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  1. So I guess this thread turned pretty fast from "who has experience on both suits and can tell me the difference if there is any" to "our comany is better in support and everything" even though I have the feeling pf guys are defending their company and customer the squirrel company ... Oh well nevertheless thank you for the few people who flew both suits and told us their experience with them ... it personally helped me decide.
  2. Well is the Funk really meant for beginners and for Acro? It looks more like a Ghost/Havok Type. I just wand an allaround Wingsuit, the guys at my DZ are also jumping the P3 with acro so I thought that the Swift would be a comparable stlye suit ... good in flocks but also useable in acro
  3. Yea, you can purchase them for 50$ extra ;) Because of the difference in money: I would get the same price for a p3 as for a switft. That why I am thinking about buying one of them. If I would pay the normal price for a swift it would definitly be a p3. But I somehow get the feeling that there are not so many people here who did acro with the swift, maybe even with a friend who had a p3 ... :/
  4. Thanks for all your replys they already helped me a lot :) But I have one more question about the back flying capabilities of the Swift. Could you share your experiences about doing acro in the Swift? For flocking it sound really good. Thanks in advance
  5. Hi guys, it is almost time for me to join the group of the birds because soon I will be taking my first flight course. At the dz where I will be taking the course you normally start with a prodigy and can advance later to a shadow. You can rent the two suits which is why I am thinking about ordering a suit for after that. At my home dz almost 95 % are jumping P3's which is why there is no one who can compare the P3 to the swift, so no one really can help me with the decision. My instructor just recently started flying an Aura and is really impressed which ist why he himself is pretty interested in the Swift. I am just wondering if here are some Wingsuit pilots who have flown both suits and can tell me what are the pro's and con's of the two suits or if it doesn't really matter which one I would get because they are equally good. I hope you understand what I want to tell you because english ist not my native language. ;) Thanks already in advance for your help and advice
  6. Thanks guys, I just wrote him a message on fb. I will post his answer here because maybe some people also want to know stuff about the Ultimate Tracking and here they could find an answer :)
  7. Do you know his User name? Thanks in advance :D
  8. Hi guys, I found the Ultimate Tracking Suit of Intrudair and was wondering if anybody knows anything about it compared to the PTS or the Tube? Cause you know, saving money is always nice :D ... at least if I could get a good performance for my money :) Would love to hear something about the pants because I am really thinking about buying it. PS: Sorry if it's the wrong forum but thought WS was the closest to Tracking :D
  9. Prolly he doens't know any other action camera ?
  10. It was planned that we would first track for couple seconds down the line of flight because we were the first who jumped out, all the other jumpers were tandems ;) Thanks for all the positiv feedback :D and yea it really felt awesome when I finally tracked like that ... already said to one of my insturctors "first I wanted to get into freeflying, now that the tracking went so awesome I am overthinking that :P" ... maybe I can start with ~ 50 jumps to jump a tracksuit and fly with the WS people xD I will definitely work more and more on my tracking until it's close to perfect and then post a video if I have one ... can't think about anything else but do another tracking jump but have to wait until 30th of mai :(
  11. Hey guys, thanks for all the advice! Yesterday I was at my dropzone again and was able to do 2 jumps. The first one I wanted to do barrel rolls (which went perfect) and then I wanted to practice tracking again ;) Well ... same thing happened as always .... Then second jump I finally wanted to have that damn track on video so I asked one of my teachers to do a 1on1 with me and if we could do a tracking jump. He said that I should floater Exit with arms close to my body and then try to go into a track ... same as always started "wobbling" around ... so I relaxed went into box position and tried again and suddenly everything went smoothly ... I started tracking perfectly forward, it was awesome! I am just so happy! :D I don't even know for myself what I did different but I suddenly felt what to do and I didn't even think about the steps to do, I just did it :D Here is the video for those interested =) : (yes I didn't wave off ... guess I was so happy that it worked that I forgot about it :/) So the next time I do a Tracking jump I will work on the body position, that I dearch more and put my head onto my chest ... if that works out good I will be super happy :D Thanks guys!!!
  12. Thanks for your advice, the next couple of jumps I'll practice what you just told me, sounds pretty good :D Thanks a lot ! @Flying: Thank your for your reply too. The video is definetly awesome but I don't really think it helps me a lot right now because I know what it has to look like and I always think I am doing it the right way but it doesn't work :P ... For the stability and heading ... I think I do have a good heading right now (maybe because I already spent 10 minutes in a tunnel ;) ) but I think I won't go to the tunnel again before winter ...
  13. Hi freddy, thanks for your input ... the question is if I can also use the Dragster in the tunnel or if it gets worn out pretty fast?