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    Unfortunately I feel that we going to start to deal with such situations more and more. I won't be polite now and I'll say following: How the hell someone can be so dumb and stupid to come to cliff for which he has no clue were the exit is and than jump off without trying to get in touch w locals or with more experienced jumpers , etc.... Luckily he survived and didn't become the part of the Nick list. To me that is the biggest mistake and harm made to Austrian Base association. Maybe here is the explanation '' body armor - no brain'' Maybe we need to establish another list People to Ignore - People to Avoid list ITW - is a few steps away from becoming permanently closed DW - is on the same path ISTW- permanently closed Croatian bridge - probably fill going to get the fence due to circus heavily organized by jumpers who does not even try to keep low profile Soon if this continue will be no need to travel to EU Thank you young boy for such foolish act. You and your mom can be proud you survive. I am damn pissed
  2. yes!!! one of the organizers ( Valera Rozov ) is in Chile right now. When he get back he'll send the info out to public
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    ITW weather station

    and every phone call to the bar for wind condition will cost you about 3.00€. that money goes to girls !!!
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    Croatian Jumpers !

    PM sent Darren...