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  1. if jumper is not interested in competitions and heave only parachute licence, does that means he can not jump in Hungary?! well... that is simply not true , especially as I know bunch of people who are coming there and jump without even knowing how the Sport licence looks and what is it for.... in case that is the Hungarian rule... it is ridiculous rule (sorry) as that licence has nothing with jumpers qualifications in terms of safety and knowledge. It is only the prove that his national committee allow him to compete under the flag of his country... Robert Pecnik [email protected]
  2. Blue FAI/IPC licence is a SPORT licence and it is mandatory to have such on national or international competition sanctioned by FAI or for example National or international ( World ) record organized so to be recognized by FAI/IPC. As the WS competition is not under any regulation by FAI/IPC there is no point to ''hassle'' people to have such licence on any WS competition. my 2 cents Robert Pecnik [email protected]
  3. Best canopy for WS? Best canopy for one can be the worst for another! Fun canopy for one can be devastatingly boring for another... Keep it simple.... Jump the canopy you are familiar with! Size or performance does not really matter as long as you know you have knowledge and skill to handle the thing what is in your hands and above your head. ....velocity , VX, FX, sabre , radical, spark, stiletto, spectre, pilot skipper... does not matter at all... WS - if it is used correctly has no effect on canopy flying and opening... There is no need for big drama about this. Robert Pecnik [email protected]
  4. I completely understand the CH authorities there. From the crowd prospective ,WS flyers does not looks as flying objects with full control. Going over crowd is dangerous, regardless how WS flyers feel about it.... There is no reason to fly in close proximity over ordinary people because they will never understand what WS flyers are doing nor they need to understand that. What they feel is more important and what they feel is plain simple - fear!! Fear of being killed by the human bomb. Simple rule here - do not fly in close proximity over the crowd! Main rule on any air show! Robert Pecnik [email protected]
  5. *I've seen this shot in several skydiving/BASE wingsuiting videos (such as the first shot in the Fly the Line 2 trailer).* -Brian, That camera position is very complex. For me was not the problem at all to make the cam holder as it is very simple. Problems starting when you have to exit and when you need to pull and survive and land ( in the grevel field) The holder is about 70 cm long and up and on the side a bit from the leg axe. The canopy pack was passing the camera very close , about 20 - 30 cm away. I knew the potential risk of it and I shift my body during rthe pull. Also on most of my jumps the canopy sliding down the leg wing as well.. That is the reason why I did only ONE jump w such set up. To continue with such set up I need to work out safety issues way more. Cheers R Robert Pecnik [email protected]
  6. Pilot chute has his surface and weight. Bag has his surface and weight. Human body or plane or glider is moving through the air w certain speed. To ensure proper order in opening of the parachute it is essential to have the proper balance between this two component in relation to the speed. Now, if there is a case like horseshoe were the PC got caught by the body or part of equipment, floating bridle can cause the opening of the container and as the consequence of that , improper opening can start when bag fall out of the container. than , of course the bag is faster, as it is the only part which is free to move. All this is well known and all this are the worst scenario parachutist or BASE jumper can get. On the other hand, the case were the bag would be faster than PC is possible, but just in such case , were process started correctly and than PC goes back to jumpers back and get caught. Is this possible?! Well, it is , 1: 1000 000 times..mainly if PC explode and can not ensure the drag force.... In situations were all works fine and ''by the book'' this situation is impossible! If that would be possible in high rate as here Lou trying to suggest , than we would be way more often at the cemetery for our buddies, and farewell parties. Parachuting would be rather stunt than a sport. Robert Pecnik [email protected]
  7. Scot, Check any documentary of II WW and see the aircraft formations there in perfect slot positions!! hunderd of them!! They were able to show you shape or style of the formation before take off as well for sure!!! Bummer, at that time Gunness wasn't there... also they didn't really care about that as well although , I think they were enjoying flying in such a big groups
  8. spacing for big ways: Well, the history of big formations shows that with the time more or less all big formations after 200-way have the same shape. that will be the case with the big ws formations as well... IMHO future will show formations which will look like the diamond and not as the 71 way ( because i think ''wings'' are to complicated to make it straight, lack of references between jumpers) With that kind of shape (diamond) the positioning w the minimum free space of , let say 10-30 cm away from legs of the ''next ''jumper flying will be ok. This will automaticly fix the geometric problems by itself as well. It will be alwasy the problem to make any rule with no grips which would be easy and fast to understand and see. Will it be more complicated to get proper 30 way even?! Yes, but that is the only way in the future I guess... Check the CREW jumpers... Can they fly 200 way no contact formation?! Yes, it will look like WS no contact formation.. it will not be really dangerous as well. What is the record there?! 100-way! Is it dangerous?! Hell yes ( guys in formation feels like being in free fall , ha, haa) Same goes for WS stuff... Make the rule simple, will make large numbers record now days impossible , but just for now...future will show that flying can be / will be much more precise, as always. Rules which are not clean will leave space for fooling ourselves at the first place, than it is really easy to fool others also... were the progress is then? Robert Pecnik [email protected]
  9. that is frankly easy to set. allow the distance between two jumpers be no less that 10-30 cm and you have all fixed by it self ... formations need to be way more compressed johan.. Robert Pecnik [email protected]
  10. We have a Team Kim Jong Ill Vision Acro that will fit him, so he with us....... sorry ed, i think i have slot reserved with Kim Yong Ill Vision's boys & girls!!Will bring even color matching dress Robert Pecnik [email protected]
  11. ha, haa... I guess criteria was just as what was for 71 way - to make something nice..... athough the formation 35 looks not enough perfect as well, considering how easy is to fly that planes.. WS example. long time ago criteria was to make 70 way in over German land.. well, counting seems to be a problem as they make the count to 69.... so criteria for Guinness isn't important
  12. Guinness!! well... WS is in Guinness. That is not the point... Robert Pecnik [email protected]
  13. install the tube shape extensions on the arm and legs.. Correct formation is the one were the tube overlaps/coves the another jumper arm or leg or head. extension can be i.e. 30 cm long meaning that distance between jumpers can be no bigger than 29 cm one of the most important part of recognizing ''the thing'' is simplicity. in a second / minute it should be clear if the record is there or not. Grips are the ''rule'' in skydiving records... IMHO to create or have the rule which depends on lens distortion, calculator, ruler etc... is no good. it will not be excepted in long term do something similar to it and job is done... happy 2009. Robert Pecnik [email protected]
  14. Do I need to have the WS modifications before trying the WS? NO!!! Is it possible to use not modified skydiving rig for WS jumps? Yes! Without any problem. Important is to understand the mechanics of how the canopy goes out. My recommendation to those who using normal -not modified rigs would be following: After brake off , slow down the horizontal speed to minimum ( best is to kill it totally ) increase the vertical speed, acting and maintaining the body position as close as possible lake normal belly flyer. Pull the PC and canopy will go out straight up. That works super nice for all the canopies in all kind of rigs. Especially works super well for small elliptical canopies ( my case ... 82.5 FX , Radical 85, 95 ) Long bridle , short bridle, standard bridle or dynamic corners does not really matter at all.. How my pack job need to look or be?! Any differences?! Not at all, pack as you always pack. Dynamic corners: Is there any benefit of heaving them on the rig? Yes! but this depends on the type of container and size of the canopy and the PC. Bigger canopy is , less needs is to have the dynamic corners because the canopy itself is less sensitive on uneven line stretch or twisting.... BASE - totally differend story... All the bast in N.Y. to all here...
  15. Hell!!! All staring to smell like conspiracy..... I heard yesterday speculation that Mr. Kim Jon Ill recovered fully from brain stroke! Maybe we should just wait few more years to see the picture(s) and Video(s). Imagine the pile of documents dear Kim Jon Ill need to sign before release... As we see, to relay on his deputies is no good as it looks that they are to afraid to show any picture without approval. Guys & gals... Get the picture and video out... It is just to ridiculous how funny all this is... Robert Pecnik [email protected]
  16. facebook sux anyway according to what Jeb told me O.B. was jumping smaller suit and had difficulties to keep up, so he ends up doing one jump for one shoot, flying over them and than head down in front to get the shoot..... lovely picture thank you guys and congratulation
  17. in black red suit is mr. Martin Frentzel Robert Pecnik [email protected]
  18. what is complete formation with no physical connection is hard to determine. solution for that we can simply borrow from plane formation flying. Blue Angels, Red Arrows, Frecce tricolori, Wings of storm... They know one rule only and that is - PERFECTION in position, level and time. If it is not this - learn, train , practice to get it right. 71 WS way was wonderful formation, it is not perfect, it is also not official cause it can not be, but it is a nice step toward it.Congratulation!! In my eyes, best answer to skydiving society can be given if the WS flyers set the highest possible standard similar to plane formation flying.. Will be hard, will be long process but for sure will be challenging.. To me, it is harder to fly 10 way perfect slot no contact than FS 200 way squeezed base with some twisted and stretched weakers...... Robert Pecnik [email protected]
  19. Mike , Mirko and all DZ crew thanks for nice organization and warm atmosphere at Gransee! Competition was interesting for me as I saw that I need to go out and jump more from plane to get use to a height and directions. There is plenty ideas for the possible changes about the competition rules. Discussion will bring some solutions and changes for sure. However, Klaus' key point is that those rules are already FAI standard for model planes and as such for sure works well and are easy to defend them in front of FAI. I am missing the ''human'' factor, such dueling, because competing against the ''box''isn't so attractive to me, but I am sure that in the future WS sport will find the way how to make the whole competition closer to public and jumpers. In the future will be great to set the category for beginner class, and get new people interested for WS competition. Robert Pecnik [email protected]
  20. will be very helpful if each organizer for a while skip the word ''record'' and ''large''. No reason to use any of this words right now. Paperwork is a must, if one day any WS jumper want to walk around w the ''record holder'' T-shirt. Therefore, instead of bashing each other about who is or has ''bigger''... better spend some time on getting WS closer to FAI. I know James did presentation to gov. body in Paris. That is small but hopefully first and important step. As far as formation planing goes, would be good to announce the type of formation, shape and wished size ( several option ) IMHO, that is easy to do especially if large number of people will before the WS camp attend the basic RW skill camp. Why?! Because the principal is the same.... cheers R Robert Pecnik [email protected]
  21. cost me AFF to pilot. 20'' to 4000m low pass at 850km/h 10m over ground 29' flight time max G was 7.5 ( I had G pants , pilot nothing, ''Robi, if I take G pants , you'll be sleeping''! ) The G meter is in the uper left corner. Plane Mig 21 enjoy Robert Pecnik [email protected]
  22. honda civic, opel speedster (from my friend ) Robert Pecnik [email protected]
  23. Kris. Wasn't that distance not speed? Same difference . If you don't understand read any of the plethora of posts by Yuri_base. Kris it is not about the type nor about what you bought or whatever.... It is about the understanding what the speed is all about. Therefore read what Yuri wrote it might be helpful to you............ and yes... relax Robert Pecnik [email protected]