state/local, equal opportunity over equal outcomes, and the market's invisible hand. I see less and less of these things in today's GOP and some of the above which are flat out reversed once the RR power brokers deemed them incompatible with their agenda. I'm still waiting for anyone in the GOP to explain how exactly gay marriage threatens society and impinges on my rights without quoting a tiny piece of Leviticus (while rejecting the rest), or why gov't whims should outweigh an individual woman's right to control her own gestation. While at the same time, as long as they're getting paid, they have no problem destroying our planet (conservation? conservatism?) while paying no mind to Eisenhower's warnings about the mil-indust complex. Is this True Republican pissed? Yep. I look at today's GOP and don't recognize it anymore. Ohne Liebe sind wir nichts