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  1. As your internet troll, I mean... therapist-I tried to get you to explore the expanding of your dating preferences. But as usual my methods have failed and you continue to seek views via misogynistic narcissism. Since I have no work right now and plenty of time to waste I am gong to have to step up the treatments, for those of you reading this, excuse my disgusting analogies, it's part of the procedure. Let's begin by examining your pussy to hand ratio; Using your method of insult then proposition, how often are women letting you touch their pooty tang verses the number of times per week you engage in un-lubricated spontaneous jerking it...are you spanking it more than a monkey? or less? Now lets discuss your relationship with your mother; You said you have to find a woman she approves of, which I surmise means - no drunken skanks. I am afraid that kind of approval seeking will lead to your mother actually standing over you in the bedroom smacking you on the ass with a spatula conducting the rate and depth of porking penetration after you are married- This is not a healthy scenario. So confront your mother about this and then ask her if you were breast fed as a child..just to ease the tension. Now, speaking of pickling peter piper in penelopy's pitstop, What kind of face do you make while you are gettin it on, do you look like you're solving a math problem while constipated? If you don't know, set up a camera and post the footage in the sick and twisted thread so we can zapruder it for you... your face only please. If this line of treatment continues to fail we will have to rush you into a dominatrix clinic to have your cock and balls insulted, or prescribe the butt buddy touch hole training set as a last resort. Have a good weekend and we'll schedule you for another session.
  2. Years ago, I remember that he was making people laugh at a local DZ by going around saying "NOICE!" and "Night-Nude-Downwind-Landings!" in a racetrack announcers voice- which was funny as hell... that and the fact that he showed up in a station wagon with a mannequin skydiver on the roof reinforced my notion as a noob that skydiving has some great characters in it. Sorry for all the peeps who really knew him.
  3. You have to understand I studied environmental sciences then started to dedicate myself to energy conservation and energy alternatives over a 27 year timeframe. I make biodiesel and ethanol, My feed stocks are sunflowers,jerusalem artichokes, restaurant oil and barley I don't use corn because it is too inefficient for my liking and requires tons of nitrogen comparably. I have a BATF license to brew fuel. We have a solar panel for hot water and a solar shower outside. My tractor runs on biodiesel and I am working on rigging my vehicles to run on ethanol. My girlfriend like most girlfriends wants to travel everywhere, often times that requires driving which bugs me because all I see is a world addicted to oil consumption. So much so I sold my rig and am setting my plane project aside until light aviation starts to use more electric motors or biodiesel engines. Am I a fuckin hippie or a loon, maybe- i don't give a shit what people think anymore because I know that the bald eagle emblazoned on every patriotic emblem was saved because of environmental awareness. eh whatever, i digress Oil development took millions of years to cram ancient hydrocarbons into what we have today, it is really a miracle natural resource of concentrated solar energy in liquified form, but we are too dependent on it and burning it up on an insane timeline the thickness of paper compared to the evolution of the rest of the biosphere. That will have severe consequences, The biosphere is a closed system save albedo, entropy, space junk, and cosmic rays-sunlight included, it is a complex equation and you can't expect to alter one variable tremendously and not expect some other or number of variables to be equally altered, including delta T... it has to balance out. Oil consumption may seem as easy as drill baby drill but the collateral costs must be factored in. Look what happened in the gulf(both). That is contrary to Halliburton's mission as an oil and gas corporation including Exxon BP Unocal etc...I am trying to raise awareness about that so in a way you are right. However They are also using their drilling technology to explore geothermal, if they succeed in that I will forgive them for some prior infractions. I appreciate the up front chat, I don't talk to conservatives anymore where I live, because we just end up getting pissed and rattle about civil war n' shit- The n stands for not so fuckin nice. -and you are certainly no pussy, a lot of people are afraid to talk about Cheney- However, be glad there are liberals to balance out the equation too. peace out bruthah Beware of the collateralizing and monetization of your desires. D S #3.1415
  4. Not all green tech taps into the public coffers. I am more interested in revealing the fraud therein. Halliburton's use of a technology they have been traditionally using to extract oil via CO2 injection and turning that overhead cost into a revenue generating service by raiding the public trust via a government program is a fraud in my opinion, especially if as many claim it does not solve any problems... something to keep an eye on, yes? I remember lots of people railing on about govt. subsidized corn ethanol, CO2 sequestration as I described above should raise the same ire. Beware of the collateralizing and monetization of your desires. D S #3.1415
  5. >They bought the bullshit CO2 line. >They see a way to make money off it. >Both. I think the first choice is unlikely,and the middle one is correct. Corporations are constantly trying to develop revenue based on what they have in their research and development cache also the technology and systems they have developed and proven, then sell that to customers and investors. That is what they are supposed to do; goods and services in exchange for revenue in the free marketplace. The question now is do they actually believe that the CO2 emissions argument is bullshit or disregarding it altogether, and are gearing up for lucrative contracts anyway in taking advantage of government policy? Beware of the collateralizing and monetization of your desires. D S #3.1415
  6. You notice I did not use the phrase reasonable suspicion. I already have reasonable suspicion, in fact as you imply I have already reached a verdict. You have already cemented a verdict as well, innocence. As such neither of us would be suitable as Jurors in this case. Cheney is not beyond reproach, he is still a US citizen subject to a trial by his peers. We are talking about the court of public opinion at this point, it is normal for people to form an opinion pre trial based on the evidence at hand and their own belief system. Have you noticed that I have not once asked you to provide proof of innocence? Do you know why? because it is ludicrous to do so AT THIS POINT. You are asking me to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that he is guilty? what, before his e mails are sequestered for example? Do you have his e mails? were you a Washington insider at the time? OK lets not fool ourselves this is just a tiny corner of discussion on the internet, It is not a court of law. All I am asking is that he be investigated then brought to trial I think given the information available, that is reasonable. That's all. I say there is enough evidence for at least an investigation, you disagree. Until this country starts to scrutinize the relationship between corporations in particular the oil industry and government officials we the people are going to continue to get screwed by the likes of Halliburton in addition to people like Goldman Sachs and Hank Paulsen, but that is another discussion. Ok Back to the climate change debate, Why do you think Halliburton believes that "The world needs to immediately find ways to practically reduce it's CO2 emissions" http://www.halliburton.com/ps/default.aspx?navid=1333&pageid=2768 Beware of the collateralizing and monetization of your desires. D S #3.1415
  7. >So, the UN resolutions were to let Halliburton get the oil Had to do with weapons inspections as I recall, which is related to all the WMD crap. Anyway. Reasonable doubt my friend, reasonable doubt. Remember what I said about our belief systems? I don't expect you to believe me, your defensive resolve has more to do with your belief system than anything else as Amazon so astutely put it as she usually does. I have presented some information, links, a timeline, the Halliburton website, gave you an interpretation of that information, Cheneys Manifesto- you read it....I am satisfied with that because I know I at least made you think about it. That is all I can do, until there are subpoenas, make you think about it because at the end of the day Cheney still breathes fresh air, goes on fishing trips and gets to go hunting and spray his friends in the face with birdshot. Enjoying all of his money while his family is nice and secure. Meanwhile lots of people just got Jacked in that "deal" ie the war in Iraq, or unbelievably fucked up...the lucky ones are dead. Maybe you knew some of them. Reasonable doubt... That is all we can do for now until people grow the nards to examine The dynamics of the initiation of that war and the related oil drilling industry. Cheney needs to be investigated, what are you worried about? He is a citizen, he gets due process, innocent until proven guilty. Eisenhower warned us about the military industrial complex. Think about it, the perfect union of a corporation that deals with resource drilling and military services married to a vice president who was a former defense secretary, that clearly stated before he was elected that his company has an interest in that region. You don't see a conflict of interest as related to the war in Iraq? Good luck with that, because I know you are smart enough to see it. At least you talked to me about this. Beware of the collateralizing and monetization of your desires. D S #3.1415
  8. The investigation of Dick Cheney needs to be initiated by special prosecutors. All a private citizen like myself can do is make an allegation based on evidence currently and publicly available, raise awareness, or file a civil suit and since I personally did not get injured physically or financially I could not file for damages. But hundreds of other people can if only they understood what happened to them and at least try to find out if Cheney profited from or colluded with Halliburton to initiate a war against a sovereign nation buy hocking the bullshit premise of WMD. Not all of the information which could be used as evidence is available to the public, It needs to be subpoenaed, that should be obvious to you but I guess I have to explain it anyway. Here is some additional reading with sources to answer your questions. http://www.citizenworks.org/corp/warcontracts/cheney-halliburton.pdf Look at the paragraph titled 1997 With regard to the Cato speech; "Another good example of how our sanctions policy oftentimes gets in the way of our other interests occurred in the fall of 1997 when Saddam Hussein was resisting U.N. weapons inspections. I happened to be in the Gulf region during that period of time. Administration officials in the area were trying to get Arab members of the coalition that executed operation Desert Shield/Desert Storm in 1991 to allow U.S. military forces to be based on their territory. They wanted that capability in the event it was necessary to take military action against Iraq in order to get them to honor the UN resolutions." Also, "The problem in part stems from the view by my former colleagues on Capitol Hill that sanctions are the low-cost option. It is the cheap, easy thing to do. You don't have to appropriate any taxpayer's money. You don’t send any young Americans into combat. We're able to take a firm, aggressive action and do something about the outrageous behavior of the offending government, and, many members believe, it does not cost a thing. But that's a shaky premise, at best. Even though that is the view you will hear bandied about in the cloakroom, it is a false notion that has serious consequences, in part because our sanctions policy oftentimes generates unanticipated consequences. It puts us in a position where a part of our government is pursuing objectives that are at odds with other objectives that the United States has with respect to a particular region." Take these things into context along with the time frame and bear in mind that I said "the war was in the works" he was not vice president at the time so obviously he could not say anything directly about declaring war. >>where he's talking about going to war with Saddam? You can't be serious, I know you are not a foreign dignitary but at least think about what you said here. >>So you're wanting to penalize a company for wanting to help *mitigate* CO2? No the country moving in the right direction with regard to climate change would be to understand that the oil industry, in reference to Halliburton et al has an increasing requirement to drill for oil in foreign lands not under the control or influence of the US by likely colluding with the government to initiate military action because that is where a large portion of the known undeveloped oil now is. Understand that a corporation like Halliburton needs to be constantly drilling because that is chiefly the business they are in. If you believe as Halliburton does that CO2 needs to be mitigated- reduce a key point source, the rate of drilling and subsequent burning of liquid fossil fuels. Beware of the collateralizing and monetization of your desires. D S #3.1415
  9. >TWO YEARS before he was even picked Right,read it again,the war was in the works long before he was (back) in the white house. again-motive supported. >Proof- Can only be born out during a proper investigation and trial; sworn testimony from CIA agents, Colin powell, Rice, Bush, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, detailed Halliburton independantly audited balance, income and cash flow statements, record of insider trades, Investor relatiions, specific clients, Cheney's financials and pension /retirement package, his stock portfolio, his wife's and kids stock portfolios, his E mails and correspondence. ETC. All to be examined on a timeline. Loser of the case funds the trial. Fair enough? Like law enforcement authorities always say; if a man is clean he has nothing to fear under scrutiny right? >They've been in the military service contract business since the 60's, Exactly, Halliburton KBR et al had long ago gotten a taste of military service contracts, it needs fresh War to fund that perticular subsidiary, now it has a guaranteed steady supply. >Don't you think you need to PROVE wrongdoing, first? Thank you for supporting my argument for a trial. Cheney and Halliburton investigated and on trial would be the start of a country moving in the right direction when it comes to climate change, and energy policy for that matter. Beware of the collateralizing and monetization of your desires. D S #3.1415
  10. Did you read Cheney's manifesto, I specifically called it that because it is a declaration of intent prior to his appointment, not that he could have known he was going to be VP at the time, however don't you think he brought all of that intent and investment that he had in Halliburton's interest both financial and as former CEO into the white house? you have to be seriously naive not to see that.He spelled his intent out in that speech. It's not the imports that matter it is the vested interest in the oil and military service contracts that Halliburton garnered for that war. They are not in the business of transporting oil, they are chiefly in the drilling business. -and while we are on the subject of imports, to make matters even worse as you pointed out this country is not getting much oil it so desperately is addicted to out of that deal. Halliburton made a killing both figurative and financially, Cheney as a direct beneficiary- and the general public both american and via dead iraqi civilians in addition to the veterans got shit out of it...can't you see that? As VP he pressured the CIA to fabricate intelligence then have the sec of defense push that bullshit publicly, remember George Tenet, Colin Powell etc.- ring any bells as to why Colin Powell resigned? He spelled out Saddams resistance to weapons inspections in that speech and that Halliburton has great interest in that region. With regard to Move on .org et al. You are continuing to align me with groups that you do not share an opinion with, I could give a fuck about them. What I care about is Cheney being tried and held accountable and that he and Halliburton cough up some payments al la Bernie Madoff for what they have done. Beware of the collateralizing and monetization of your desires. D S #3.1415
  11. meh, It's too hot out to cut oats, so we might as well argue today- "ZOMG etc."...C'mon man, all I ask is that people examine the evidence concerning the connection between Halliburton, KBR, Cheney and the war in iraq. That connection is the fossil fuel resource there and the lucrative government contracts involved. If you served in the military or are active duty I understand how it would be difficult to admit that perhaps you got used. You folks dedicate your lives to the concept of "Freedom" and "Duty to ones country" That's a tough one to overcome. I can't alter your belief system any more that you can mine but at least LOOK at the information. I just can't understand how people can deny the connection. Read Cheney's 1998 manifesto please when you get a chance and we can break it down piece by piece. Maybe you or someone can offer some insight that I refuse to see. ; http://www.cato.org/speeches/sp-dc062398.html The guy talks a good game about liberty and democracy but the underlying hawkish getting corporate hands on global resources message is right there, in Halliburton's case,liquid and gas fossil fuel raw material and military service contracts. Motive-clearly explained in that speech Means- US Vice presidency Opportunity- The attack on 911 and rumor of WMD in iraq That bloody shit storm was all about the oil why can't anyone just SAY IT. Billions of dollars spent, thousands of lives burned, all that destruction. all those disabled vets that now need support. The result In part; a massive deficit, continued reliance on foreign resources, refusal to move to alternative energy resources. a perpetual warfare foreign policy. OK foreign policy aside I see no future except for a recalcitrant and entrenched fossil fuel industry. I posit that all of our energy problems currently involve the RATE of fossil fuel burn and deforestation. -solve that and all this cap and trade climate change crap becomes obsolete! We can talk about the implications of coal fired power plants in a bit. Beware of the collateralizing and monetization of your desires. D S #3.1415
  12. "looney left" yeah, that's not a conservative talking point. Yes well even a nut can find a blind squirrel once in a while. Engage my argument otherwise the relative wind that goes up yer ass in the sky is proportional to the amount coming out of your cranium on the ground. Beware of the collateralizing and monetization of your desires. D S #3.1415
  13. >>So are they all evil because they see an opportunity to make money? Where did I use the subjective word evil? I was merely supplying some irony as food for thought. I invite you to scroll through the Halliburton website in the link provided and see for yourself how ironic though genius it is for Halliburton corp to be involved in carbon sequestration as a form of revenue. Almost as genius as it were for them to be involved in both military and oil industry services simultaneously while their former CEO was running the white house led war initiative in Iraq. The connection of course being oil, one prime source for hydrocarbon fuel today part of which may or may not be the cause for the supposed climate change. Ultimately corporations, to return to your argument for generating revenue as being "Good", are finding that the use of govt. programs and policies which can tap into the ultimate cash cow being the taxpayer, are doing "gods work" as LLoyd Blankfein put it, to rape the general population financially into submission rather than generating revenue by way of free market enterprise. By your parameters they can no more be demonized for that than for Halliburtons push for WMD via Cheney to send thousands of people to their death in a foreign nation for no other reason than to grab resources to burn wastefully in clunky inefficient vehicles with no alternative fuel in sight. But hey it's all about job creation right? Given the oil industry record on trashing the environment, poisoning aquifers in the name of hydrofracking , the explosion at Macondo etc. can you honestly classify their method of revenue generation as "good"? However If Halliburton et al could figure out how to extract oil from green sea turtles I'm sure there would be hatcheries everywhere. Right? Too bad we cant extract energy from quote mining; "The good Lord didn't see fit to put oil and gas only where there are democratically elected regimes friendly to the United States. Occasionally we have to operate in places where, all things considered, one would not normally choose to go. But, we go where the business is." and later- "The American standard of living is non negotiable."- Dick Cheney Beware of the collateralizing and monetization of your desires. D S #3.1415
  14. Ahhh the climate change debate, regardless of the truth, Cheney's Halliburton knows how to cash in on government foreign and domestic policy using the "known unknown's" as Rumsfeld once put it. CO2 maybe odorless but you can really smell the money here. mmmm this takes me back to the WMD debate- conflation be damned; http://www.halliburton.com/ps/default.aspx?navid=1333&pageid=2768 Beware of the collateralizing and monetization of your desires. D S #3.1415
  15. Long time no write sir. But here is my take on the situation here in the US; It's not the president, it's the presidency. Imagine a person moving up in politics has a belief system in place when exiting from the private to the public sector beginning their career as a low ranking politician. Most start out as populists with a want for some type of change or policy management for the common good. likely the result of values influenced by their peers, their education, their faith, their parents. We all start out with a value influenced idealist agenda of some sort. The individual then moves up the political ladder and with each rung a higher level of power, money and influence. Finally for a rare few they reach the pinnacle, the presidency. Now imagine the power of influence at that level, the pressure, the responsibility to appease those who helped you up the ladder. Imagine having to deal with lobbyists so powerful they can destroy your political future instantly with it your income, and your reputation. Imagine the pressure of dealing with the entire pentagon, the legion of multinational corporations. Suddenly after the White House threshold is crossed the once formidable and vast voter/taxpayer population you once were held accountable takes a back seat, WAY back until campaign time of course, and even elections can be played with via for example the judiciary as we know. So, who is the president beholden to? Currently the military industrial complex as once described by Eisenhower, multinational oil companies and their political allies including OPEC, also "bank holding companies" like Goldman Sachs. Lets not forget the state of Israel who is a chief campaign supporter. The result is that the presidency, and the congress for that matter is just a conduit for funding provided by that ultimate cash cow the US tax payer. And election day is just a ruse to appease the voters every two to four years. Cynical? maybe, but notice how the revolving door of high ranking corporate personnel and political leadership go hand in hand eg. Paulson, Cheney. Now compare the resulting policies of funneling money and directing foreign military involvement etc. The result is that the constitution is becoming nothing more than a panacea, a nicety for tourists to look at and marvel over its egalitarian fundamentals. Too bad it is becoming a cliche' and the representative government a bullshit global agenda facility to procure resources in the name of freedom.... Washington is ripe with corporate shills and people need to wake up and see that the general population is in danger of becoming nothing more than livestock animals on a tax and debt farm. in addition to a soldier and low wage worker incubator for the elite. Corporate power, influence, and control, ergo each president of late like the last. Beware of the collateralizing and monetization of your desires. D S #3.1415