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  1. I do intend on buying all the tools I'll need. I've owned a bike before and did all the maintenance an repair myself. I've since moved to a new city and don't have any of my tools, nor a place to take everything apart. (I'm in an apartment with street parking.) So, for this time one .... I'm going to have them check it out. And then start rebuying everything I'll need. This ad space for sale.
  2. Looking at more diagrams, it looked like it was a drain pipe in between the air filter and carburetor. I checked this morning and and it was still leaking gas, and the fuel seemed low too, so I might have messed something else up in the process. Since I don't really have a full set of tools yet, nor a garage I can work in, and I barely know this bike as it is, and the last place that tuned up the bike (just before I bought it) has really bad reviews on Yelp ... I figure I'm better off taking it to a shop and getting a full look over rather than taking it apart piece by piece and jacking it up even more. So that's what I'm gonna do ... I'll post here whatever happens for future reference .... Thanks folks. ... This ad space for sale.
  3. +1 more on Transmission ..... This ad space for sale.
  4. So I bought a '94 Virago 750 about a week ago and it worked great. I rode it about 200 miles yesterday with no problem. This morning I went to start her up and I saw there was a a puddle below my bike and a milky white liquid coming out of what the Clymer's says is the "mixture control valve case". I tried to start the bike, it clicked, turned over, popped, and then stopped. Since then, it'll click (I believe that's the starter solenoid), but won't turn over. I came back a couple hours later, and there was no leak, but the same (lack of) response when I try to start. I moved the fuel switch to what the Off position, but found out later was the Prime position. A few hours later I came back to see something else dripping out of the cover. This smelled like fuel. I took the cover off and saw that it was coming from some tube. (See picture) Reading more of the service and owners manuals, I think because I had the switch on Prime for a couple hours, there's two much fuel in the carbs, and that may be where its dripping out of ... but really I'm just theorizing as I don't really have any idea. It still just clicks but doesn't turn. Fuel tank is about half full, and the battery should be fine (Headlight looks okay, I'll check actual voltage tomorrow) and all the switches were set right ..... If anyone can help point me in a direction to get this working again, that would be awesome .... Thanks ..... This ad space for sale.
  5. between .50-1.50. It is a high percentage, however, especially in a packed bar, it's usually worth it. People who don't tip get served last. People who tip well, though, get served immediately. This ad space for sale.
  6. This ad space for sale.
  7. findlaw.com That's what I've used when I needed a lawyer to speak for me in a town I didn't live in. This ad space for sale.
  8. I have an account with Scottrade and it works well. It has low minimum deposits and low trade charges as well. For research, I have a paid account with Morningstar. I don't really do too much research through Scottrade on its own. This ad space for sale.
  9. Tranny Grannies 14: Granny With A Vengeance This ad space for sale.
  10. Dick Dale is fucking amazing. Everybody knows the song that starts Pulp Fiction ... that's Dick Dale. His old stuff was good, but personally I prefer his later releases like Spacial Disorientation and Tribal Thunder. Beyond amazing shit. This ad space for sale.
  11. Uhh...God has a plan that us mere mortals could never understand. This ad space for sale.
  12. Shah ... I haven't read the rest of this thread (yet), but you're my new favorite person. Straight up. Tell the truth ... and tell the truth to your friend as well. I'm an engineer and had no game, or really any idea there even was game, until one my friends told me "hey, stop being a loser and read this" and handed me a book like The Game bute earlier. Needless to say, that shit changed my life in all respects. Overall it has nothing to do with getting laid, but all to do with self-respect and an understanding of other people .... something we engineers can't do cuz we're so caught up in our computers and formulas and what not... This ad space for sale.
  13. here ya go: http://google.com This ad space for sale.