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  1. Been a while. Passed a DZ twice in one week! Got the fever but was needing info on COPD! So Hi all!
  2. Yes he has always been my hero. And I would even let him slap me!!! In the right circumstances!
  3. Hate to hear that, I have a whole bottle of darvocet. To bad I can't send them to you. Hope the pain goes away soon!
  4. Okay I stopped! See how fast I did it! Time to leave work!
  5. Hey that's a good one. Chunks and Funks.
  6. I wasn't demanding anything, and no one had to respond! But they did, and now they have so kindly given me what I was asking for and that was ideas. Last post to you, as you have NO IDEA about my tone, but you think you do, I'm sure you won't read anymore of my posts. And that would be a DITTO here.
  7. Thanks for that, now I know better. But I have gotten some really good ideas. All of you have been great with ideas. Now I have a list and can watch his personility to see what fits best.
  8. So tell me what I did wrong dude! I didn't tell you what to do, it was just a suggestion. But seems as if there is only one here with a problem.
  9. In Reply To -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- How about not clicking on the posting. There are a lot of pointless points here! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Perhaps you should read the rules before telling me what to do. -------------------------------------------------------- Hey you are the one telling me what I can and cannot post and there are posts on here about posting your penis and perversion. Get off me dude! That IMHO is as pointless as it gets!
  10. That is too funny dude. What was the cats name.
  11. How about not clicking on the posting. There are a lot of pointless points here!
  12. Yeah, got to start that early, or he will drag me like a canopy on a windy day. I only weight 96lbs. lol However he does have the brown bandit eyes, maybe "Goggles". Nawwww Well we have done the name thing before, like kicking a dead horse. One of them southern sayings! lol
  13. Don't mean to kick this dead horse again but, I searched the forums and didn't see anything I thought would be fitting. I am about to get a Saint Bernard pup and Ram Air came to mind. Somehow, not sure he will be a "toogles" kind of dog. Any ideas!!!!
  14. Ditto to that, could not contain the laughter. It is so sad that he is gone.
  15. Chris, many prayers for Ethan and family. This is so horrible. Hopefully he is resting now and will have a very speedy recovery.