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  1. An update on the turnaround of the Kodiak. I have been flying it all weekend and managed to average 20 mins per lift. One or two were in the region of 18 mins (straight to the top no stops in between) and some were a bit longer (drops at 5k , 10K etc) We seem to be using about 85lb - 90lb of fuel per high lift depending on how much faffing about goes on.......... its all about the conditions of the day and a little bit of practice...........
  2. 20 skydivers !!!!! Sorry.....that should read 2 x 4 way teams + cameramen. We intend to put in 14 jumpers although the max we have done so far is 12
  3. The Kodiak has been in operation at Lippspringe DZ , germany for the last two weeks and has performed brilliantly. The average time from take off to 13,000 to landing is about 23 minutes but we might be able to shave a minute or so off that with more practice. Thats with 4 x 4 way teams + camera men.
  4. An update. We will be taking delivery of the Kodiak on June 13th. We will then ferry the aircraft to germany where it will enter service on July 04th at the Joint Service Parachute centre at Bad Lippspringe. (RAPA)
  5. Hi...I'm after some toughts on what should be the best landing surface for the CP Accuracy event. Should it be grass, pea gravel or sand? Thanks.
  6. Sorry.........forgot the second part of your question. Yes, Bad Lippspringe is primarily a military DZ and we train about 650 soldiers per year using the SL method. We are an active weekend DZ too and cater for all disciplines.
  7. The static line will run along the starboard side fuselage about 40 inches above the floor. This is our preferred option as we believe that a high SL is much safer than a low one.
  8. I should be taking delivery in May this year of the first kodiak dedicated to a skydive operation. My DZ is Lippspringe DZ in Germany. We are currently working very closely with the Quest team (as are other interested DZO's) on the design and fitting of the 'skydiver fit options' such as: Roller door Floater rails (front and rear) Floater steps (front and rear) Jump lights Static line strongpoint Underwing camera & recording system J/M intercom / jumplights for Jm / pilot communication The Kodiak has been designed to be rugged, easy to maintain and future proof. The Garmin G1000 glass cockpit has TAWS and Mode S integral and is largely maintenance free unlike standard instruments. It will be a fantastic aircraft for whatever use you care to put it to. Skydiving is only one of many uses for the aircraft and I expect it to beat similar aircraft hands down.
  9. No you've misunderstood that a little. Under the current arrangements for this year, experienced German skydivers will be able to purchase the BPA full insurance element only for 92 euros, this includes complimentary BPA membership but does not include the magazine. Or they could take a Temp BPA. All students join the BPA anyway. The reason for this is to satisfy the BPA insurers requirement that all jumpers are insured under the same policy and that they are all members of the BPA. NOTE: This is only valid at JSPC Lippspringe therefore if a German, French, Dutch etc etc skydiver turns up at a BPA DZ in UK they will have to pay the same as anyone else. Hope that answers your question. ]Hi all, So, if I understand you all correctly, this year if a French or German or any EU jumper wants to jump both in their home country & the UK (ie. enough so that a temporary membership would not cover them), they would have to pay 75 euros to allow them to jump in the UK? Thanks in advance for your clarification. Cheers, Jumpalot
  10. Andy....I've spoke to the 'learned' Germans about the French not accepting the German insurance and they seem to think its one or two DZ's only and not the French federation as a whole. I've asked them for firm clarification so stand by. I'll keep you informed.
  11. JSPC Lippspringe 15 euros / £10 to max and the only BPA DZ with a (very big) swoop pond......need I say more??? P :-))
  12. Vicky, In short, somebody forgot to do their homework. I think that was because no-one really expected the membership to vote it through rather than a deliberate act of neglect. However.....what this means now is that it has been voted on, the membership have spoken and it is now down to the Council and the BPA staff, and the insurers, and the legal bods to come up with a solution. It will not happen fast but it has to be done right. I have a direct interest in this whole issue as it affects my DZ the most at the moment. I had another long meeting with Ludwig today and he is just as annoyed/confused/irritated/bugged/pissed off as anyone else. The germans expected to be jumping on UK dz's this year and now they have to wait for another year....... This year we will see an increase in foreign jumpers at british dz's because of the influence / draw of the two wind tunnels. The dz's closest will notice it more than those further away but you only have to go to Bodyflight or Airkix and see who is flying there to realise that once the weather gets better these dudes are going to want to tunnel fly and jump locally in the same trip to uk. One last point. I've been watching the thread here and other places about the whole insurance issue and there have been some real good comments by a lot of people both for and against. seem to have a real handle on it and your comments are both sensible and forthright. Thats good. Keep it up!!! Paul ps. For those who are an anti-council thing at the moment....dont go there. I'm on council too and I want all europeans in......but rest assured, everyone on council are working hard to find a solution. Granted, some more than others but thats the way that it is.