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  1. Really dude, how about a NSFW before posting that?
  2. But if they didnt need cell towers why would they need to hold it to their ear? It would just be implanted directly into the brain
  3. It might be a genuine mistake, but is still the responsibility of the store to make things right. While the OP might be a little strong here, who sends an INVOICE and has the incorrect TOTAL? That to me is absurd and sloppy and if it were my business I would try to work with the buyer as opposed to asking them to understand their point of view. The buyer shouldnt be fixing the sellers sloppy business practices, just my point of view
  4. Bethesda is barely inside of Maryland, I would come dive at orange!
  5. She actually got canned, she wont be in the third one at all, which IMHO is a good thing. Much hotter gals out there.
  6. Lots of good recommendations but I havent gotten any valid contact info yet, feel free to PM me if you have some. Thanks!
  7. I think they will all burst, not even strength in each individual bag. Tagging as I really want to see the video!
  8. Hey all, I'm well on my way to my A license (yes I am a dreaded newb) and have a trip down to Orlando next month. I wanted to get some tunnel time in. Can anyone recommend a stellar coach? Also if anyone has some time they were looking to split on the 18th please let me know!
  9. Jim, I don't mean to flame you but whoever is giving you your legal advice is woefully un or underinformed. 1. Medical Confidentiallity does not mean that the patient or student cannot share with the instructor, it means the instructor cannot share it further. IE I cant violate my own right to privacy 2. The American with Disabilities Act requires REASONABLE accomodation, there is NO WAY someone with a disability could sue you for not taking them on a skydive. They could potentially sue you if your facility is not wheelchair safe I suppose.