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  1. I think this is a decent video but my god, the guy that does the narration says some of the stupidest things..anytime me and a jumping buddy of mine need a good laugh we start quoting the guy...anyone else agree with this? If you dont know what I am talking about, please watch Crosswind a minimum of 2 times and you will see what I mean.
  2. Dont worry about it. Skydiving is not a sport to give into peer pressure or the worries of looking stupid. You are taking your own life into your hands everytime you leave that airplane, if you dont want to do it on your 3rd jump or your 3000th jump, you have that right...if anyone gives you crap...tell them to go straight to hell.
  3. wow....12 tandems!! Be sure to ask your AFF instructor if you can start a couple levels into AFF (or categories nowadays) since you have done so many tandems...they should at least let you start at level 2 or 3 since you are fairly adapted to freefall. good luck and congrats
  4. if i wasnt grounded right now (motorcycle wreck, majot knee surgery) I would be able to hook you up...I live in Northern VA and normally head out to Orange or down to West Point....perhaps when I am back in the air again......
  5. you know the drill....all the whuffos say it is so easy but when it comes down to getting out there and doing it themselves they have every excuse in the book ready to roll....I dont mind the whuffos who from the getgo say they never ever want to do it, but the ones who say they want to do it but never seem to be able to get around to it are the ones that drive me crazy......i think i just want to be able to get off on seeing them paralyzed with fear on that first jump...i am a sadistic bastard
  6. and say, "whats so hard about that" Granted all the freefly teams make it look so easy on all the videos..but it drives me nuts because all the whuffos of the world have no idea how much hard work it is....I always get the same response.."whats so hard about throwing yourself out of an airplane?" uuuggghhhh only if they had a clue!!
  7. I was just listening to one of my favorite CD's, the kind that would want to make you jump out of an airplane with or without a parachute and, that would be kickass to be able to jam this during a kickbutt skydive....obviously you wouldnt be able to hear your dytter so you would have to be extra altitude aware, but it seems possible!?!? Is it?
  8. you also need to consider what type of skydiving you are getting into. If you are a freeflyer I would recommend the newer Mirage's...they are actually good for all disciplines, but excellent for freeflying....expect to pay 3500-6000 for a nice brand new one.
  9. And what is that "certain amount of time"?? Cause for me...I'm pushing 8 months!! sorry pyke, you only have a month left to live, at 9 months without getting any your body will explode from all the build-up, may I suggest you get busy in the next 30 days. Any ladies want to help our fellow skydiver out? You just cant stand by while he suffers this cruel fate can you?
  10. and you just happen to put on one hell of an act...or can you actually live without IT (unlike us, who will die if we go a certain amount of time without it)
  11. Vicodin and Percoset....totalled my motorcycle, tore every ligament in my right knee to shreds...I think I only have a couple days left of painkillers...what am I gonna go??? I don't want the little purple people to go away, I enjoy having conversations with them.
  12. So true, never become complacent. Once the fear is completely gone then something is wrong. We are doing something that is very unnatural, hurling ourselves out of airplanes every weekend is not natural. It is normal for your brain to try and slam on the brakes. The fear will subside, but will most likely never go away. If the fear goes away, so then most likely will the adrenaline rush...have fun and be safe!
  13. didnt get my A until my 85th jump....I am a very lazy person. Also, never passed my hop n' pop....just waited until everyone forgot that fact to get my A...of course I have done many many hop n' pops now, but my god I was scared to death as a student to have to do over again, so I just never did!
  14. I am naturally a lazy person. I didnt get my A license until 80+ jumps, I didnt start packing my own rig until around the same time. I now realize that laziness in this sport is very very BAD. Complacency can get you hurt or killed. I now could not imagine jumping a rig someone else has packed. I need to know that I am in complete control of everything when it comes to my skydiving. It is impressive to see you thinking this way after only 2 jumps. That is a rarity, take advantage of your attitude, spend an entire afternoon with a packer or a rigger and before you know it you will be packing your own rigs. Packing is something you can learn in a day if you work at it hard enough...godd luck!
  15. if you are serious and dedicated to becoming a skydiver and giving the sport your all then do AFF, if you are just looking to experience what it is like to jump out of an airplane so you can say you have done it then do tandem. Learning to skydive is a serious commitment, both time and money....your life will change forever if you decide to become a skydiver, if that is your goal then invest in AFF from the start!
  16. Where can I buy it??? The guy who was selling Standard Issue isnt selling it anymore as far as I know...when he was selling it, you could usually find it on is an unbelievable tape though, he usually sent it with another tape of unreal base jumps...had video of people base jumping off the golden gate bridge, out of Las Vegas Hotel windows, etc...unreal stuff...The 2 way tandem flower exit in Standard issue is sick!! Also shows a guy deploying while head down..looked painful!! If you can find the tape its worth it, definitely the best one out there..
  17. The bike I totaled was a brand new 2003 R1..for all you sport bike riders out there I am sure you can imagine my mental more bike, no skydiving....AAARRRGGHHHHHHH
  18. screw the tandem, go to AFF now. If it is a money issue, save what you were gonna spend on the tandem and you wont be to far off for the AFF. If you are serious about becoming a skydiver there is no reason to do 3 tandem jumps...dont let procrastination get the best of is very hard to calm down in the plane (as a student) so it isnt even worth trying, however once you are out in the sky just think to yourself and realize everything is are experiencing your dream, take it slow, realize that you are safe and before you know it you will be breathing!!
  19. dont need to sell the bike, its totalled, got a rig..except one of my idiotic buddies decided he wanted to borrrow it while i wasnt jumping so he could have two rigs to jump and the bastard hasnt returned it yet. I cant even sit there and stare at my rig for enjoyment or walk around the house wearing it while naked like i usually do...i am doomed.
  20. Sorry for the selfish attitude..had a motorcycle wreck on July 4th and ripped every ligament (ACL, MCL and Lateral) right off the bone in my right knee, had surgery and now dealing with therapy...2 more weeks on crutches left (total time will be almost 2 months on crutches!!)...anyways, it is brutal looking up at the clear blue sky on weekends...I AM GOING FREAKIN NUTS!!! I AM BOUNCING OFF THE WALLS!! AARRGGGHHHHH btw - kidding about the rain comment (i think?)
  21. Being Grounded SUCKS!!! Motorcycle wreck on July 4th...ripped every ligament in my right knee to shreds, had surgery 4 weeks ago....probably another month or 2 before I can get back out make matters worse...that same day I wrecked my motorcycle, I got a speeding ticket on the way to the DZ in the morning!!!