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  1. Chicks never dump a steady piece of ass unless they have another steady piece of ass lined up. So, the question is who has she been banging these past couple of weeks?
  2. I need a new bitchboy in the DC area. Wildcard451 just aint cutting it anymore. You interested in commuting?
  3. An asian callgirl / escort section.
  4. Apparently you fuckers have lost sight of the fact that this is a fuck with the brits thread. Not a fuck with funks thread. I really dont like the direction you fuckers are taking this.
  5. I capitalize country names that deserve to be capitalized. would you shut the fuck up already? You're still here? Fuck, well, this place was tolerable at least for a little while today.
  6. Damn. I missed it too. Happy birthday you avatar stealing old man.
  7. Oh. You mean that small little country that sucks our country's penis every chance it gets? Gee, big surprise. I am sure there was no consultation with us prior to doing so
  8. We (the US) aren't the only ones protesting, Japan, Britain, and Australia are voicing the same opinion. "Britain, Japan and Australia joined the United States on Friday in voicing concern about the rising militarization of space after China successfully carried out a test of an anti-satellite weapon." Would they have voiced concern if we had not? No way of ever knowing, but I think not. Everyone wants to stand behind the bully, but when the bully is no where to be found all is generally peaceful.
  9. If another country moved their military forces into our country and / or forced their beliefs on us time and time again, what would we ultimately do? We would stand up for what we believe our own rights to be. There is a high probability that attacks against the threatening country would occur. Our actions the past 20 years have now made this scenario a reality for us. I disagree. My OPINION is that our governments actions and intentions have put us citizens directly in harms way.
  10. Your scenario above is not meddling in their business. Telling a country what they can and can not do is meddling. Offering financial assistance is not. There is a difference between being a savior and being a war monger.
  11. Hey this war stuff is great, we have only lost thousands of lives in the past couple of years instead of tens of thousands!!
  12. Lets face it. We think we are badasses. We think we have the right to dictate our beliefs to the rest of the world and force them to adopt them or else. We police the world, we interject when we should not. We monitor the world and then act on any injustice that takes place on other soils. China blows up a satellite of their own and we get all pissy about it. "Under a space policy authorized by President Bush in August, the United States asserts a right to "freedom of action in space" and says it will "deter others from either impeding those rights or developing capabilities intended to do so." We have these capabilities and have used them in the past. Yet, when another country demonstrates the same capabilities we feel the need to step up and bitch about it. They blew up their own fucking satellite for christs sake!!! Who the fuck are we to say that is wrong and that they must concede to our regulations? It's ok for us to have these capabilities, but no one else? What a crock of shit. Our government is responsible for the threats we now must live with on a daily basis. Our government is responisble for all terrorist actions carried out against us citizens. Stay the fuck out of everyones business and perhaps we can live safer lives. We are crooked cops, nothing more, nothing less. The us government sucks. The us government is responsible for murdering it's own citizens.
  13. Yes. It is a very secret society though. Post a picture of your mother's breasts and I will at that point provide you with the url.
  14. Well if you didnt spend so much time on the receiving end of your local glory hole perhaps you could have done things like that.
  15. What happened to the first 7 dans?
  16. Jhoon Rhee say TKD is for pussies.
  17. Wildcard451's mom must be a magician, every time I see her she makes my penis disappear, reappear, disappear, reappear, disappear......
  18. I think it's funks. funks is really an elderly women with white hair and had a slight resemblance to Betty White? Speaking of Betty White, what a hot piece of ass that cooch is!
  19. I think it's funks. Keep it up people. Just fucking keep it up.