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  1. I didn't catch that I wrote 3 min 45sec flights and I couldn't edit a second time.Its 2min 45sec flights I was getting and now 30 jumps later I'm getting 3min 5sec with no back flying just belly.
  2. Flew my Funk today for first time.What an amazing suit this is.It has so much range and flares pretty decent for a suit of its size.This thing is a bad ass back flying suit, it does take a strong Imput to get back onto belly though, At least stronger than a havok.The boc access is so nice with this suit I have never had better openings!! I am not knocking PF products at all I love there stuff but the customer service is the best you can get with squirrel. If you have a question about anything Mike emails back within 5 min every time.I never had any problems with the fit but I'm sure it would be the same if so.I was getting 3 min 45sec flights with the first few jumps and I'm a 200lb guy.So thus far this is the best all around suit I have flown! I have flown in past.Havok. Ghost3. S-bird.R-bird. S fly verso.Phantom3. Raptor and shadow.And this Funk takes gold for me.But there is still the carve and Hawk to try.
  3. If you are thinking your going to be doing more acro then anything maybe look into a shadow or s-fly hawk or havok or squirrel funk.Thats what these suits are more amied for.Not saying you cant with p3 or swift but dress for success
  4. Im not really into acro that much but i have done lots of barrel rolls and a ton of back flying with both suits.The swift can hold its own thats forsure.I did find the p3 a little easier to back fly but maybe because i had 30 more jumps with the p3 then the swift.Also i found the swift to be smoother for barrel rolls.Like these guys are saying the service is top notch at squirrel.Not saying PF isnt but if you have a question or problem Mike @ squirrel will get back to you sometimes as quick as 10min!
  5. I have 100 jumps on P3 and 70 on swift..They are both great suits,easy to fly.I found the P3 a bit easier to back fly though.But i found the swift to produce more lift.I am 190lbs so it did help..The only reason i liked the swift better is the way the wrist is shaped on the suit! it makes for a super easy pull.But both suits i think are neck & neck.And cant go wrong eather way.
  6. It has nothing to do with not wanting to wait.I simply just want to compare to 2 suits through out this summer.I dont recall writing that i didnt want to wait anywere in my reply.I was also gonna order the Hawk but can not afford 3 suits right now.
  7. Ya the 4-5 week lead time for the Funk is pretty sweet im ordering one tmrw..I also ordered the carve to compare them and sell whatever one i like least.Squirrel suits have a super easy pull and for some thats a little piece of mind!
  8. FlyingMatt


    Do you know how it compares to the Havok in free fall times,etc? and speed
  9. The tube can be very twichy at times.The org PF is great in groups compa ried to the PF power..waiting on my suQuotemo
  10. My friend flew Yarnos carve in PR last week and well...he is selling his S bird right now and i saw his video so im getting one aswell.
  11. Yarno is it close enough to the end of the month for a photo or 2.
  12. Yes i agree 1 or 2Quote photos wouldnt hurt ;-)