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  1. Thanks for the answers. Wrote to Mirage regarding The Mirage W Series, but they did not reply. Since I couldent find any additional info on their website I figured it was still a proto and not able to order one? Im interested in a configuration like this because I simply would like to have the possibility to use a variety of mains on the same container. Ultimate dream would be from something real small sub 90 all sail -ish to 190sqf calculated to be able to fit a 260 ish light weight base canopy. Although I retired basejumping after 10years I still would like to have a canopy like this in the arsenal for goofing around, demos and such. To accommodate the real small canopies perhaps some “spacer/filler – thingy” could be installed. If this makes any sense.. What do you think?
  2. I was wondering if its possible to have a rig build that holds a around/sub 100sqf reserve but a 190sqf CP main? What brand/model has the option of a slim but long design that allows a real small reserve but large main?
  3. I need inspiration for my handheld tandem videos from all the pros. Need to rethink my routine. Anyone care to upload some videos and tricks.
  4. thanks. seems like the best option for now. The next step must be to get a 37mm treaded camera. Quess Ill have to do a seargh for the newest skydive proved sony cam. even heard you can get a kind that is full hd and dont use dv tapes...would you belive it;)........ quick link to thread anyone?
  5. so what you are saying is, that im screwed because of my 30mm? there is no hope...anyone?
  6. Thanks Really usefull post. But what is the best solution for us idiots with 30mm treading? Step rings are a big "no no" right? My setup is a HC3 with 0.3 "single glass lens" and im so sad about the quality. desperatly need something good quality in the 0.3-0.45 range please help
  7. So i've got the hc3, and has been using a 30mm 0,7 HQ lens on jumps/rides etc filming others. You need to be "aiming" a lot, but I love the quality. Ive been using a 0.3 royal lens for all the other stuff when you really cant be "aiming" that much, I if you know what i mean. Its ok, but the quality will never be really good, after all its just one layer of glass. Im looking for a really good fisheye 0.3, 0,42. It has to be 30 mm, no step-rings. what to get?
  8. Niklasp

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    Burn, Rape and Basejump
  9. Im new to this still photo stuff. Think im going to buy the 400D. What wideangle lens can you recommend. Guess im looking for something that is similar to a. 0.45-0.6ish in video. or? Can anyone recommend a lens for all-round freefall and mayby even a link
  10. any Hong kong locals or info?
  11. Jumper staying in Taipei, Taiwan for a longer period. Any locals? Any contact or general info will be appreciated. Thanks in advance
  12. KJERAG LYSEBOTN CAMPING FROM OLAV we feel it is nessary to write an answer to the bs that was writen and we will leave it at that: matt FIRST, as you seem to have forgotten you did get a special treatment here in the kafe. given you were eating here all the time we find it amazing after we served you A DOUBLE SERVING free of charge because as i said at the time to you "you re a big guy" evreysingle time you were her you were treated differently than the others and you know it so if i have punched your card for 10 or 50 nok more that i should have i did not do it purposely and im surprised you didnot say anything at the time ... were you scared of little me? weird man... as for the puch card it costs 500 nok and you have 10s and 50s that you can use each time. the remaing is reimbursed at check out. so how can it be ripp off its basic math. CHRIS POPE we let you sleep the last night in the white house FOR FREE. remember? you did not give me your wallet and things i found them in the kafe when you gave them to another staff member. i found your items and put them in the safe. only i did not see you check book until i looked for it the last day... thats how you thank people for keeping your things and helping you out huh? feel free to stay elsewhere. GINNY STONE always complaining to us about how uneasy she feels in her cabin because jumpers like adam and aldo are using drugs in there. not you... clear brain and perfect personality. you are saying that actually we did not charged your credit card extra and didnt go inside your cabin even with our spare key? why, thank you. for the rest of the jumpers know that the boogie week is not an easy one and that we do our best to please every one as nathan wrote on the forum the prices here are the way of norway... we try our best bad mouthing a staff is pointless. the majority of our guests are happy and there will always be a few with a story. kjerag lysebotn camping
  13. Niklasp

    Team Bautasten

    I just want to know where I can get my own personal fan poster of Martin in his new suit!? Very cool movie..