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  1. nice article. I've been waiting to hear more about the turbine 206
  2. the one on the far right is my accuracy rig. Angelfire 97 reserve and a classic 270 main Na' Cho' Cheese
  3. improper packing will definitely ruin your risers but this issue is common with mirage risers. I see this issue all the time with our RTS student rigs. my theory is the keeper(hood) is too tight and too close to the guide ring. edit: when I repair I do an over-sew with at least 2 stitches off the edge of the keeper Na' Cho' Cheese
  4. and if you wanted to cheat who is the first d license holder to become disabled Na' Cho' Cheese
  5. optimum or speed reserve Pulse or cayenne light. I put a 130 cayenne comfortably into a rig that was built for a sub 100 sq ft. Fluid wings isn't selling their lineup yet but they have the lowest bulk parachutes Na' Cho' Cheese
  6. I always like the idea of an off-set crosswind jump run with freeflyers out first. the opening will be staged by time in freefall, distance traveled between groups, and drift from the wind offering max separation. It's never caught on Na' Cho' Cheese
  7. I built a new accuracy rig. It has a 97 Angelfire reserve. and a 270 classic main. I believe its one of the smallest traditional accuracy rigs. the 97 is the smallest reserve I feel comfortable landing. A lot of people ask about the 2 out situation and how I would handle it. I'd rather have this combo over my head than something like a 150 reserve and a 75 crossbrace. At least with mine they are both 7 cell low glide/low aspect ratio f-111 wings. Na' Cho' Cheese
  8. I'm looking for a ride from Ohare to Skydive Chicago wednesday morning. I'd rather not pay $100 for a taxi out there but I'd definitely do some fuel money if I had one of my friends on help out.
  9. That rig doesn't have an RSL installed. Like other Manufactures. It's the choice of the user if they would like one or not. I've attached a pick of a racer with an RSL. If you would like more photos of racers with Rsls just ask.
  10. That's False. All modern rigs have Reserve Static Lines. If we are talking about basic components they also come with a harness and flaps to hold the parachutes. Na' Cho' Cheese
  11. Racer. no flaps for a reserve pilot chute to clear And they weigh less, cost less. function more. better pin protection with an efficient reserve pilotchute stronger webbing and more compatible with hardware. now with magnets and spacer foam backpad. Skydivings best kept secret. Na' Cho' Cheese
  12. I would think Dav3 Ruckerts chute camp would have done a few "dz's" in a day. Na' Cho' Cheese
  13. Barefoot Bandit Na' Cho' Cheese
  14. awesome!! what a great video! I'm impressed! I'm stoked for people who have the drive to not give a shit and just do what they want. Disabled skydiving is really taking off and I couldn't be happier. I hate to see people get hurt but I love that people are seeing what a great opportunity they have to jump out of planes and have fun. Susanne I look forward to us jumping together someday Na' Cho' Cheese
  15. The first thing you'll notice is the awesome art work appliqued on the bottom and top surface of the wing. Even with the big logo the Cayenne light will pack very small; at least one size smaller. eg: a 150 sqft packs like a 130 sqft. The openings are usually soft and on heading but every once in awhile they can be a little brisk. The glide is very flat. This canopy will get you back from even the longest spots. It has a great flare and with the right pilot, it can swoop across the ground far and fast. Ask for a demo. you won't be disappointed.