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  1. The worlds first docked 5 Way Line in wingsuit flying Left to right: Tristan Witmarsh, Jeff Nebelkopf, Patrick de Guillebon, Jarno Cordia, Kristina Boole Spa Belgium 2008 Patrick de Guillebon
  2. Keep watching what the best can do ... http://vimeo.com/98354904 and talk with positive people http://vimeo.com/97759577 Patrick de Guillebon
  3. The FFP (Fédération Française de Parachutisme) have organised official regulations for WS instructor FFC and advanced courses. 24 official instructors list released. http://www.ffp.asso.fr/dt038-modification-et-creation-brevets-federaux-actualisation-des-regles-de-securite-et-dencadrement-des-seances-de-sauts/ http://www.ffp.asso.fr/wp-content/uploads/2014/01/FFP-COLLOQUE-2014-Brevet-wing-suit-par-Franck-COTIGNY Patrick de Guillebon
  4. aarthus


    It's a 4 cell wingsuit, the body inflates a part from the leg and arm wing. the advantage : helps transitions belly to back flying Patrick de Guillebon
  5. aarthus


    http://sflyequipment.com/produit/hawk/ Patrick de Guillebon
  6. " Warning: the Cruise from S-FLY is a high performance expert level tracking suit. It requires training and currency to achieve full performance! Even expert trackers will benefit from adequate training in the skydiving environment in order to adapt to the Cruise’s new flying technique. The reward from sufficient training will be groundbreaking tracking performance." it means those GEN3 tracking suits are not easy fly & perform with them, I am not sure it's a good way to wing suit path ... Patrick de Guillebon
  7. "I think Tony's ideas"... What Ideas ? One-piece design is definitely not Tony's Idea ... Sorry Patrick de Guillebon
  8. seems not fitted for back flying ... Patrick de Guillebon
  9. Some Danish guys have both .... hawk & havok ... should ask them Patrick de Guillebon
  10. http://sflyequipment.com/ Patrick de Guillebon
  11. http://sflyequipment.com Patrick de Guillebon
  12. new exciting suit coming out very soon at FYB Patrick de Guillebon