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  1. Spizzzarko

    How much should I pay?

    sounds like a reasonable price to me. Take retail and subtract 35% and you get dealership cost. 225 jumps is really not that many jumps to put on a canopy. It is probably just broken in and easier to pack. Have fun and be carefull.
  2. Spizzzarko

    Is A Wave-Swoop Possible?

    JC Colclasure has done it.
  3. Velo 96 I'll sell you one cheap! Just kidding... Not really...
  4. Spizzzarko

    teardrop container ?

    It is probably the asbestos linning. Don't breath it in. The good thing is that if you spontainiously combust upon rentry your rig will probably not burn up. At least you can go in as a flamer with a non burning rig... Have your local rigger check it out.
  5. Shift your package to the right side. The added weight of your sack will offset teh turn causing it to fly straight. Also check to see if your leg straps are the same length byt undoing them from the friction adaptor and measuring them from the leg strap attachment point on the harness. Then measure the lift webs to ensure they are the same. Check your risers too as they may stretch over time. If the rig got wet and dryed unevenly then it could have shrunk unevenly. You can try to wash it again and hang it up so that it dry's evenly. Ensure that you have equal size links on the risers and try to sit very straight up in the harness. You could have developed some bad habits on less loaded canopies and are just now realizing them. If all else fails then you should upsize and buy my 89 jvx. Best of luck dude.
  6. Spizzzarko

    Yong Owes Beer

    Her Her..... Good for her. Are you and philly going to be her evaluators?
  7. Spizzzarko

    Would you install non-original equipment on a rig?

    If it is on the main then you can put what ever the fuck you want on it. I have home build 2:1 risers on the lightning that I jump that has a mirage bag on it and I'm putting it in an infinity. I have the infinity risers on my 90 that I put in my Jav, and the jav risers on my 96 that I sometimes put in my infinity.
  8. Spizzzarko

    swoop competition events

    Distance is only a small portion of the overall. I think all of the combined events gives us a good idea of who the best overall canopypilot is! Distance is a fun power event but you can be good at distance ans shiity at freestyle which is a finesse event. It is not all about power.
  9. Spizzzarko

    Tunnel time sharing program

  10. Spizzzarko

    sewing HMA

    I would think that a dull needle would do better in that aspect than a sharp one as a dull needle would seperate the weave instead of sewing through a carrier. This is purely subjective thought though.
  11. Spizzzarko

    Velo sizing

    Not really. Search for "JVX sizing"
  12. Spizzzarko

    Lodi Camp June 8-10 Pics

    Hi, What's with the removable sliders? It is to my understanding that RDS sliders are not desireable for CRW. I am just starting out with CRW here in Colorado and am LOVING it! Grant
  13. Spizzzarko

    Are you the landing police?

    Ususally it is the swoopers at my DZ that take care of the gross infractions of landing etiquette but we do it in an informative way instead of bashing them. Wow swoopers are part of the solution. Think about that there Bill Von.
  14. Spizzzarko

    Best glide mode on Velo

    It really depends on what the winds are doing. If you are up wind and running with the wind then deep brakes to float as long as possible will be your friend. If you are fighting a head wind then Rear risers are the best approach.