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  1. Danny isn't around as much as he used to be. Jorge is usually there. What is it reference to? Don't want to give out for spam. you can PM me with response.
  2. Not to him personally. But vario's can allow you to fly using MacCready. Hang gliding and sailplane language.
  3. Deland, late 70's. I was Instructor and JM for the Embry-Riddle club. At the end of the day when all the students were done, the experienced club jumpers would do some 8-12 way out of Mr. D. At break off some of us would tackle another jumper and ride them down well below 2000', holding them so they couldn't pull. When the panic got too great we'd let go and pull. I don't know how I never got my ass beat. It happened to me once and I never did that to anyone again.
  4. With those temps and altitude, the next incident will be from a premature deployment still above 25,000 and either the canopy is in pieces or the jumpers aorta is in pieces.
  5. DiO, Maybe we should talk about McCready? and all get Varios to figure this out. Bruno
  6. So what I'm asking is, what small canopy has what you think is the best "stop" in no wind. I'm currently jumping a Sabre3 120 which I love but in switchy winds becomes a runout canopy. Just wanting a comparison of canopies like Crossfire 3, Sabre 3, Stiletto, etc.
  7. I realize this is subjective but what canopy with ~1.4 wing loading do you find is best for NO WIND!! I don't mind ground surfing but hate to run it out. Bruno
  8. I've had 3 Michigan suits over a few decades. My second one is almost 20 years old and is still in good shape. Plus Mike is a standup guy and been in the sport for decades.
  9. I remember Terry Bennett jumping one of these at Liberty, NC (Mike Bland DZ). She later became a Golden Knight and National Champion, but I watched her break an ankle under a UT-15. Dang thing breathed like it was running a sprint.
  10. Won't you need a positive pressure O2 system? Just cannula won't work. Bruno Schnedl
  11. I've taken a few years off due to work, but I'm getting back. I was jumping a Stiletto 120 at a 1.5 wing loading, but now I'm 62 and don't want to ground surf or slide, in no wind. So I'm looking for maybe a 135 canopy. I want a fast but controlled opening (I hate snivels) and I don't care about anything else other than a super powerful flare, so I don't have to run the dang thing out in no wind. I'm looking into a Sabre3, Storm, Crossfire3. What others? and why? Bruno Schnedl
  12. I believe one of the Sky's Call books have a picture of someone at Raeford jumping the Spanish Fly. I can't remember which book or page. I thought the lack of hardware was a stealth concept for possible military application.
  13. Is there a tentative release date? How will you be selling these? Direct or through other retail stores? Bruno