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  1. hey does anyone know the song in the last video? thanks Link
  2. well you guys must get all the naughty girls or something, because the way i see it, and from my personal front row experience 2 things are true.. 1. bad sex sucks, id rather use my hand then risk getting your "bad in bed" genes on me 2. the girls who look like super models are terrible in bed, if they dont spend a lot of time doin it, they probably not good at it...
  3. oh that was you cutting everyone off in the lil RX-8 sorry
  4. swoopers and swoopettes should just go first... let us big fluffy canopy flyers down safly. ive been personally cut off by the video guy, hes probably 45 and very into himself. i said sorry to him thinking it was my fault, and he responded "no i meant to do that"
  5. 50 X 100? id lease it to someone
  6. i agree i find myself telling everyone about it, and they are interested, until it comes to $$. i think if training were cheaper, we would have more skydivers
  7. lets see, because its a volunteer force. strongest volunteer force. and women do not see battle anyways
  8. hey what is the best thing to wear when you are going to be doing tracking dives? any specific jumpsuits people can recommend?
  9. religion divides people, spirituality brings us together. not saying there is or is not a god, but when i look at earth from space, and space itself, i say "thats pretty godly" if there is god, we are from the same god, just our beliefs are from different times. i personally believe science is where its at, factual basis for belief. not scientology, science. religion is for those who cannot guide themselves.
  10. as hard as one puppy is to train and take care of, its best to get him a playmate. i never thought i could handle 2 of these guys (see attached) but about 3 weeks ago we got another one, pretty much for him when we are working or something or out of the house. it helps they are like best friends and riley our oldest is kinda teaching charlie the ropes..maybe if your nieghbors have dogs they can have a playdate arrangements or something. but puppies need attention and the seperation anxiety will stay with it and get very bad, like our last dog would bark the entire day because he was sad:(
  11. i like a lot of em, got some narrowing to do
  12. Hey im looking for some High quality pictures that can be blown up into poster size for my room. they must be high quality, as in resolution and professional-grade shots over the ocean is a plus and other neat pics. im going to enlarge them and then frame them and put some around my new house and a bunch in my office (so i can be productive you know) if anyone would like to sell some high quality photos just let me know.. thanks
  13. try and wait if you plan to jump it eventually, the longer you wait, the smaller the camera will be, some small High Def cameras are coming soon (i mean small) and they gotta be the best for skydiving vids :D
  14. get dye sublimation kodak uses it, sony uses it and im not sure if canon does, its been a while since i worked at circuit city but when i was there kodak was the best, it had card ports, it was cheap and had the best prints. dye sublimation is the key, it lays down each color and then a protective layer.. inkjets suck. canon was the worst. dye sublimation is where its at