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  1. You're a good man. This forum could use more people like you. BTW - Ever had anal warts? Boy - you really learn to respect rectal exams when you pick up a case of them bad boys.
  2. SOMEONE sure is overly serious. I happen to agree with Doug. Practicing medicine is a very serious matter, especially when it involves ones anus. Perhaps you should reexamine your own attitude before you label someone else as overly serious. You should really adjust your demeanor, there is no room for your type in this forum.
  3. 'nuff said. Only other comments i would expect would perhaps be to try the search function.
  4. Any idea how idiotic and stupid this sounds considering the topic of this thread??? I am sure he would greatly appreciate you showing him how it's done.
  5. This is some funny shit. This should probably go in bonfire but i cant fucking post in there for 3 months so I have to post it here. Plus, i am sure some fruit loop in bonfire would have gotten it thrown in here anyways.
  6. Shut the fuck up you idiot. I'm glad your sorry ass couldnt make it. Ha! Next time, drag your ass up here...
  7. Don't you think you should run that decision by me first? Funks, don't you realize your sharp stick doesn't have a chance against HH's red hot fork? Fork shmork. We have an agreement, I personally chose not to post in the bonfire for the next 3 months, and in return he runs all decisions by me. Obviously I am the only one holding up my end of the bargain.
  8. Don't you think you should run that decision by me first?
  9. Bullfuckingshit. Dude - We come from the land that proudly brews miller fucking lite. Dont tell me i dont have a clue.
  10. Your beer is like piss water. You want real beer, come to America!
  11. Well around here we only like women that can squirt. So I guess your services are no longer needed.
  12. You're stamina is quite impressive. However, if you shoot your load to quickly around here you wont be around for long. Trust me.
  13. What are you talking about? He's a bitch all the time.
  14. Where's the punchline? edited to remove quoted PA
  15. That's because you're stupid.
  16. I agree. But if after the next challenge the women win immunity then none of them will going home. One of the men will, that is unless one of them find the hidden immunity idol.
  17. People that have been posting forever on and still continue to bitch about the stupidest fucking things.
  18. funks

    Did you know...

    You know nothing. Bob Nystrom will be visiting your home presently to discuss your attitude. That is all. Thank you. I stand corrected. Bossy wasnt the biggest pussy to play the game, Nystrom was. I would be ashamed to ever play right wing knowing he once played that position.
  19. funks

    Did you know...

    I disagree. Mr. Bossy was the biggest pussy to ever play the game.
  20. funks

    So, funks...

    Link to recycle bin access Shhhhh!!! Don't tell anyone.
  21. funks

    So, funks...

    Gettin' slow in your old age are ya?