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  1. You said "Head Judge" huh huh huhhuu huuhuhuh
  2. I had a radar gun that I used quite a bit around the DZ. It was a decatur electronics prospeed radar gun. It was much better than those POS bushnell toys that they sell for about $99. I was able to get good speed readings on a lot of things Birds, golf balls, Cars, planes, people running, ect ect ect) . Swoopers were very easy to radar. The video that morris was talking about was probably shot by me or someone else filming while I radared stu. The only thing you had to keep in mind was the cosine error when something wasn't coming directly at or away from you. The more of an angle that you were at compared to the movement course of the object, the more cosine error you got. You just had to keep that in mind when you were setting up your location for radaring the people. The most accurate numbers you were able to get was the speed entering the course as they were coming directly at you if you were at the end of the course. Also it was fun to turn on the radar gun while you were driving home and watch all the people with radar detectors slam on the brakes. I would turn it on for about 5 seconds and then turn it off for about 30 -60 secs. The cars would slma on the brakes and then speed back up, then I would turn it on again and watch all the brake lights turn on again. Half the fun of having the thing was radaring cars.
  3. I think that the future of wings will be with more rigid materials and sewing techniques. I feel that the more rigid a wing is the better performance it will maintain. I think that maybe an inflatable spar of some sort might make sense, or even more cross bracing. This of course would have an adverse affect on pack volume. The thing I do find interesting is that the current generations of canopies keep doing amazing things. To me this indicates that the pilot is catching up with the wing technology, and that there is not a true limit to swooping because of the wing design at this point. You really need to think about it from a designers point of view. I am sure they could make a new and better wing but it would be totally specialized for one thing. The velo is a great canopy for swooping, but it also is used quite a bit by the general skydiving populous for everyday jumping. Therefore it needs to have some good characteristics for the other 95% of flight such as opening, glide, and slow flight. Also, I am sure the velo costs PD the most to manufacture, design, test, and promote, even though it is probably one of their products that sells the least. The Return on Investment for that canopy is probably the smallest compared to the rest of their product line. Yall have a good one, and please be carefull out there!
  4. No I did not recieve any info from anyone on this. I have sent a couple of e-mails but gotten no reply. Peej, you would be a life saver if I could get that info. Thanks dude! Grant
  5. Can someone PM me a line trim chart for ahurricane 150 main from parachute systems or direct me where to find the info online? I have contacted the manufacturer several times and they are of no help because they do not respond to my e-mails. I appreciate any help I can get. Thanks. Grant
  6. Hi Mike! I hope you are doing well. When I had my JVX I laid it out on top of a VX of the same size. They were pretty much the same. I did not check the measurements from teh bottom skin to the top skin (wing thickness). Both the VX and JVX were sizably bigger than a simular placarded velo. I am sure both manufacturers measure differently. Sq footage is a shitty value for measuring performance and it really doesn't even matter now a days. Once you could have a pretty good estimate of pack volume with sq footage but not now with sail and the thin cloth that PD uses on optimums. Yall be nice out there and dont shit in the sandbox. We wouldn't want to have Ian come out with his little scoop and have to clean up hahahaha Grant
  7. Thanks for the pic you posted Tim. I really had a great time at that peckerhead meet. I hope you are doing well. Tell Philly I said Hi please. Grant
  9. I have heard that it is going to be a smaller TSR than the 30 mile radius. If they did the 30 mile TSR that would shut down a lot of airtraffic over denver. I will be working during the DNC so will probably not be able to come out and entertain you with the loudener. I am sure Frank and Jim are just pleased about that.
  10. ahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahaa This is just freaking hillarious man! look what happens... I walk away from the sport for awhile and swooping goes to shit. Maybe I should NOT have retired the loudener (the illustrious megaphone that caused all that trouble in Colorado)! Jim NEVER sent me any pro card or even announced me as a pro at the award ceremony for the last PST last year. I personally am tired of giving my money to that man. Like it was said earlier "Cocain is a hell of a drug" but I guess that is not the point of this thread, I digress... I guess it all comes down to economics. Look at the participation level. There were only about 30 or so competitors at each event last year. If he opens it up then he might get more people to show up. I know Frank from MH puts a lot of money into those events, and I bet he is not getting enough return. All in all there are probably less truely qualified pilots willing to compete each year so I bet Jim is trying to open it up to new blood. This will in my opinion open up the carnage gates by allowing people who are marginally experienced to compete. I hope there are not to many new injuries or fatalities in swooping because of competition. Additionally it looks like the CPC has been marginalized because of the relaxation of the PST qualifications. The CPC had the potential of being something really cool, but it's creator has ruined it. True Jim has done a lot for the sport but I think he has also done a lot for himself. Look at how he talks up team extreme and look at what Nick and Jess and Kevin put up with last year. With all of their "Corporate Sponsors" you would think that they would have not had to crash out at the pond every night for living quarters. With all of the "Corporate Sponsors" you would think that Jim would have had a better van to shuttles his team around in compared to the POS with "world stunt team" stencilled on the side. Look at the sales of JVX's. When I bought mine back in teh day you had to send Lord Slaton a certified check or money order for 35% of the cost of the canopy ($3,000) made out to him. Then you could pay for the rest of the canopy with a credit card. Most dealership pricing is 35% off of canopies. Hmmm I wonder where my money went? We all have our theories and I have mine. Rick James can pretty much sum it up and it isn't "Fuck yo couch Charlie Murphy..." I'm going back to my life now and Im not going to waste any more of my time by talking about our good "fiend" Lord Slaton. Make up your own mind about this man and don't believe his hype... C-Ya
  11. They actually have 3 Otters. I was an instructor there, so I have a good idea of how that program works and the gear that they use.
  12. Those are Talon rigs. The USAF academy uses those for the Cadets. They also use classic accuracy canopies for the mains on most of their jumps. The closing loop is not to long on that rig and there is plenty of tension on the pin.
  13. No JP that was "Razor Gravel" that was delivered directly off the side of the mountain about 50 miles to the west.
  14. I didn't say that now did I? From my experience the FX doesn't really fly like a VX or Velo or JVX. I don't really have much experience with the precision products to make a determination on them. Go and kite a simularly sized FX and velo and let me know if they look the same. All in all none of this shit really matters, because everyone is going to have their own opinion of canopies. I can tell you till I'm blue in the face that PD reserves are the best out there ( i have landed several of them), but some people will continue to jump Ravens because their friends had a friend who used one once and stood up his reserve landing... hahahaa Jump all the canopies out there and make your own decisions and yourself mister... hahaa
  15. Mell is correct on this one and I was wrong. This is day 4 of a "No soda or Caffine" regemine for myself. Also watch out for those rogue "N" they have a way of sneaking up on you.
  16. Well I'm also comparing it to a velo too. Which is a 7 cell right? Yep a seven cell(21). An FX and a velo are the same only in the fact that they are seven cell canopies. Other than that you are comparing apples to oranges again. Have you practiced flying your rears to stall point up high to find out when it will collapse on you?
  17. Dude... It's the girth that gives the pleasure. Don't you realize that yet?
  18. Dude... The FX does not suck. If you are comparing it to a 9 cell then you are comparring apples to oranges. I would hardly think that 12 jumps is enough to make a solid decision about a canopy. Also the FX had pretty decent openings but it required a little care on packing. Do not roll the tail much if any at all. If you are using the rears to the point where the canopy collapses then you are either turning to low and bailing out on your rears (if you keep that up then you will be a fatality) or your canopy is out of trim. Yes Vectran will shrink over time but not as much as spectran. 500 jumps is a good time to change your lineset. Just remember that learning to fly the 7 cell is a lot different than your 9 cell.
  19. This could be caused from a multitude of problems. 1. The fuel air mixture could be lean or rich. If you have smoke coming from the exhaust it is indicative of a rich mixture. If you pull the plugs and inspect them and they are white or ashy then teh engine is running lean. The vehicle uses a series or thermometers in the intake system to adjust the fuel air mixture. 2. You could have a clogged fuel filter or fuel supply line that may be robbing the engine of fuel. Conversely if your vehicle has a fuel pump go out then you may not get enough fuel during accelleration. Hope this helps.
  20. I wouldn't want to come down with lead poisoning from the zp hahahahaaa
  21. I am glad you tell all of us that you sent someone else a PM. It is really helpful!