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  1. Guess you were denied just like slappie was huh? I was denied? When? I'm sorry for the assumption. I figured that is where your anger and hatred for frats was derived from. If you want, I will also take back my penis between the legs comment? Fair?
  2. , Guess you were denied just like slappie was huh?
  3. Seeing that I manage all business functions of this site, I would prefer that you email all business ideas directly to me. We have a lot of low lifes around here that would jump at the chance to steal an idea, keep that in mind next time you post a suggestion. To answer your question about whether or not I have thought about a store, the answer is, No and the reason is because I just don't care anymore.
  4. Well, I happen to have a cure. You must take it at least twice a day though. By a cure he means 6 inches. Which is why in order to receive a full dosage it must be taken twice.
  5. Quit being an instigator. Do you want to be banned from this forum too? All bark and no bite.
  6. I am collecting information on this topic. Can you please send me all the links? I need them in separate emails for organizing purposes. My email is: [email protected] Thanks!
  7. Believe me, when I spank you in pm's, you're not going to like it. Aint that the fucking truth. It's like being gangbanged by the entire front line of the chicago bears all at the same time. You can't sit for weeks!
  8. His powers are useless here.
  9. This statement makes absolutely no sense. Zippy. Nadda. Zilch.
  10. there probibly scared to open them Holy shit. Check out the big brain on brad.
  11. funks

    Frat boyz

    So is it wrong if I always imagine Slappie standing in front of a mirror with his penis tucked between his legs? How is that stereotyping? It isn't. It just seemed like the appropriate time to share that little nugget.
  12. Shit. That contract doesn't have anything to do with me does it? I'm to young to die.
  13. funks

    Frat boyz

    So is it wrong if I always imagine Slappie standing in front of a mirror with his penis tucked between his legs?
  14. I thought you were more the hit man type? You're not getting soft on us are you?
  15. Little known fact. Instead of cleaning the tank on a regular basis just piss in it. The piss erodes away the bacteria created by the fish and the salt in the tank consumes the urine thus leaving you with a sparkling clear fish tank. Try it. It works.
  16. No. Gets in the way of the ball gag momma wildcard makes me wear.
  17. Going back and reading your motorcycle threads, 50cc's should about be the appropriate size motorcycle for someone with your experience.
  18. What the fuck are you thinking? This isnt a laughing matter. Let them focus on the subject at hand. They dont need your ass fucking things all up!! Understand?
  19. If you hadn't told us then I would have never imagined this to be true. Weren't you the grand fucking poobah of the national chapter for that frat?
  20. 1. They get more pussy 2. They are better looking 3. They are trust fund babies 4. They get more pussy 5. They have sexy asses and you don't 6. They probably banged your wife before you did 7. They are able to look down their noses at you 8. They throw snowballs very well
  21. Information is king. Especially in our community. In order to protect those within our small incestuous horny community, I believe it is best if we provide detailed info on the various STD's we have contracted over the years. This will help save the STD free skydivers within our community from future humiliation and will also provide us less fortunate with the opportunity to meet like minded infected skydivers. I understand this is a sensitive subject, with that said I will start. Crabs. I just cant seem to kill the fuckers quick enough. Gonorreah. I just cant seem to shake this little devil, though I do get regular shots of peniccilin to try and keep it under control. How about you? Dont be afraid, remember, this is for the well being of our community. Mods: Can we make this sticky?
  22. Dirty Nursery Rhymes by 2 Live Crew. If this doesnt tug at your heart strings then you just aint human. My mama and your mama was talking little shit My mama called your mama a bull dykin ass bitch I know your sister, and the bitch ain't shit She slayed me and all the boys And even sucked our dicks Jack and Jill went up the hill to have a little fun Jack got mad, kicked Jill in the ass Cause she couldn't make him cum Mama Bear and Papa Bear walkin through the forest Mama Bear asked Papa Bear could he eat her porridge Papa Bear said 'shit bitch, you must think I'm sick Just get down here, on your knees And suck this bad-ass dick' Abraham Lincoln was a good old man He hopped out the window with his dick in his hand Said 'excuse me ladies, I'm doing my duty So pull down your pants and give me some boody' [Fresh Kid Ice] There's an old lady who lives in a shoe Got a house full of kids don't know what to do She sucked and fucked all the niggas around When it's time to pay rent couldn't none be found Little miss Muffet sat on a tuffet With her legs gapped open wide Up came a spider, looked up inside her And said 'that pussy's wide' Little Jack Horner sat in a corner Fucking this cutie pie Stuck in his thumb, made the bitch cum Said 'hell of a nigga am I' Humpty Dumpty fell off the wall Cause the whore in the alley was sucking his balls All the king's horses and all the king's men Couldn't put that fat motherfucker back together again [Luke] Hey wait, I got one, did this, I got one, check this out The two dudes, dig this, the two dudes Two dudes dressed like nuns, right [Brother Marquis] Little Red Riding Hood was on her way To grandmother's house But before she got there she met this man That turned her hot ass out [Fresh Kid Ice] Rupunzle, Rupunzle let down your hair The dog's on my ass and getting near The hair came loose and fell in a lake Bitch check the weave that's in that lake [Luke] Bitch, get that weave out! You dirty bitch, get that weave out! Mix say, bitch get that weave out... (Hey! You ruined my record, man, I just bought it!) - Cheech and Chong