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  1. freeflir29


    Complete rig with Cypres Jumpshack Racer 2K3 #19403 Mfd May04 PD 176R #176R6038 Mfd Mar94 Airtec Cypres2 #17004 Mfd Jul05 Also had a Gray, Blue, Yellow Spectre 170 Main
  2. some more. You don't have to do anything to be included in the class action. You only have to do something if you want to OPT OUT of the class action for some reason. Says Sony will repair the failed CCD or reimburse you for it if you have already had it repaired. Of course, proof of payment is necessary. As long as your CCD fails prior to Oct of next year you can claim it. Here's the settlement home page.
  3. freeflir29

    What time of year Florida

    Thanksgiving or Christmas has the real rush. My pick for friendliest DZ (IE you don't have to bring your own friends) is Z Hills. They have EXCELLENT coaching available and lots of friendly people. Just stay away from Bill (Happythoughts) if he hasn't had his latest series of shots.
  4. freeflir29

    Event at Skydive the Farm Aug 19-21!!

    [email]I just wanted to share with everyone that I will NOT be showing up. Just kidding. Bring Yo damn Skymonkey Party Shoes MOFO! It's on Like Donkey Kong! I will also be screening a couple REALLY COOL vids that have been made for me here in Iraq. They will let you guys know what I have been doing the last 3 1/2 months. Damn cool vids if I say so myself. Plus we can have "dailys." Which is a Tecumseh tradidtion that needs to spread. Air your greatest vid highlights of the day to the crowd!
  5. freeflir29

    Ranch Skydiving Club Ends-Prices Go WAY UP!!

    $20 is still BELOW average for that part of the country. I was paying $21 in Ohio. With automotive gas at $2.19 here in Georgia.......I think he is still doing pretty good. He probably just can't afford the club anymore. Hopefully he'll come up with deals on block ticket purchases and some other good stuff for the regulars.
  6. freeflir29


    No idea but you can PM Chris...........he lives and jumps in the great state of KANSAS!;
  7. freeflir29

    In Memory of Josh Whipple

    GGRRRRRRRRRRR! That shit pisses me off
  8. freeflir29


    Hmmmmmmm..............May........that's pretty late. The Florida "Season" is really over by then so I'm not sure exactly what you'll find. For a FUN DZ I would highly suggest Z Hills They have a swoop pond, a decent bar, free internet access, and people hang out every night for a few beers after jumping. I'm just not sure what you'll find as that's getting into the "off" season in Florida. Z Hills starts their "Summer hours" then and are closed on Tues and Wednesday.
  9. freeflir29

    Late Notice - AWESOME V-day boogie

    Is that before or after the "Big Plane" fee?
  10. freeflir29

    Lost Prairie 2005

    I'll miss it and most likely WFFC I think. 2006 is going to be MY boogie circuit year though. I'm going to do ALL of them!
  11. freeflir29

    Emphuriabrava in February

    [url ""]Great places to stay![/url] [url ";search_string=Empuria%20weather;#1337149"]Doesn't sound good.....especially from a British jumper. [/url] There's more out there if you want to do a search.
  12. freeflir29

    Talk to me about Deland....

    You'll have to check with the DZ directly to see if the people you want are available in your time slot.......BUT Coaching of ANY's's there. Canopy......not sure who does it but Scott Miller and a ton of Factory PD swoopers are there. Free Fly.......take my word on this. Ask for Jimmy T. Really nice guy and hands down one of THE MOST impressive free flyers I have EVER flown with. Not trying to sound important or anything but I have jumped with some bad ass free flyers and have NEVER seen anyone that even came close to Jimmy's flying skills. The tunnel is about a 45 minute drive. I would call to check availability. They can get a little booked up sometimes.
  13. freeflir29

    Damaged PC105

    Oh NO!!!!!! I haven't personally had this happen but have known several people that did. LANC ports are a coming failure point on Sony cams. As far as I know if you send it back to Sony they will charge the standard $400+ and rebuild your camera for you. Not sure if it's practical to just get the LANC fixed.
  14. freeflir29

    Big Way Camp Skydive Monroe,Georgia Jan. 8-9 there any talk of setting a new HD record? Might as well top the one set in Thomaston. Not that I am current enough to be on it.......but I'll put out the idea.
  15. freeflir29

    Racer 2K3

    I got fitted by THE MAN himself, Mike Forsythe (Nightjumper) It took 5 weeks to get my rig but that was due to over a week and a half delay because I was slow mailing my canopies to Mike. He packed my reserve and main into the container JUST to make sure the rig was made correctly. The fit for both my canopies and me is PERFECT. The riser covers are THE BEST I have seen on the market. They are more secure than any others I have seen and their design will lead to a MUCH longer life than other rigs. Reserve deployment is the fastest on the market, price is low, customer service is second to none, the rig is beautiful! Why buy anything else?