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  1. ChangoLanzao

    I need a photo

    I have a few available, royalty-free, [url]HERE:[/url]
  2. ChangoLanzao

    polishing lead seals

    I've used one of THESE (before I got my riggers ticket), with excellent results.
  3. I sure hope his first AFF jump turns out better than that prototype!
  4. ChangoLanzao

    Re-recording over used tape?

    I never re-use tapes. Tapes are cheap compared to how much I get paid for the video. But, I'm sure that the quality is not as good on a reused tape as on a virgin tape. Whether you'll notice it or not probably depends on many factors
  5. ChangoLanzao

    FreeFall 2008

    Rantoul 08! Rantoul 08! Rantoul 08!
  6. ChangoLanzao

    Adding Drop Zones to GPS--Update

    I think this approach could backfire on the skydiving community. It always makes me nervous when "Safety" is invoked in order to force an issue; even worse, is the fear of Liability. If I were in the business of manufacturing or even selling GPS devices it would make me very uncomfortable to think that I could be held liable for distributing a device without all of the current DZ's in the device's database. How much effort would I be expected to make in order to keep it current? Is it even possible to keep it current? Could I be held liable for not including other hazards like SCUBA diving sites for boaters to avoid? Assuming that it would be possible to keep such data up-to-date, suppose that a new DZ opens up and there is an incident before the USPA has submitted the dropzone data, would the USPA be held liable?? Should the FAA prohibit jumping in and airspace that that hasn't been updated in their database and distributed to all GPS devices? How would non-USPA dropzones make sure that the data gets to wherever it needs to get? Will municipal airports prohibit activities that haven't been registered with The Database yet? Will Garmin just simply label all of their devices as "NOT SUITABLE FOR AVIATION USES" ( I think they may already have such disclaimers, in which case all of this effort would do nothing to get the DZ's listed on hand-held devices.
  7. ChangoLanzao

    Rantoul 2006.... Aqui vamos de nuevo

    ¡Órale! Aquí los esperamos ...
  8. ChangoLanzao

    Sony Announces D-SLR

    Wow! It looks like there are some nice innovative features. My favorites are: ... and ... Edit: Oh and the price, according to - $999.95
  9. ChangoLanzao

    Switching to Digital

    I use a Nikon D70s and I love it. I also do quite a bit of ground photography so its size and weight are justified for me. You'll probably get the most recommendations for the Cannon XT, and that's OK ... it's an excellent choice for freefall photography.
  10. ChangoLanzao

    Skydiving Turkey

    Skydiving Turkeys??? I think they had some on WKRP once
  11. ChangoLanzao

    my thoughts on the convention

    Right on Bro!!! The excitement is building ... it's about the people!
  12. No te creo Donde esta el video????
  13. ChangoLanzao

    New home made camera helmet!

    Nice job, man! It's WAY cool!
  14. ChangoLanzao

    Nikon D70s with cable remote!

    I had a D70. I sold the D70 body on eBay and bought the D70s body last year as soon as it became available. I LOVE IT. It took a few weeks for me to get the wire remote though because nobody had them for several months after the D70s body came out. It was worth the wait. I was able to easily covert it to a tongue switch. The continous shooting works well.
  15. ChangoLanzao

    Lista de Hispas en Rantoul

    Oye Frenchy ... a mí me parece que esa página no esta trabajando