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  1. Perhaps you should read the rules before telling me what to do.
  2. Then why the fuck are you doing it? How about taking pointless questions like this elsewhere?
  3. is it everybody wang chung tonight?
  4. Nope. Skymama got it after only 10 or so views and 3 votes. She is fucking quick nowadays.
  5. And by that he doesnt mean to post those stupid fucking little birdies that some of you get the urge to post in every boobie thread. countdown to stupid attachment in 3....2....
  6. You really think that is the type of publicity they want?
  7. How were you able to pry it out of stich's mouth?
  8. May these children of God eventually find the path they seek. For those wishing harm to these individuals, I pray that you too find your way. We are all here to server a higher purpose, we musn't forget that.
  9. I have been rubbing my thighs together quite aggressively for the past 15 minutes or so, I bet it is pretty warm down there right about now.
  10. I was once a cop, until I shot an unarmed man during a robbery. I failed the post psychiatric testing that is SOP after events such as this. I still have not fully recovered from the event. Now, you will find me either drinking from a whiskey bottle, posting on, or curled up in the fetal position in the corner of my room sucking on my thumb. Sometimes, on good days, I am able to do all three at once. Think it through brother, think it through.
  11. I agree. Celebration is a good thing. Celebrate the freedom, don't celebrate the skin color. Black people make it a color issue. Not white people. Black people don't want equal treatment, they want special treatment.
  12. That is my point exactly. Tell that to a good portion of the black population.
  13. Go where the whores are. ummmm asian whores ummmm
  14. Appletini Appletini Appletini Absolutely Scrumcious.
  15. How do you figure? Get over what?
  16. I wouldnt worry so much about the water freezing. I would worry about the cats freezing. Fuck the people with the allergies, those cats are going to end up dead.
  17. More like 40 or so years ago - prior to the civil rights court decisions and laws, which began in the mid-'50s and into the 60's. My initial comment was about benefits white people do not have TODAY. Your argument is to post about benefits that were instituted 40 YEARS AGO??? And actually, your post wasnt even about benefits. Weird.
  18. No. I think you misssed the point. I am not even sure where to begin with a response because you seem to be way out in left field. You are stating facts that I agree with but for some reason you are trying to get them across as some sort of point??? From what I can gather, you are referring to the advantages white people had 100 years ago. Correct?
  19. Huh? Explain to me the benefits that I receive today because of those Acts you mention above.
  20. Just fucking great. Black history month is right around the corner. 28 days of listening to black people bitch about all of the hardships they have had to overcome. When will people realize celebrating ones existence solely because of their fucking skin color is in fact racism. Let it go, quit fucking dwelling on the past and learn to look toward the future. Slavery does not exist today. Segregation does not exist today. Minorities have been given and currently receive plenty of benefits to help advance within society. Quit your fucking bitching, be happy with the fact that you live in a free society, one that does provide numerous benefits to you simply because of your skin color and / or nationality. Is there still racism today? Sure. There is racism effecting all races and nationalities. Not just Black people. Does dwelling on the past do any good? In my opinion, fuck no. Get over it. Society does not owe you anything. Just because your fucking great great great grandfather/mother may have been a slave does not mean that you deserve sympathy today. YOU were not the slave. You deserve nothing. If any race has the right to bitch in todays day and age it is the white race. We receive ZERO benefits based on our skin color. However, one mention of this fact and we are labeled racist. NAACP, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Louis Farrakhan, etc. In celebration of Black History Month here's a big fucking middle finger from me to you, you worthless racist fucks.
  21. Where does your midget camera man find a camera small enough to fit him?
  22. That is one sweet looking hunk of man meat ya got there.