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  1. ladyflyer77

    Skydive Cincinnati

    Jaime, I want to say thanks for another awesome boogie. I wasn't able to jump this year because of the 2 buns in the oven =O) and I still had a great time. I'm already pumped and ready for next year!!!
  2. ladyflyer77

    Hello Everyone

    First off Welcome!!!
  3. ladyflyer77

    Hello again

    I don't know you but welcome back! It sounds like you're ready to get back up (or at least in the tunnel). Good for you. Maybe I'll run into you the next time I'm in Cali. Stay safe man and blue skies to yuh!!
  4. ladyflyer77

    Hello world...

    Hello and Welcome to the sport!
  5. ladyflyer77

    Another one in the fold

    Welcome Sharky!!! The fun is just starting! The more you advance in this sport the more and more you can gain from it. Not only in the sky but with all the new friends that come along with it. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. But remember, your instructor is the best person to ALWAYS ask first. He or she knows more about you then we do. Again, welcome to the sport! Blue and safe skies, Mar
  6. ladyflyer77

    Need help with a canopy question.

    I thought this was a forum where you could get advice?
  7. ladyflyer77

    Cypres II

  8. ladyflyer77


    Orange reserve. 3 JUMPS ARE LGGED ON IT.
  9. ladyflyer77

    Z1 Evo

    Camera L-bracket has black padding, and is molded with white putty that has been painted black to match the helmet. the only part of the L-bracket that is silver would be the bottom. It has a black bungie cord with black "bike claps".
  10. ladyflyer77


    Rig is Teal and White with some light blue. The reserve flap is teal and reserve round is white. The is also a light blue and white cloud look to the front as well.
  11. ladyflyer77


    Articulated with White chest strap and leg straps. Reserve flap is teal with 2 white strips. Has a blue and white cloud design on the back. Side panels are teal. Has a D- reserve ring with a teal cut a way handle.
  12. ladyflyer77

    Skydive Tennessee

    If you're a first time jumper, this is a great place to start for this area. The staff takes great care of you and the aircraft are awesome. If you're an experienced jumper and the King Air is not there, you may have a hard time getting on a load. With the Super Cessna only being able to hold 5 it makes it hard on us with the tandems. But its still a nice DZ. All I can say is check it out for yourselves and enjoy the blue skies.
  13. ladyflyer77


    If you are an average jumper or someone that likes to push things a little further, this is the canopy for you. I jump a Spectre 135 and love!! It allows me to have nice swoops on days I feel like pushing the envelope or soft, smooth landing on days I don't. The only thing about the spectre I wish was different is the front riser pressure. Being a woman jumper, it can be a little difficult to get a good riser turn out of it if your not fit in the arms. But nonetheless, I still love it and wouldn't exchange it for anything.
  14. ladyflyer77

    Skydive Kentucky - Elizabethtown

    GCSPC was my 2nd home. Tears flood my eyes to think I will not be able to visit this place I called home. Kenn and Cindy (DZO's) provided to what I think was one of the safest and most enjoyable places to learn how to jump. Even after years of jumping it was like making your first jump all over again with your new and old friends. It was never a dull moment until everyone was forced to leave July 16, 2007. The only thing we left behind were puddles of tears and broken hearts. But we all left with a lifetime of memories! I love you all and miss you dearly! ~Mar