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  1. Step into my (sub)terminal Playground
  2. If you stall your parachute with one rear, the fabric on the stalled side is still there, and the other side pressurized. What happens? Pressurized side drives around the stalled side. SPIN Step into my (sub)terminal Playground
  3. 5,000 signatures is a big threshold for a small community like this. There probably aren't even that many skydivers who follow what goes on here in And then there's the whole idea that somehow if you can't get 5,000 people to sign a petition, then the issue must not be important enough to do anything about it... thanks for your imput negative nancy....but hopefully we can get the word out to as many outlets as possible ( being one) and those people can spread the word. our petition is visible to the public, and they are actively signing as well. the issue is important to us, and the unjust persecution of BASE jumpers in our own national parks will come to an end...we can only hope this provides that, or leads us in the right dirrection. Step into my (sub)terminal Playground
  4. BUMP Please take the 3 minutes and help out your BASE brothers and sisters. ~1406 Step into my (sub)terminal Playground
  5. Yes i know this is skydiving, but please support it's brother sport...BASE jumping The more people that can sign this the better, please help spread the word! Moderators, please make sticky if possible ~BASE1406 Step into my (sub)terminal Playground
  6. Gotta love the TWANG of the aluminum after the impact. Step into my (sub)terminal Playground
  7. its a fraud check scam. i "sold" her a reserve. she sent me an overnight saturday delivery check in the amount of 3000. i sold it for 700. i immediately knew what was going on, but being curious I asked about the diffence. She told me once i get the money to send her the remainder. Yea so I take all the risk. FUCK HER Step into my (sub)terminal Playground
  8. Last 700 jumps with gatorz and contact lenses and never had a problem. I dont where a helmet except on AFF (Factory Diver). Freefly, wingsuit, big ways, aff, tandem all with them. No problems. Step into my (sub)terminal Playground
  9. Then what is the benefit of a funjumper doing a wingsuit jump, or even a skydive for that matter. nothing its pointless act, other than ones own enjoyment. i think it looks awesome, and if they both enjoyed themselves then it was worth it, as long as the passanger understood the risks. Step into my (sub)terminal Playground
  10. Peter Bany is your guy Step into my (sub)terminal Playground
  11. Step into my (sub)terminal Playground
  12. We jump 330s and a 300s. I like them both and they fly great! Step into my (sub)terminal Playground
  13. Thanks for the BASE jumps you crazy fucker. Cya on the other side bro. ~Jake Step into my (sub)terminal Playground
  14. Rob was an awesome dude and he made great rigs. Ill never get rid of my Gargoyle. Hang in there Kathy! BSBD Jake Step into my (sub)terminal Playground