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  1. Wouldn't a parachutist be considered a 'glider'? Since Far 91.113 references a 'powered parachute' but not parachute individually I would assume they would already be covered under a different category in this case glider. In that case a skydiver under canopy would take right of way over everything except other gliders or balloons. I included Weight-shift-control aircraft for reference. I read the definition of 'parachute' as a round canopy. We are aircraft depending on the definition of 'flight' which the FAA does not define. So I say we are jumping foldable gliders. Circular logic is making my head hurt. Just trying to help if I can. ======================= Far 1.1 General Definitions Aircraft means a device that is used or intended to be used for flight in the air. Glider means a heavier-than-air aircraft, that is supported in flight by the dynamic reaction of the air against its lifting surfaces and whose free flight does not depend principally on an engine. Weight-shift-control aircraft means a powered aircraft with a framed pivoting wing and a fuselage controllable only in pitch and roll by the pilot's ability to change the aircraft's center of gravity with respect to the wing. Flight control of the aircraft depends on the wing's ability to flexibly deform rather than the use of control surfaces. Parachute means a device used or intended to be used to retard the fall of a body or object through the air. ================ Far 91.113 (updated 8Sep2009) 1) A balloon has the right-of-way over any other category of aircraft; (2) A glider has the right-of-way over an airship, powered parachute, weight-shift-control aircraft, airplane, or rotorcraft. (3) An airship has the right-of-way over a powered parachute, weight-shift-control aircraft, airplane, or rotorcraft.
  2. JeffD

    Canopy DOM 1959.

    10 years ago in high school I had a friends dad give me a canopy. Its been 'packed' in a backpack I had and I dragged it around the neighborhood a few times after he gave it to me to open it up. Almost got a friend to try and parasail with it behind a car after we got it too (I was 16)...couldn't get past the part about having to run behind the car and or how to land safely so we decided against it I pulled it out today out of curiosity and started looking it over and found the following info. DOM 1959 and a USAF serial number. The length of one panel is 13' on the ground. Round canopy. White and Orange panels. My guess is an ejection seat canopy. Any insights? I've attached a photo of the DOM printing, and a youtube link to a video I took of the canopy lying on the floor. Video kinda sucks, too dark + cheap video camera.
  3. JeffD

    Leg straps - OUCH???

    Not sure if its still possible, but for my first few jumps (5 years go) someone suggested to buy some seatbelt covers for your car. (you know the 1/2-1" thick foam pads that velcro over the seatbelt so it doesn't dig into your neck) 2 and stick one on each legstrap. Cheap fix for rental gear as it can be installed/taken off easily. Also heard velco can be dangerous around a rig. Any current skydivers thoughts on this? (I've been out for 5 years)
  4. JeffD

    Q's for The Farm

    I was curious if the The Farm had any big boy rigs so I could start jumping when my weight got down to match the (big boy rigs 250's?) 3-4months, or if I'll have to wait till I get into the 220s (8+mo). Been tossing the idea of buying a rig but hopefully I'll be down to a smaller canopy requirement both skillfully and weight wise. I would take a trip up there but its 2.5hrs drive from my house....maybe I just need to anyway. Been out of jumping for 5 years and the sky is calling my name again. I got in 18 jumps before I let life/money get me out of jumping... I'm on the heavy side but thats being worked on....spent the last 7 months doing weightlifting and now changing my diet to lose weight. Anyway currently at 275lbs @ 6'2". Thanks
  5. JeffD

    skydivingmovies lost vid

    Sounds like a video with/about a skyhook?
  6. JeffD

    1979 "Sky diver"

    I was trying to find some videos of old jumps just out of curiosity and came across this. I searched the forums with no luck so I hope this isn't a repost. So whos going to stick this on their next skydive edit or tandem video? Gets kinda catchy after a few play throughs Tags: Ben Richardson 'sky diver' 1979
  7. JeffD

    New Exits

    By far my favorite exit was jump 16 from an otter. I watched the group in front of me exit and started my count. I walked up to the door and put my left hand on the bar above the door in a "track" stance (similar to someone ready to start a race at a track meet) leaning forward. After 5 I let go of the bar and pushed off with my feet and just went limp and let the wind push me around. I rotated 180deg so I was now back to earth with the plane infront and above me. I saw jumper from the group behind me grab the bar and stick his head out the door and look at me...I cant describe the feeling I got but it was similar to "This is why I do this" Then I tumbled over and finished my jump. Man I need to jump again.
  8. JeffD

    Does your DZ use student Wings?

    When I was going through AFF at zhills I used a Wings container with a Navigator 300. It felt small! Im a big guy at ~250lbs 6'2" so it was like a backpack. (Their big boy rig) I did 1 or 2 jumps on a different container before I got in the wings and the first container actually HURT for one reason or another. Maybe the brisk openings on the PD 280 that was in it but I digress... Once I was in the wings it was very comfortable, user friendly as the AAD is right behind the jumpers neck so It can be accessed/seen by an instructor while the student has the rig on, and the reserve pin is easily accessible. Also, a terminal reserve dump while back to earth opend nicely so I hear. I was going for a jump and an AFF student did just that so I had to wait for an hour for the rigger to get a new handle and put the rig back together. The picture below is a "Picture" taken of the TV screen of my Graduation jump so its pretty low quality. But in that I'm wearing the Wings,Nav300. Conclusion: More comfortable, Felt more secure, Easier for student/instructor (AAD acess). Mind you im still an 18 jump wonder that hasn't jumped in 2 years. ..........
  9. JeffD

    exit order question

    How about this analogy. Jump off of a diving board into a swimming pool. Think of the pool as the Relative wind. Now dive into the pool and you'll go pretty deep. (Free flier jumping head first into the RW) Now belly flop, and you'll barely break the surface. (Belly flier presenting whole body to Relative Wind) Make sure the same person does both so weight is negated.
  10. Well I said "They" as in from his experience the formation had less problems when "They" exited lower. I thought I'd bring relavent experience to help expand on the topic.
  11. More altitude = less air Less air = oxygen issue, higher fall rates, etc... Now add the fact that the last jumpers from the planes will have to catch up to an already fast moving target with less control (less air for the jumper to use to fly). I was once told by a reliable source that when they attempted big ways (~100) if they went to 20k it would fumble by 18k, but when they started lower it was better. I dont think being "higher" makes it any easier but actually complicates it even more.
  12. Electrical Engineer = well thats what the paper on my wall says. Anyway all it appears the "MODS" have done is wired another switch in parallel. Think of it as light switches in your house. Some houses have more than one switch to turn on the same light. Both do the same thing by completing the circuit. There are 2 problems I can see: 1. If the switch was very noisy and not debounced it could take more than 1 shot everytime you hit the switch. 2. Some cameras have a "dual switch" when you hit the button to take the picture, If you lightly press the button it will autofocus, and if you depress it completly it will take the picture. So if this is the case make sure you wire the mod to the "second" switch so it will take the picture right away and change the settings in the camera as needed for focus.
  13. JeffD - Dam Strike its the video from the link below. But I dont think he gave permission for them to use the video.;search_string=dam%20impact;#1379691
  14. JeffD

    Low # Belly Mount

    I know the consensus on jumping a camera should wait for 200 jumps but am curious on what the opinion is of having just some small digital camcorder attatched to the chestrap, turned on and then forgotten about during the dive. The only thing I can see it being a problem is during a cutaway, but if you could secure it in the center of the Cheast strap or even mount it on a legstrap, attatched to a boot, leg. Thanks.
  15. Once your in the door, YOU are in control of what you are doing, if someone rushes you turn around and ask "What?!?...."(like you cant hear them) and by that time you've got your 5 seconds of separation and jump.