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    270lbs, need to lose some weight before jumping again.
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  1. Why is God a civil engineer? Who else would put a sewer line through a recreational area?
  2. Lets get it to 30k....he cant come back from that 20,293 at 12:44. Start your engines
  3. Alright I've got 2 computers running the Reload Every addon, and 10 tabs open each.....wont be long now. 12:20 pm EST The Man 10,472 Council 9,452 12:21 pm EST The Man 10,485 Council 10,502 12:24 pm EST The Man 10,514 Council 12,894 12:27 pm EST The Man 10,548 Council 15,847 Stopped when the council hit 20,000 12:34pm
  4. Simply refreshing the pie chart seems like it resends your vote. When I do it it says "Confirm form resubmission" and get the option for continue or cancel. It appears to be working since the vote went from 33.82 to 33.90 while I was doing it maybe 10-15 times Ohhh Get firefox and install "reload every" addon. Vote and then set reload every to refresh the pie chart open new tab and repeat!
  5. Try some of these out The actual phrases are in the comments somewhere....beware
  6. JeffD

    Online Broker Q's

    Anyone using Scottrade or Ameritrade? Just wanted to see if anyone here has some input on it. All my searches here pull up stuff from < '06. Just looking at playing with stocks, I've got other stuff for long term.
  7. JeffD


    *warning catchy music* Too cool.
  8. Wouldn't a parachutist be considered a 'glider'? Since Far 91.113 references a 'powered parachute' but not parachute individually I would assume they would already be covered under a different category in this case glider. In that case a skydiver under canopy would take right of way over everything except other gliders or balloons. I included Weight-shift-control aircraft for reference. I read the definition of 'parachute' as a round canopy. We are aircraft depending on the definition of 'flight' which the FAA does not define. So I say we are jumping foldable gliders. Circular logic is making my head hurt. Just trying to help if I can. ======================= Far 1.1 General Definitions Aircraft means a device that is used or intended to be used for flight in the air. Glider means a heavier-than-air aircraft, that is supported in flight by the dynamic reaction of the air against its lifting surfaces and whose free flight does not depend principally on an engine. Weight-shift-control aircraft means a powered aircraft with a framed pivoting wing and a fuselage controllable only in pitch and roll by the pilot's ability to change the aircraft's center of gravity with respect to the wing. Flight control of the aircraft depends on the wing's ability to flexibly deform rather than the use of control surfaces. Parachute means a device used or intended to be used to retard the fall of a body or object through the air. ================ Far 91.113 (updated 8Sep2009) 1) A balloon has the right-of-way over any other category of aircraft; (2) A glider has the right-of-way over an airship, powered parachute, weight-shift-control aircraft, airplane, or rotorcraft. (3) An airship has the right-of-way over a powered parachute, weight-shift-control aircraft, airplane, or rotorcraft.
  9. 10 years ago in high school I had a friends dad give me a canopy. Its been 'packed' in a backpack I had and I dragged it around the neighborhood a few times after he gave it to me to open it up. Almost got a friend to try and parasail with it behind a car after we got it too (I was 16)...couldn't get past the part about having to run behind the car and or how to land safely so we decided against it I pulled it out today out of curiosity and started looking it over and found the following info. DOM 1959 and a USAF serial number. The length of one panel is 13' on the ground. Round canopy. White and Orange panels. My guess is an ejection seat canopy. Any insights? I've attached a photo of the DOM printing, and a youtube link to a video I took of the canopy lying on the floor. Video kinda sucks, too dark + cheap video camera.
  10. Not sure if its still possible, but for my first few jumps (5 years go) someone suggested to buy some seatbelt covers for your car. (you know the 1/2-1" thick foam pads that velcro over the seatbelt so it doesn't dig into your neck) 2 and stick one on each legstrap. Cheap fix for rental gear as it can be installed/taken off easily. Also heard velco can be dangerous around a rig. Any current skydivers thoughts on this? (I've been out for 5 years)
  11.; Or click on your name on the first post and it should say upload picture in the top left of you looking at your profile.
  12. Hey! Those were my nuts!
  13. I was curious if the The Farm had any big boy rigs so I could start jumping when my weight got down to match the (big boy rigs 250's?) 3-4months, or if I'll have to wait till I get into the 220s (8+mo). Been tossing the idea of buying a rig but hopefully I'll be down to a smaller canopy requirement both skillfully and weight wise. I would take a trip up there but its 2.5hrs drive from my house....maybe I just need to anyway. Been out of jumping for 5 years and the sky is calling my name again. I got in 18 jumps before I let life/money get me out of jumping... I'm on the heavy side but thats being worked on....spent the last 7 months doing weightlifting and now changing my diet to lose weight. Anyway currently at 275lbs @ 6'2". Thanks
  14. Is it below freezing where you are? If so just grab a cup of water and pour it around the door seal on his vehicle. It will leave a bead and freeze his door shut. You can do the same thing with the tires although less effective. If its hot where/when you do this, grab a piece of bologna and lay a few on the roof of the car. The sun will do nasty stuff to the bologna and I've heard it can eat through paint.