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  1. funks

    So, funks...

    Fuckers. Can't trust anybody around this damn place. edited because pictures were already distributed.
  2. You ever been within 250 feet of wildcards mom?
  3. funks

    Who is funks?

    I'm gay. I'm damn good at tucking my penis between my legs, would that help?
  4. funks

    Who is funks?

    I am your ultimate fantasy. The perfect male.
  5. If I find it for you will you marry me?
  6. I got your love right here in my pants. hey...he's mine!! Ladies, ladies, there's enough of me to go around.
  7. You know talk like that is just going to make your punishment more severe. Shall we consider this foreplay?
  8. Edited to remove comment that could have perhaps cost me my life.
  9. It's not funks' redeeming qualities that are in question. It's Wildcards. Chris Hmmm, shall we ask Her Hotness' opinion of this? If we want her opinion, I will give it to her.
  10. Why take it out on the little guy? You claim you choose to be single. It is perfectly ok to admit that you may have some shortcomings or are perhaps not as desirable as others and that is maybe the real reason why you are single. You must be honest with yourself first. If you aint got it on the outside, perhaps you should focus on what's inside, isnt that what truly matters? Don't worry, there is hope. However, it is up to you to take the first step. Happy Valentines day everybody.
  11. am I the only one that doesn't see his earlier comment? funks deleted it. I think he saw the error of his ways - it was all flowers and sunshine... everyone should be concerned about their stress levels and blood pressure and not so much with the media's portrayal of a skydiving accident. It was sickening. He really should take the kids' gloves off and give you fuckers some tough love. deleted it my ass...the sadistic regime that controls our minds via this website deleted it.
  12. funks

    key west

    Hate to break it to ya but the tunnel is closed for repairs and the forecast for tampa all week is thunderstorms.
  13. Ha! Like that is even close to being possible!
  14. What the fuck is all that dribble about?
  15. 3 weeks. Lost in the sahara, almost died. That there desert gets pretty damn hot.
  16. What did you do wrong? You really wanna know? Well, I'll tell ya. Your post was all high and mighty demanding people provide you with names for your dog. It was your tone. I really think you need to settle things down a little bit. Understand?
  17. She wouldnt have to separate us if Only_at_120 would clean up his act.
  18. Until you can change your tone perhaps you should just step away from the computer and take a break for a little while. Understand me mister? Your type of attitude will not be tolerated around here.