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  1. packing_jarrett

    Small Dropzone + Turbine Aircraft - Boogie = Totally Doable

    nice article. I've been waiting to hear more about the turbine 206
  2. packing_jarrett

    Cayenne Light

    The first thing you'll notice is the awesome art work appliqued on the bottom and top surface of the wing. Even with the big logo the Cayenne light will pack very small; at least one size smaller. eg: a 150 sqft packs like a 130 sqft. The openings are usually soft and on heading but every once in awhile they can be a little brisk. The glide is very flat. This canopy will get you back from even the longest spots. It has a great flare and with the right pilot, it can swoop across the ground far and fast. Ask for a demo. you won't be disappointed.
  3. good post. I want to go next year
  4. packing_jarrett

    Rigging and other airman certificates

    yep. I have one faa card that shows my riggers ticket. and another faa card with my pilots license. each rating you get another card I think.
  5. packing_jarrett

    Today only

    decent deal. I ordered mine.
  6. packing_jarrett

    Going Horizontal for distance There's no way it can help that much because when most start going horizontal is after they transition to toggles and at that point your start slowing down pretty rapidly anyways. But it feels so natural
  7. packing_jarrett

    Most Tandem Jumps in 24-hours

    that is pretty impressive.... this is pretty cool as well 400+ tandems in a day
  8. packing_jarrett

    Quick loop on a Vector III? What what what?

    haha! quick loop? foo thats poptop only territory . I'm interested on how you gonna take care of this sitchyation
  9. packing_jarrett


    well obviously I'm biased but will tell you there is not an incident on a racer that is due to its design. I think its a great rig.
  10. packing_jarrett

    Trying to Fly canopy snowboarding?

    I think it has to do more with groundlaunching skillz than snowboarding skillz. I watched a good snowboarder eat shit every time at last years blade raid. Get familiar with regular ground launching before trying it on a board. The half twist in the risers definately plays a major role.
  11. I agree that jumpers have to discuss delays and wingloadings that pertain to exit order. And maybe even if some jumpers want to spiral as opposed to keeping the spirals to a limit. But also you have to give way to jumpers that need it. Using an excuse that you attempting a high perf manuever and your visibility is bad is not the brightest. One should know all the variables and account for them. Personally I try to either be the very first or the very last to land when doing some hiper manuever. Sometimes I end up in the middle and have to make sure I will never conflict with other jumpers in the pattern.
  12. packing_jarrett

    Swoop Club at Skydive Arizona this Sunday July 27th

    is it still 180's only?
  13. packing_jarrett

    Looking for a fullface

    Thats kind of like one big oxy moron. non skydiving helmets don't really cross over to well into skydiving yet the skydiving specific helmets don't meet the standards that swoopers want. Its almost like you have to sacrifice some qualities of one to gain another. For me I use a factory diver with the shield removed. Great visibility, comfortable, but like you said has little protection in case of hard impact (but probably just as much or more as a mindwarp)
  14. packing_jarrett

    RAWA with what topmount?

    YES IMO there's better mounts then a gold member. It will work but it will look sloppy with the sides hanging over. I've seen cookies flat lock mount really clean on RAWA's. I personally prefer no quick release. I just use a thumb screw through the bottom. Its nice and flush and only takes a second or two longer to get on and off.
  15. packing_jarrett

    Pizza man style