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  1. I have a few available, royalty-free, HERE:
  2. I think you are wrong... Updated 11/10/2012 11:10:09 AM EST Allen B. West - 50.07% - 68,314 Patrick Murphy - 49.93% - 68,129 Updated 11/10/12 06:06 PM ET
  3. The state of Florida certified Murphy as the winner of the race later Saturday.
  4. It's true. We should ignore our principles and bow down to the Democrats! No. You should stick to your principles and shout them out loudly every time you get a chance so that the whole world can continue to see how unhinged from reality those principles are! So far, it's working. Don't stop!
  5. Lefties will want to read more: CLICKY This article is nothing more than a mirror of the articles run by the Right saying don't vote your conscience, don't do what you think is the right thing, don't vote third party it will but the other guy in office! Sadly, we are reduced to the lesser of two evils vote and both sides play it to the hilt! Essentially admitting they aren't the best, but the other guy is worse! My hope is that undecided progressives who read and think about the content of the article will be persuaded. To be perfectly honest, I don't give a rats ass if right-wingers who read the article disagree with it's premises. If they go ahead and vote for a third party candidate because they don't think there's a difference between Romney and Obama, we'll all be better off.
  6. How was it hogwash? This thread is not about the national debt debate.
  7. Agreed. But, I'm curious to see what you think about the video that describes the US budget dilemma. Have you had a chance to watch it? Yes. I watched it. It's hogwash. This thread is not about the national debt debate.
  8. I'm interested in your thoughts on this video: United States Budget Dilemma ChangoLanzao - I'm beginning to think your just another liberal who can't be bothered with fiscal reality. Is that the case? This thread is not about me.
  9. As I already said, it's not about religion. It's about civil rights. Anyone, regardless of their religious beliefs, who feels strongly about denying gays their civil rights deserves to be boycotted.
  10. Has Chick-fil-A banned any Homosexual patrons from eating at any of their franchise locations? Has a Chick-fil-A franchise banned any Homosexuals from applying for jobs? Has a Chick-fil-A franchise harassed or fired any Homosexuals for their sexual orientation? Exactly what civil rights have been violated? Or do you believe in "Guilty until proven innocent" and "the only free speech I believe in, is when I agree with what is being said". Chic-fil-a's owner strongly believes that same sex marriage should be banned. People who feel that banning same sex marriage violates the civil rights of LGBT couples have every right to boycott his business for that. It has nothing to do with religion even though he uses his religious belief as justification. I didn't say that chic-fil-a has banned or harassed homos. However, based on his very strongly worded statements, it seems reasonable to believe that he would if he could get away with it. I can't argue with that. All they're asking for is a non-discrimination policy before they grant approval. Since non-discrimination is the law of the land, they shouldn't have a problem with that. I'm not a lawyer, but my guess is that city councils can do this legally. I do agree that we need to keep a close eye on what politicians do.
  11. Without science, there's no airplane. Without religion there's no hell.