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  1. Check out this link to UK freely wheres theres a link to Arrse.com, A sort of unofficial Army Web site. http://www.ukfreefly.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=106 Edited by slotperfect to make the link clicky.
  2. I suppose it all depends on how loose you are?!! I'd be alright, im a giver not a taker. Errrrrrr
  3. The manifest is real bad. They've put in a computerised system that no one knows how to work. your also likely to get a window closed in your face when it all gets a bit too stressy! Windy as hell. on top of a big hill and allmost always over for inexperienced jumpers, Unless theres a few tandems to get up and then theres no stopping them. There is a good FS school there now that is in my opinion wasted on a turkey like Nethers. Its staff seem neglected as much as the punters. this results in a poor operation run by unmotivated staff. Unmotivated! who can blame them? To give you an example of how bad it is there. there are three demo teams who are stationed at Nethers and neither of them do any training or work there?! no wonder everyone has moved away! I hope they can get their act together for 2006. This is obviously one of the mentioned disparaging and negative review coming from a ex customer. Seems like all the negative reviews come from the customers and all the defensive reviews come from staff to me. Sad how people trying to give there honest opinon are branded as trouble makers. no body expects the Spanish inquisition!
  4. Very cool DZ . Got a new Pac which is awsome. the bar and social scene is really good. good people with good attitudes having fun! Very professional operation. Will definatly be back in 2006, hope to see you there.
  5. Cool Vid! I did some jumps with Pablo and Mikey at Lillo. Really cool guys. Learnt alot! 13's unlucky for some, but not for old Fred!
  6. A few months ago I had some freefly coaching at an unamed dropzone with a unamed so called freefly coach who after doing 8 jumps with me recomended that I go away and just feel the air for the next couple of jumps?? As you can imagine, it aint to cheep to jump in the UK especialy when being coached. I felt let down and feel that Ive not improved after the coaching or by implimenting the touchy feely advice I got. What does, "feel the air", actualy mean ? Im sort of get the feeling Ive been fobbed off with some pretty broad advice. Is this normal practice for coaches to give the old just feel it more line? would like to hear peoples thoughts on what I consider to be this lazy coaching style. 13's unlucky for some, but not for old Fred!
  7. I'd seriously blow old Nethers off if you want to get back in the air over the UK and not be disappointed! Get up to hib for the Freefly scrambles. you got the time and they sure got the quality! 13's unlucky for some, but not for old Fred!
  8. I thought Lillo was a nice place with good instructors for all diciplines. It has pretty good weather, and is cheap to get to from the UK. Lillo does however lack organisation, has poor customer service and suffers from having a feel bad factor! EG, Xmas boogie! After that event I felt let down and bullshitted by the Dz over its bogus credentials published in the brit mag! However Im happy to say Lillo has realised its mistakes and is trying to turn it around. This place is still in its infancy, but its growing up fast!
  9. Westie

    Paddle turns?

    I got the impression its when instead of dipping and elbow, you use the forarm and the hand combined with a knee turn to create a inplace turn? It seems Im not the only one who is a little sceptical about this?! 13's unlucky for some, but not for old Fred!
  10. Westie

    Paddle turns?

    I was wondering if some one could explain to me what a paddle turn is. I allready have some idea, but have asked around and have had alot of different answers... Thanks. 13's unlucky for some, but not for old Fred!
  11. Holy shit, The Uk has got a Dz that knows what their doing! After doing the military DZ thing for a while I was bcoming a little pissed off at the whole UK skydiving scene. A mate of mine invited me up to hib and I was very impressed at what I found. I am now split between cerny and Hib. Hib has the edge but is a bit out of my way. The best place to jump in the uk!!
  12. Go with fire fly! Just got some new freefly pants from them. super good quality, perfect fit. They did a very good job indeed! Fast too. 13's unlucky for some, but not for old Fred!
  13. Thats pretty bad man! I thought the old school creatures of Nethravon had stopped jumping through injury, or had moved abroad? Obviously not. It sounds as though they all decided to stay in the UK, move up to hinton and make a whole new batch of skydivers pissed off, by training the Hinton staff in customer care! Whats happening with British skydiving? Good Club atmosphere, R.I.P. 13's unlucky for some, but not for old Fred!
  14. Im pretty new to freeflying (20 jumps) and was wondering as I'm mainly stuck in the UK this year, is there any permanent freefly schools in the UK? I'd really like to try and get my FF1 this season. 13's unlucky for some, but not for old Fred!
  15. Cheers, Thats just what I was looking for! Nice one! 13's unlucky for some, but not for old Fred!